bibear1913 51M
14 posts
11/25/2021 8:20 am

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Teddyredrock 54M
11 posts
12/14/2021 8:17 am

There are so many different things wrong about this blog post or things you just are not understanding.

a ) The people who are 1,000 miles away or who are from other countries are obviously scams / fakes if they are contacting you with interests of inquiry for in=person meets / sex. Sites like these thrive on these scammers and fake profiles because that's how it earns it's site's profit, through deception. It's the same way in all walks of life. Do you really trust a used car salesman to be truthful and honest with you? Or how about a pawn shop who endlessly deals with fake merchandise, counterfeits and replicas coming into the shop? Scammers are everywhere in life and they are always after your money in one way or another. This site and others you are on are no different. Scams = profit. A man that has made it 51 years throughout life so far should already know this. Something else: Women are not initiators to men in almost all cases. Women are responders. That means that if women are initiating interest in you, then that is an automatic red flag of caution and you can almost guarantee that so-called "woman" or "female" is a fake, especially so if from 1,000+ miles away.

On a side note: It is very ironic that you rant about people / scammers contacting you from 1,000+ miles away, but from my records, you have unrealistically contacted a female that lives some 700+ miles from you and a 10+ hour drive, asking her if she is interested in you for meeting. This female also says right on her profile that she has no interest in meeting anyone at all to begin with, no matter how close they live. The hypocrisy is deep and your double standards are a complete joke!

b ) The groups you are talking about do exist and I have read them. You just do not understand how that whole process works. A blog that puts you on blast is not intended for the offender to know where the info can be found. That's like a burglar leaving a direct trail of peanuts from the crime scene to his getaway point. The reason you are not being told where the info is at is because it's confidential for you to know. If you knew where to find it, you would retaliate, report, block users who post comments and so on. That's exactly the reason it's not known to you. I assure you that they do exist and I have read those group postings and the one has 3,637 'views'.

c ) The guy you are talking about on your profile is myself who said you ignore and won't reply. You never take credit for your own failure and that is your biggest problem that everyone on this site has with you. Don't blame me; blame yourself for once in your life! Your timeline is all wrong! You want to blame me, but in reality you are wrong! As my time stamped emails indicate, the messages of inquiry that you have written emails to me and questions asked by you were dated by you back in mid September 2021. I was ill for a while, but returned to the site in early October 2021 and explained that to you in email. At that point, I have replied long and detailed replies to your questions and never have gotten any acknowledgement back from you at the time when you were still a Gold member back then. It wasn't until sometime in early November that your Gold membership ran out, as my records indicate. That is also the reason that people view your profile daily, to obtain facts so that we can uphold truth when being accused by you. Get a clue! Nobody is looking at your profile because we have interest in you for meets or sexual interests.

d ) No, you are not rude because you said "bye" to someone. It's how you chose to conduct yourself in which is rude. You're just ignorant and inconsiderate beyond belief and you don't even realize that or see that part in yourself. Yet to everyone else on site, it is so obvious when we read those groups and conversations you have had with others. That's why you consistently have 3,000+ views and nothing but negative comments on those group blogs, negative comments on your own blogs, negative comments on your profile pics, negative comments on user profiles, negative testimonials and so forth. You ignore people. You dodge questions. You blame people. You refuse to admit to guilt, even when the proof of actual screen shots stare you directly in the face. I have sent you a few emails in September and showed you lots of screen shots and have even pointed out specifically where your comments and claims are contrary to truth, fact and reality. You simply ignore it, blame me, dodge the info, block members, remove comments that you dislike or do whatever you can to uphold yourself as being decent and respectful human being, which you are not. You will blame others for your faults, poor decisions and poor behavior. You attempt to remove, block, censor or cover-up any users or sources of information about you that claims truth about the real you. THAT is why you are rude; not because of a "bye". Again, get a clue in life. The proof is all out there in the form of screen shots. You cannot escape that. You have chosen to make these failed decisions in your life and nobody else.

It's also very ironic that your blog heading "distants/liars" is what describes your own self.

The only one real thing that you actually make sense about here on this blog is why supposed "straight" guys are contacting other men for hook-ups.

Blog and my comment here will be saved, screen shot and catalogued in case you attempt to do your usual erasing, blocking, censoring and cover-ups. What I have found in record-keeping is that proof is a critical piece of evidence to not only uphold my end of things, but to also disprove your false claims and to circulate your poor reputation. I would highly advise you to listen to everyone on site and cooperate, rather than going through life being rude, lying, ignoring, etc.

Teddyredrock 54M
11 posts
12/25/2021 1:38 pm

Update - this guy is back to his old tricks again and is a compulsive liar. He's now posted another blog about all of this crap and learned nothing at all yet. What a buffoon!

Teddyredrock 54M
11 posts
2/4/2022 5:16 pm

Update again - he is back to old tricks again by blocking plz. It was posted in another revised forum with evidence. The guy never learns his lesson.

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