my fantasy...#19  

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9/16/2021 5:49 pm
my fantasy...#19

we are just sitting around
watching TV & drinking beer
& i get up 2 grab a couple more beers
& just stop in the the kitchen...
i'm not sure what cums over me
but i really suddenly want u
more than i have ever wanted anyone be4...
& when i look down at myself
my little cock is as hard as velvet covered steel...
my cock-head drools a shiny wet spot
in2 the front of my baggy sweat-pants...

when i can finally force myself 2 move
i walk slowly back in2 the living room
with an unopened beer in each hand
& step directly between u & the TV
& straddle both your legs between mine
then i lower myself slowly down on2 u
my knees planted on either side of your hips
& the cleft of my ass rests very firmly
on the suddenly growing bulge in your jeans...
as your hands slide 2 my waist 2 steady me
i am so fucking horny that it almost hurts...
we are both still fully clothed at this point
but your fingers now grope my chest
& tweak my nipples through my shirt
while i rock rhythmically on your bulging lap...
in this very heated moment of pure passion
i am so oblivious 2 everything else in the world
that there could be a hundred people watching
& i wouldn't have noticed a single one of them...
i wouldn't care at all what they saw us doing

i roll off u & on2 my back on the couch
my legs still around u as u lean 4ward 2 me
& continue 2 grope & caress my body...
your hands roam freely all over my body
& i am not gonna do anything 2 try 2 stop u
as i spread my trembling legs out even wider
so u can escalate the level of heated intimacy
if that is your wish...
i still hold a can of beer in each hand
as i cumpletely forgot all about them
in the heat of this sudden wonderful passion...
my sweat-pants are tented out in the front
from my throbbing & pre-cum-oozing little erection
& i groan
" oh yes !! touch me !! touch me everywhere !! "
as i feel your fingers close around my curved shaft
then i gasp
" oh my god !! u make me so fucking horny !! "
as u take the head of my little cock in2 your mouth
& suck the pre-cum ooze through the material
as u stare intently in2 my wide-open eyes...
i finally remember the un-opened beers
that i still hold in my hands
& drop them 2 the floor behind me
not really caring where they land...
i am so extremely & unbelievably horny
4 u...

after i let u feel me up 4 a few minutes
i stand up with my back facing u
& offer my yielding ass 2 u...
u grab the sides of my sweat pants
& slide them off my hips & down 2 the floor
as i pull my t-shirt over my head
& toss it across the room...
i continue 2 stand submissively be4 u
as u rub the mounds of my ass with both hands
& occassionally slide your hands around my hips
2 tease my throbbing rock-hard little erection
& gently squeeze my smooth shaved balls...
i absolutely ache
2 find out what u wanna do
with my willing ass...
u stop touching me long enough
2 pull your own shirt over your head
& toss it away while i reach back
& unzip your pants with a shaking hand...
as i slip my fingers in2 your pants
i realize once again
that i grip the most perfect cock
that i will probably ever experience...

i turn my head back 2 take a quick look
& moan at the size of your impressive package...
your cock is gorgeous & thick & tasty
& even in its semi-erect state it already pulsates...
as u lift your ass & slide your pants 2 the floor
i whisper
" u must have been pretty confident about getting a piece of ass tonight !! "
u just laugh & reply
" i was hopeful !! when i thought of everything we did last time !!! "

i squeeze the head of your thickening cock
as i let my fingers slide down the girthy shaft
&<b> massage </font></b>the silky cock-skin with my hand
as your glorious fleshy staff slowly grows
2 its deliciously full length & impressive girth
as it pulses & throbs in the palm of my hand...
when your tasty tool reaches its erect size
i slowly turn back so i face away from u
& spread my feet as wide apart as i can
as u slide a finger between the my cheeks
& search 4 my tight little anal entrance...
i gasp as u force one thick finger inside me
as u slowly open my ass & stretch me
4 the wonderfully expansive appendage
that will soon invade & delve deeply
in2 my tightly gripping opening...
i groan as u finish playing
with my taut & constricted gate-way
& i moan loudly
" oh god !! yes !! eat my ass !!! "
as i feel the tip of your hot tongue
delve in2 my resisting entrance...
your hands pull my ass open wide
as your tongue slithers deeper in2 my tight hole
& i whisper
" deeper !! go deeper !! fuck my ass with your tongue !!! "

when u finally release your grip on my ass
& sit back on the couch 2 reach 4 the lube
i back up a step as u slather the slimy goo
all over your girthy shaft & on the huge head...
i lower myself slowly 2ward your pulsing pole
& when i finally make contact with the tip of it
i stop & hold as still as i can 4 just a moment
& allow the fat head 2 rub slowly up & down
the spit-slippery crack of my cock-craving ass
then let it slide all the way up between my legs
until it rubs against the underside of my cock
& slithers underneath my balls...
my ass is aching 2 feel that hot meat inside me
so i ease my tightly puckered anal opening
in2 contact with your hot & slippery cock-head
& i start 2 press my entire body downward
on2 your throbbing turgid thickness...
i am bent slightly 4ward at the waist
as both my hands grip your knees
& both your hands grip my hips tightly
as i slowly & surely ease that plentiful pole
up in2 the futilely resisting opening of my ass...
i gasp as the giant head finally pierces in2 me
& my sphincter slams shut around your shaft
just behind the pronounced ridge of your glans...
i whimper
" oh my god !! my ass is on fire !!
your cock is so fucking thick !!! "

i slowly descend lower & lower
until u are all the way inside me
& u stretch me wide & fill me full...
i gasp again
as my ass touches your hips
& i engulf the entire length of your prong...
my ass is stretched so fucking wide
that it feels like my whole body is full
& as u continue 2 hold my hips
i begin a slow rocking motion
2 let your cock stretch & explore
& touch places deep deep inside me
that only u can ever touch...
with each long back & 4th movement
i start 2 pick up the pace a little bit
until eventually i bounce up & down
as if i ride a hard & fleshy pogo-stick...
i groan
" oh yes !! i love your cock so deep inside me !!! "

within minutes i pant & moan
& my little cock flops wildly up & down
& slaps against my balls & my belly
& i know that i will cum very soon
on your gloriously girthy cock again
& i love the wicked & wanton feelings...
it is as if my little cock has a life of its own
& as i stare down at it in disbelief
it expands even thicker & longer
as it throbs & pulsates & twitches
& i suddenly scream
" oh my god !! oh my god !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
i'm cumming on your cock !! I'M CUMMING !!! "
as i feel the onset of my first orgasm...
i slam my ass forcefully downward
& grind my ass against your hips
& bury your cock even deeper in my ass
then my horny little cock just explosively erupts
& fires long ropy gouts of sticky semen
half-way across the living-room floor...

i have never felt anything as intense
in my whole life
even with u
& my whole body twitches & shudders
as my quivering little cock empties itself in2 the air...
u whisper
" yes !! yes !! cum on my cock !!
i love it when u cum on my fucking cock !!! "
u rock your hips slightly
2 maintain full contact with my aching prostate
&<b> massage </font></b>the last few spurts out of my little cock
as i fall back against u in exhaustion
& my sweaty back presses against your chest...
i moan
" i fucking love fucking u !!
i love your cock fucking my ass !!! "

i can feel your fat cock-head rub inside me
as u slide deeper & deeper in2 my ass
& u reach around & grip my chest
as u lean back & pull me back with u
until i am lying on my back on top of u
with my legs hooked over your thighs...
my legs are spread as wide as they can go
& my feet hang a few inches off the floor...
i let out a loud groan & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck your cock deep in2 me !!
i wanna feel u cumming deep inside me !!! "
as u start 2 slide your thick cock in & out of me
& impale my ass as u pump vigorously up & down
& stretch my ass even wider than it was be4
as u stimulate every nerve in my entire body...
my ass thrashes all around uncontrollably
& i love the feeling of being violated so deeply
when u yell
" i'm cumming !! i'm fucking cumming !!!
i'm cumming in your hot fucking hole !!! "
& as i feel your hot spurts jet in2 my ass
they fill me cumpletely full-2-over-flowing
& i scream
" deep in me !! cum deep in me !!
fuck my ass full of your cum !!! "
as u slide in & out of my hot hole
& milk every drop of cum out of your cock
until i can feel your juices ooze from my ass
& slide down on2 your sweaty balls...

( do u wanna ??? )

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