Invisible with memories  

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8/6/2021 2:58 pm
Invisible with memories

I went out of my second floor apartment and down to the street to walk my at his 10 pm bedtime. I use a walker now at times so i dont fall and break a bone or something...especially when Cooper's leash can wrap araound my legs accidentally and cause me to lose my balance. We had just made it to street level and were walking eastbound on the sidewalk when out of nowhere, a motorized plentiful around this near college campus, appeared and on it, a male driver with a female passenger ran us into the tree. The , probably late teens were laughing hysterically. I gasped, caught my breath in a sort of confusion and yelled "you assholes~~ive got a walker here!!. the boy muttered "well youre out late" which infuriated me.LIke the streets are theirs if its past 900 pm.
and i began yelling back telling them to stay off the sidewalks..they were obviously drunk, no helmets on.i watched as they crossed to the other side of the street, and the boy driver hit the curb and i watched while the girl fell off again and nearly hit her head on the curb. "YOU FUXKING IDIOTs" i screamed, GET OFF THATstupid SCOOTER ..YOULL KILL YOURSELF!"

They hit my walker instead of my body and i was grateful they didnt run over my dog. I wished with no luck that i had my phone to call the "scooter police"...
and realized most ofmy anger was due to feAR YES but also i took their casual lack of responsibiity personally. How could these miss my walker? zIt is shiny and red. they l<b> viewed </font></b>me as an old lady with mobility problems, no worries about running into me . i cant stand the fact that im<b> viewed </font></b>a certain walker adds to the misconception.

I recall the days when i never used a walker, and i was a hot MILF. I wouldve eaten these for breakfast, scornfully. I Mseeking a more adult community and hope to live there soon, where i dont risk getting hit by a couple of moronic drunk college on a scooter. CW

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