Why you aren't having sex - Part 1  

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7/17/2021 5:13 am
Why you aren't having sex - Part 1

I've been this site for a number of years and had an incredible amount of my time wasted by people responding my profile, stating they were looking for a sexual encounter. Their messages consist typically contain declarations of their desire have sex with , and many times contain requests for pictures and information about myself, although no recipricating information about themselves. I will respond with some pics and volunteer the "Big " of information about myself that any two people MUST exchange see if there is any possibility of their being compatible of meeting and having a hookup which are 1) what are you into and what are your limits 2) what days/times are you most often free to and 3) Hosting capability (do you have a place where you can host, willing split a<b> motel </font></b>room, etc.) Until two people share that information and determine compatibility, there is no use discussing anything else unless you like talking about the weather. Often, their response my reply ignores any and questions and is simply a restatement of how horny they are. If they do acknowledge the questions, they will often indicate that they are nervous or uncomfortable answering any questions about themselves. Below is a typical response of mine such an individual. These are individuals who fill our message boxes with frivolous and useless communications that they send one member after another, never making a successful connection, and being in an endless cycle of horniositude because they believe that "sex" just magically and spontaneously happens.

"I'd be interested in getting know each other better as well - but you have the opportunity do that right here and right now, but you aren't taking advantage of it by writing anything about yourself. That tends make a person think that what you really want isn't "getting know each other" so much as it is "wanting the other person tell about themselves without having do the same". Not only isn't that fair, it isn't likely occur or end resulting in a sexual relationship, which is what both of us our seeking. I don't use and honestly, how is that any different than writing here. Either way you still have share about yourself.
Being cautious is good, both for you and the other person, but you can be cautious and safe and discrete without being non-communicative or expecting the other person do the work. You can talk about what you enjoy sexually, what you'd like explore, what you aren't open , what days and times you tend often be free for meeting/playing, if you can host or if your willing split the cost of a<b> motel </font></b>room, etc. without giving out specifics that would jeopardize your identity. If people aren't willing give out such generalized information about themselves then they probably aren't anywhere near ready have this kind of sexual relationship and should reconsider whether post and respond ads this kind of site.
No one is going send you a bunch of pictures of themselves naked, tell you everything they enjoy doing sexually, give you their home address and phone number and tell you they will be there 24/7 and when ever you get comfortable enough/horny enough you can drop by and do what ever you want. Of course. And you wouldn't want have sex with that kind of person anyway, so if you want reply ads then you will need do more in the form of communication. Take a few minutes write out a generalized response about what you enjoy, what your limits are, when you tend have the greatest availability, and where you stand hosting. You might want think about how you are willing go about meeting for the first time - do you want online, speak on the phone, meet in some public place just for a face face and decide later , etc.
Fear is created by the unknown. When we prepare ourselves and have some options already prepared, there is far less 'unknown' and we know how we will respond it - therefore there is less fear."

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