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Dom Meets Slut Sissy-The Meeting
Posted:Jul 8, 2021 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2022 3:34 pm

Chapter 1
Based on our locations I doubt we’ll ever meet but I’ll describe a fantasy involving my slut friends that may entice you. 1st let’s imagine that you are flying into South Carolina in USA where my Dom/Sub sluts live. I’ll be staying in a motel as you fly in from the restrictive country that you’re in, so you have to dressed as man. And, since you’re uneasy around men, Raven will be instructed by Dom to pick you up airport. Since Raven want recognize you, he’ll make Raven make a sign with Sissy written on it. Once you find her, she’ll give you sign that you must carry and hold to your luggage arrives. She will lead you to car. Raven will be dressed in tight form fitting dress and she never wears bra or panties. She will be horny since she will know plan and she may walking to car. Once you get in car Raven will move driver seat back, pull her tight dress her ass and immediately spread her legs and begin fingering her cunt. I’m sure she’ll you a sissy slut as she rubs hard on her clit. Almost immediately she’ll squirt underneath the steering wheel. If anyone is in parking lot they will hear her scream. After the scream she’ll mumble under her breath that you’re going to be a total and piss slut for the weekend. Then she’ll crank up and head to my room so you can dress. She’ll keep her dress pulled up past ass so she can continue to play with cunt during ride. She’ll before you arrive, and I’ll go to bar so she can bring you in to dress without seeing. Once you and Raven get to room you can prepare to be our Sissy Slut. I’m sure she’ll have you undress completely before you begin to get ready and if I know Raven, and I do, she’ll have you get on your knees and she’ll grab you by back of head and make you suck on her huge clit. It’s almost like a small cock. That will be the first time she’ll squirt her down your throat. And believe , her squirting is different than her piss. It will be slick and sweet……drink it all down. You’ll luv it and she’ll also tell you to drink it you sissy slut……omg as she quivers and cums all over your and in your mouth. I’m sure your cock will be hard as hell by now and Raven will probably slide it down her throat. But, you can’t even though I’m sure you want to. Her instructions are you can’t till you see the Dom. But, you can shower and get dressed and Raven will when you’re ready. Now it’s time for phase 2. Phase 2 is where you get introduced to cocks……and really, that’s what you really want right, you little Sissy Cock .

Chapter 2
Raven has Sissy Slut sit on bed with arms slightly back. Sissy has on fishnet hose, clinging black dress with legs crossed with a fuck on her ……Slut Buford knocks on door and Slut Raven meets him door. Slut Buford walks in to fine pussy slut playing with her cunt…..she can’t help it. I immediately my knees and start sucking on cunt slut’s clit and she had it ready……. gushing her juice down my throat. Sissy Slut heard the sound that she was getting used to by now as she knew Raven was cumming again. Of course, Sissy Slut was nervous now thinking omg, what am I doing here. Raven reached down and took my cock, sucking it as she did of course and once she buried it down her throat a couple times, I smacked her ass, saying hey you horny slut, I wanna see Sissy Slut. She smiled and said, hey, she’s with nice thick cock. Slut said you might not get hers and Dom’s both in your ass same time……and I’m like yes, I will…she laughed and said we’ll see. So now Raven is leading me down the short hall with my cock in hand and Sissy Slut got her first one of the cocks that was going to make her a submissive soaked, cock fucking whoring slut for night. Raven introduced us and Sissy Slut nervously said hello. I took my cock in hand and told Raven to show her off while telling her what some of the things in store for the night was. Raven fondled Sissy’s shoulder, gave her a kiss then told Sissy to turn over on knees and show slut buford her ass. By now Sissy was afraid not to obey and getting horny as hell. Sissy pushed her dress covered ass in the air as Raven was rubbing it and telling that Dom was going to be so happy with that ass. Raven pulled up dress and Sissy’s black lace panties and thigh high hose came in to view. I said show me that asshole slut and Raven pulled Sissy’s panties over to expose her asshole…….Raven didn’t have to tell me to spread Sissy’s gorgeous ass and after a quick to admire that soon to be well fucked asshole in front of , I stuck my tongue as far as it would go in Sissy’s ass. Sissy moaned and shuttered in ecstasy as I tongue fucked her ass for a bit then licked her ass slit from bottom to top, slid my tongue softly around her asshole and stepped back. Raven turned Sissy around and sit her up on bed……I stepped forward and reached around her head and told her that her hair looks great as I pull her pink lips to my throbbing cock. Sissy hesitated but for a second as she took slut bufords cock past her lips, stuck her tongue in my cock slit and slide into her mouth. That was a and new mouth and my cock wanted to stay in her mouth, but, I’d just thinking of our new slut. I pulled my cock and replaced with my tongue…..Sissy slut sucked on my tongue and I reached down and started rubbing her leg. Raven helped her with leg as she moved to Sissy’s cock. She pulled her panties to the side and released her cock and Sissy Slut was rock hard. Raven said I told you it was thick and took Sissys cock all the way down her throat. Sissy was steaming now and I pulled Raven off of her cock. Dom will bust your ass if you make her …Raven said fuck you, I want some of that cock. I laughed and knelled down and slowly started to lick Sissys leg between here hose and cock. I continued to lick her balls and ran my tongue up her cock till I reached end. I pulled her hard cock and tried the Raven approach……Raven was right, getting that thick cock all the way down will take more practice….Raven stood on bed and pushed her clit in Sissys mouth as I struggled to get her cock in my mouth…..finally, I got head in throat and gagged slightly. Raven gushed again and told Sissy to drink it all so as not to get on clothes……and Sissy hungrily swallowed Raven’s squirting without missing a drop. She was ready……

Chapter 3
As I drove to Dom, Raven & Sissy Slut in back, Raven cuddles up against Sissy as she plays with her cunt, she’s telling Sissy that Dom’s cock is longer and probably same thickness except for head. She said Sissy may have thicker head. Sissy is getting a bit nervous again but she’s horny as hell by now. And now she’s ready to get what she’s always wanted, multiple cocks in her ass, sliding of her asshole and down her leg as another one follows. As we arrive, I asked are you ready to play Sissy Slut……. can’t wait said Sissy. As we walked in Raven placed blindfold over Sissy’s eyes. Raven said I want you to be surprised. Raven walked Sissy through home and said……you’re here slut as she took off blindfold. Sissy found herself in bedroom with great lighting for videos, large bed with straps on each corner and several straps/ropes hanging from ceiling. Sissy was taking in as we walked toward bed and Dom came from bathroom and his first words were you do like videos of you getting fucked don’t you slut. Sissy hesitated for a second then said yes, yes I do. Dom said so, you went halfway around the world for me to fuck you and these other little sluts. Sissy did not hesitate this time and said yes, I came halfway around the world to be fucked, sucked and anything you want Dom. Dom smiled and said, my kind of slut. Dom said Raven, grab your strapon, and slut buford, get of those clothes. Dom tells Sissy to have seat on bed. Dom had leather straps from waist up and black spandex pants that are very thin. Sissy glanced at the outline of his cock but turned quickly to his eyes…..the Dom was in charge. I crawled naked on bed, slid my cock ring on before my cock got hard again. I told Dom Sissy’s cock is pretty thick and I may need a larger butt plug than I have in. As I went past Sissy, I made sure to turn my ass toward her as I removed my plug and put in my largest one, which wasn’t easy. But I succeeded and slid pass Sissy on bed and watched as she looked down at my plugged ass. Dom walked to corner of bed as Raven jumped on bed with large dildo wagging……..the sluts are ready.

Chapter 4
Dom asks Sissy, so, all your Dom’s have been women. Sissy said yes. Well, you’re my slut now, right. Yes Dom. Dom moves forward and says a good Dom never kisses a slut until slut has licked his ass. Are you a good slut? Yes Dom. Dom moves close enough to reach behind Sissy’s head and pulls her against the Dom’s spandex covered cock…..he rubbed over her , he said lick it slut, lick that cock and balls. Sissy licked and licked and wanted to take his cock but was afraid to. Dom steps back and tells Raven to get Sissy of her clothes all but stockings and panties for now. Dom then slid his spandex off and all he had was his leather straps and his long hard cock. Sissy was basically naked and had now totally submitted and was wanting to be fucked so bad……Dom walked to her, took her head and rubbed against his cock…..the little slut wanted it. But the Dom turned around and said OK slut, spread those cheeks and eat my ass like it’s the last ass in the world. So, she did……after the slow buildup she was ready. She licked Dom’s ass, she tongued it as far as she could get in it……she loved the taste of his ass, omg she must be a total slut. She tongued and licked. Raven and Buford were beside her now, watching her eat ass, licking her neck as she moaned more and more. Dom steps forward and turns around, Sissy is staring as his long hard cock……did you like that ass slut. Yes Dom......what do you want now slut. OMG Dom, I want…..ugghhhhh Dom slides his cock in her mouth. Sissy chokes as his cock slides against her throat……he eases off and she adjusts and slides Dom’s cock down her throat to his nuts. Sissy was struggling but was working it out now…….Dom is fucking her ….Dom tells sluts to get Sissy’s ass and cock ready…….the sluts move Sissy around till she’s on her stomach sucking Dom’s cock as the sluts get her of her panties. Dom tells Sissy to turn over and he grabs Sissy’s hard cock……and tells the sluts to get her ass ready. The sluts are eating Sissy’s ass as Dom plays with cock for a bit……then leans over her and slides her cock all the way in his throat. Dom can take thick cock. Sissy is in heaven. Raven asked if he wanted plug in Sissy’s ass to prepare her. He said no, eat it good and a little lube……I’ll handle from there. Dom pulled cock and slid Sissy around……pulled ass to end of bed and told Raven to pull her legs back……Sissy is jerking her cock now…….and Dom says all these slut whores. I like. Dom rubs his cock over Sissy’s asshole………she moans….Dom starts pushing head in and Sissy squealed…..Dom tells buford to eat and lick Sissy’s asshole which he gladly does, spit in it and get as wet as he could, then turned and sucked end of Dom’s cock, squirted a bit of gel on finger which he applied to Sissy’s widening asshole……and Dom’s cock was right behind my fingers as he slid head in with pop as Sissy squealed. He gave her ass time to adjust, then slid cock half way in, held for second then slid a bit then I’m sure Sissy felt the as The Dom’s cock head plunged pass her colon ring and Sissy knew then that she was owned by the Dom and felt him totally buried in her ass. Sissy screamed…..caught her breath, and went the limp. She was totally part of the Dom’s cock now. There’s no feeling like it fills when your body totally accepts and fills every piece of a hard cock when it’s deep in your ass. Your entire body becomes part of the cock and there’s nothing more submissive. Now the fun starts!!!!!

Chapter 5
Dom continues to fuck Sissy, pounding her ass as she moaned and screamed at times. Slut Raven & Buford, although both were playing with cock and cunt watched Sissy get fucked by our Dom. Sissy starts to groan a little more as Dom’s cock slows and pulls out till only head is in rectum ring that is really starting to get loose with all the attention it has been getting. She moans and whispers under her breath, Dom I love your cock in my ass. Sissy is jerking her cock as Dom fucks her…….Dom tells Sissy to quit playing with her cock. Dom tells Sissy, I want you to cum with your prostrate only. No hands. Have you done that before? Sissy says yes Dom, it just takes a little longer. Dom says it’s more intense from prostrate, right? Oh yes Dom, just keep fucking me Dom, OMG, fuck me. Raven can’t take it any longer and straddles Sissy’s face and sticks clit in her mouth and says suck it baby suck it. Sissy starts to say something but too late, Raven is squirting huge gush down Sissy’s throat. Dom says drink it all slut……drink it all. And she does. Slut buford joins in and slides his cock up Raven’s ass. She screams and squirts more cum down Sissy’s throat. So, Sissy has cunt in mouth, Dom’s long hard cock in her ass, a cock ready to shoot that she can’t touch…..and now buford pushes Raven forward with her still squirting cunt and slides his cock out of Ravens ass and down Sissy’s throat. As always slut buford cums first as he shoots his load down Sissy’s throat. With his cock buried down her throat, Sissy could only swallow as her helplessness becomes more apparent.

Chapter 6
Dom watches slut buford shoot his load in Sissy’s mouth and says you bitch. I was going to give her the first load. Get back here and eat my ass. Buford says yes Dom as if he’s being punished although slut buford didn’t mind at all. Raven looked at Sissy’s wet face and saw a sliver of bufords cum and licked it up and licked all her cum residue off Sissy’s face. Asked Sissy if she was having fun. Sissy moaned and said OMG, just fuck this slut, fuck me to till my ass is full of cocks and dildos. Dom is slowly fucking Sissy’s ass as slut buford eats his ass. Dom grabs Sissy’s feet and pushes them back on her shoulders and starts to pound Sissy’s ass. Raven slid down and started sucking Sissy’s thick quivering cock. She couldn’t hold back any longer as Sissy shot her hot thick load in Ravens mouth. Slut Raven held in her mouth, as much as she could, swallowed some and reached up and shared what was left with Dom. This of course caused Raven to squirt all over Sissy again. Now Sissy has eat cum, shot a load herself and was getting her ass pounded like hell. Dom continued to pound Sissy, told Raven to move and reached down and gave Sissy a sloppy kiss as he decided he was going to cum in slut Sissy’s hot quivering asshole. He put both Sissy’s feet in one hand, reached back and slapped Sissy hard on ass and then hard on face as he shot his hot load deep in Slut Sissy’s ass. Sissy screamed as another shot of cum squirted out of Sissy’s softening cock. She was shaking and could barely feel Dom’s cock as his cum made her asshole feel huge with his cum shooting in it. She could feel it sliding in her colon and then slide down her ass cheek as she no longer could squeeze her asshole over his slick cock. Sissy went limp and whole body was totally flushed. Dom says it’s time to get started you little slut!

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