my fantasy...#23  

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9/17/2021 6:32 pm
my fantasy...#23

we find a very quiet & secluded spot
in the back of the park behind sum trees
& start 2 caress & undress each other...
i caress your chest & belly
then slip my hands 2 your ass
& pull u tighter against me...
your hands travel up & down my back
then u slide them down even lower
as your fingertips explore the cleft of my ass...
my ass-hole puckers in excitement
as i press back against your fingers...
my little cock throbs between our bodies
& i feel u hardening against my belly...
i take half a step back away from u
as my hand slides slowly 2 your erection
& i lightly stroke your pulsing cock-flesh
then slip lower 2 caress your smooth balls...
i look down at your deliciously hard cock
as i continue 2 caress your dangling balls
& slide my other hand 2 your pulsating shaft...
i look in2 your eyes & whisper
" wanna watch me suck your cock ?? "

as u groan deep down in your chest
" i love watching u suck my cock !!! "
i slowly drop 2 my knees in front of u
& my hands slide behind your knees
as i teasingly lick a shining drop of pre-cum
from the opening of your steel-hard cock...
i stare directly up in2 your hungry eyes
as i slowly open my mouth as wide as i can
& slither my wet lips over your leaking glans...
as u stare lustfully back down at me
i slide my lips all the way 2 the root of your tool
& let your tip slip in2 the opening of my throat
then i slide my sucking mouth slowly backwards
until my lips slide off the head of your cock...
i lick my way down the underside of your shaft
until my mouth reaches your smooth<b> shaved </font></b>balls
then i suck each of them in2 my mouth in turn
& soak your hairless scrotum with my saliva...
as your hands move 2 lightly grip my head
i lick all the way up the underside of your cock
until my wet tongue reaches the oozing head
then i slowly engulf your entire cock again...
i start 2 slip my mouth on & off your tasty cock
& take u all the way in2 the opening of my throat
then slide back until my lips just touch the crown
over & over & over & over & over & over & over
until u groan & thrust deeper in2 my wet mouth...
i look up in2 your eyes & slide my mouth away
as i whisper urgently
" i wanna feel your cock deep inside my ass !!! "

u quickly grab the blanket
& spread it out on the ground
then sprawl your body out on2 it on your back
as i crawl slowly between your wide-spread legs
& suck your throbbing cock in2 my mouth again
then drool as much saliva as i can on2 your tool...
i quickly move myself up 2 straddle your body
with my knees out on either side of your hips
& my horny ass hovers just above your erection...
i reach behind me & grasp your swollen shaft
& guide your girthy glans 2 my puckered opening
as i slowly lower my horny cock-craving ass
until i feel the tip of your cock against my anus...
as soon as u are resting against my fuck-hole
i release my grip on your pulsating phallus
then reach back & grab my own ass-cheeks
& pull them as wide apart as i possibly can
as i press myself slowly down on2 your cock...
u groan loudly as your cock-head enters me
& i hold cumpletely still 4 just a few seconds
as i let my tight hole stretch 2 accommodate u...
as your hands slide up & grip my hips tightly
helping me keep my balance over your body
i press downward on2 u just a little further
& take more of your girthy cock in2 my body
then i slide up until just your tip remains in me
then back downward even further & further
again & again & again & again & again & again
until my ass finally rests on your strong thighs
& i cumpletely engulf your entire heated length...
u moan softly
" your ass feels so fucking good on my cock !!! "
as i start 2 slide my entire body slowly up & down
& i fuck your throbbing cock with my tight ass...
i go upward until just the head remains inside me
then i hammer my ass all the way down on2 u
& make my ass jiggle with each downward stroke...
then i start 2 undulate my hips at the bottom
& make your cock stir deep in2 my taut insides
be4 i slide back upward & almost off your cock...
i groan
" i love the way your big cock feels inside me !!! "
as u suddenly grip down on2 my hips even tighter
& start 2 pound your cock up in2 my horny hole...
i wrap my hands around the top of your shoulders
& start 2 savagely slam my ass down against u
as i match every one of your hard upward thrusts
with an equally urgent & insistent downward stroke...
then u suddenly slide your hands up 2 my ribcage
& i lean backwards & reach back 2 grip your legs
2 cumpletely change the angle of your entry in2 me...
i moan
" oh god !! your cock feels so fucking huge in me !! "
as i rock my hips 4ward & back & side 2 side
& feel your thick shaft caress me deep inside...
then i start 2 bounce wildly up & down on u
& make my ass quiver with each pounding stroke
as i ache 2 feel an explosion of cum deep inside me
but u suddenly pull me all the way up off your cock
& groan
" i'm not ready 4 this 2 end yet !! "
as i slide off your body & then fall on2 the blanket...

after a few moments of breathless intermission
i lean over & drool saliva all over your erection
then move deliberately up on2 my hands & knees
& look back over my shoulder questioningly
as i press my chest down against the ground
then lift my hips up as high as i can force them
& present my ass-hole 2 u like a horny animal...
as u move up behind my ass on your knees
i reach behind me & then grip my own butt
& pull my pale cheeks apart as wide as i can
as i feel your slick shaft slip in2 the cleft of my ass...
i look back over my shoulder at u once again
& moan
" put it in me !! put it in me !! i want u deep in me !!
fuck that ass !!! fuck that tight ass full of cock !!! "
as i feel the tip of your cock press against my hole
i suddenly propel my entire body back 2ward u
& take your entire erection deep in2 my anal chasm...
your hands grip on2 my hips as tight as u can
as i pound my ass back on2 your pulsing cock
over & over & over & over & over & over & over...
my own erection throbs & leaks pre-cum all over
& i know that i will cum on your big cock soon
& i want u 2 cum deep inside me at the same time...
as i rock my whole body faster & faster & faster
my ass-cheeks quiver with each impact on your hips
& i drive my ass-hole as far as i can on2 your cock
with each & every deliciously deep backward stroke...
u moan
" fuck my cock !! fuck my cock with your ass !!
i wanna feel u cum on my cock !! cum on my cock !!! "
i start 2 slam back against u even harder & faster
& undulate my hips up & down as i move back & 4th
& make your huge glans slide over my aching prostate
with every deep-delving ass-hole-stretching stroke...
i feel that familiar feeling deep down inside my body
& as my stomach muscles clench down ultra-tight
my ass-hole grips down tightly on2 your thick cock
& i scream
" i'm cumming on your cock !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh my god !! i'm cumming on your fat fucking cock !!! "
just as my aching little cock begins 2 throb & pulsate
& sprays long strings of cum on2 the blanket below me..
as my little cock erupts i feel your fingers dig deep in2 my hips
& pull me back even further on2 your wildly pulsing cock
& u moan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !! "
as i feel the first hot & hard jets of your sweet seed
splatter on2 the aching walls of my abused rectum
& i groan
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "
as u continue 2 empty your juices in2 my snug shitter...

when our orgasms finally start 2 subside
i slide 4ward slowly until your cock slips out of me
then twist around & swallow your softening cock
& take the last drops of your cum on my tongue...

( do u wanna ??? )

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