moist meadow  

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4/9/2021 4:58 pm
moist meadow

My husband and I had a whole day alone together to do almost anything we wanted to do, and once we settled down with that anticipation, we checked the weather and deemed it quite right for our adventure.

We gathered some supplies, and got dressed for the day outside. Cameras, blanket, a few interesting pieces of clothing or props for some fun photos, some pot (of course), toys, well, you get the idea. My husband is always prepared.

It was such a perfect day that we decided to stop off and have a cold drink on our way to the park. We sat outside, the breeze blowing up my hiking skirt, kissing my soft creamy thighs. My breasts were relaxing in a soft lace bra under a great little flowered top. It was fun to clink our glasses to a fun day ahead. We both noticed a couple of younger men across from our table, Enjoying a beer, my husband was convinced that they were really looking me over and thought they were quite interested. So since I enjoy flirting, I said that we should ask them over, and just as I was getting the nerve to go approach them, they got up and shook hands, and one of them walked away, but did look back and wink at me. I smiled, and thought that my moment had passed by, but then as I stood to prepare to head to the restroom, the one guy who stayed behind, looked directly at me and gave some pretty smoldering eyes. I smiled and nodded every so slightly, and walked toward him, and as I got to his table, I stopped and introduced myself and invited him to our table. He headed on over while I used the bathroom and took off my sport panties under my skirt. When I got back to the table, everyone had a smile on their face and a fresh drink. As we talked and flirted with him, we told him about our plan for the afternoon, and would he be interested in joining us.
Our conversation up to this point was quite open and honest with him, as we talked openly about swinging, and me enjoying younger men, well they are almost all younger, as I am proudly 70 years of age. My older Madam, my sexual Goddess and my lusty are all part of my sexuality and it is a heady mixture.
He was fascinated with the idea and had played a bit, but not for a while.
He was a good looking young man, a little shadow of late day beard, HOT, a lot of other fun features. I smiled a lot, and felt his hand on my leg, all the while maintaining eye contact with my husband, who was enjoying the flirtation play out. Male hand on woman's thigh, a huge turn on, gets my legs a quivering, and my pussy warm, swelling, and moisture flowing.
Off to the meadow we go and locating a most private partially sunny spot, we though down a few blankets, take a toke on the pipe and take off our clothes. My husband got his camera ready, and tossed me a flowered silk robe and I casually draped it over me, while our new friend sat on the edge of the blanket and began to stroke his fine smooth cock. Normally when my husband takes my picture, I am too nervous to feel or exude sexiness, but with another man there to watch, well, my three Faces of Sex Goddess started to emerge and I ran with her to that incredible place we go while enjoying sex.
Our photo shoot went from a few pieces of clothing to just skin. As our arousal began to take hold of us all, my husband had fun snapping photos of my mouth over our friend's hard shaft, and many other luscious shots. By then, I was oblivious to the camera, there was so much going on with my body. My friend laid me back, opened my legs and looked at me, almost wolf like, so hungry he seemed, and as I began to vibrate in anticipation, his mouth was hot over my mound, smelling, growling, grazing and me groaning in excitement. He swiped his soft tongue over my seam, probing so gently, exploring my folds, and I was floating away in ecstasy, my hips raising to his mouth, and then before I knew it, there was a hard<b> silky </font></b>cock next to my mouth, and I opened and reached up to guide his shaft into my moist hungry mouth. As my friend continued to edge my body ever closer, I really slipped into that zone, and called out to him, to "Fuck ME, Fuck me now," and my legs were opened, my moist mound waiting, and then it comes, that first introduction to the hard cock. He knows the dance, and taps my labia, testing the soft opening, but eagerness in his eyes, and body and he is poised to push on in and then it comes in, slowly, deeply, penetrating and my pussy and vagina clutch his cock and everything in my body pulls his cock and whole body inside of me. The dance gets primal, as my legs dance to his pushes, my hips grinding and my pussy opening and closing over his cock.
There is nothing to describe that place we all go as we climb the arousal mountain, searching joyfully for the orgasm, which is the great reward, but the journey is so erotic, so bonding, so playful, so human.
Part two will come soon... Moist meadows have more to share....

NJGUY08090 55M
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4/27/2021 4:24 pm

You are one truly sexy woman in every way.

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