The Office Surprise - true story  

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10/19/2017 7:44 am
The Office Surprise - true story

Come to the office and let's chat he said. So I went to the office, everyone had left he said but he was uneasy. He kept looking at his phone, he had a tracking application on her, where was she. It kept indicating she was nearby but she told him she was going food shopping then home, perfect. Or so I thought.

I sat in the leather chair, took the shoes off getting ready to lower my pants but he was pacing in and out of the office with his phone. "not sure" etc....I had my belt undone, he looked smiled then back to his phone...this was uncomfortable, finally I said if you are not sure about it let's not. Then, another door next to his office opened.

She came out of her office, shoes off, it was his wife! She said, "yeah, might not be a good idea.." or something like that as my chin hit the floor. He was standing between us for a minute unsure of what was next. She said "...I thought I'd see who his lover was...". Well she found an interesting twist. Now what, do I run, do I engage in conversation...She said a few more things, asked my name, I told her Bert. I wanted to stay, to see where this would lead, would she secretly want to play or cut them off...I looked at him, her and my flight instinct said it was time to go. She said nice to meet you, I said thank you as I took the biggest steps I could to leave.

Should I of stayed to see where the action would lead? We have since continued in the office and home at limited times. He loves to service me without recip, I enjoy it, he plays with my bottom which drives me wild when it all aligns but I always wonder. Should I stayed that time to see, to possible expand or did I do right by running to fight another day?

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