Here's to you lasses...  

ccccaguy 65M
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11/6/2017 4:02 am
Here's to you lasses...

We all have our favorite places on the human body...for some it's legs, others prefer breasts. And while those attributes are visually appealing in their own right, for me it's the butt. So being the devout butt man that I am, I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for all you women on this site who have a great ass and aren't the least bit hesitant about showing it off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It doesn't matter if you're showing it off just because you know you've got a hot ass and like the attention it gets, or you're using it as a lure because it's a part of you that you enjoy getting played with. Those of us men (and probably more than a few women, too) who appreciate a fine ass are grateful to you for putting it out here for us to see and fantasize about and drool over.

I'm not sure I can give an adequate description that does justice to why I'm so enraptured by a nice ass, but there are some of you out here whose ass is simply stunning. Obviously, the shape has a lot to do with it. For me personally, there's just something beautiful about the symmetry of those two soft, round, full, fleshy orbs hanging seductively off your low back. Each luscious mound a carbon copy of its twin sister, and separated by that sweet, humid cleft. I believe my favorite part of the ass are the two creases where the glutes meet the thighs... each is like a treasure trail...follow it, and it leads directly to that most secretive of places...the demure little opening hidden in the dark...forbidden, taboo.

The stills that some of you have posted on this site run the gamut from a simple snapshot, to some very elegantly composed and lighted images in which the interplay between light and shadow tantalizes the mind. In some cases, you're covered completely by snug, form-fitting garments...spandex, a bathing suit bottom, or those gorgeous tight-fittin' jeans. In other cases, you've chosen to only partially reveal it...short-shorts, lacy panties, or a simple thong. And to those of you who've chosen to not hide it at all, but to proudly offer it up for us all to see, bless you.

Why the intense interest in this part of your body? Even the ancient Greeks and Romans had a deep appreciation for a woman's ass. The Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite's shapely rounded hemispheres were so deeply worshiped by the Greeks that they built a special temple, the Aphrodite Kallipygos (which literally meant, 'Goddess with the Beautiful Buttocks' ), which is arguably the only religious temple ever built and dedicated to buttock worship.

So, ladies...a most sincere Thank You from me and the rest of us butt men on this site for allowing us to enjoy this most prized ASSet.

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