A Quick Update  

daddysmichele 47F  
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10/5/2021 12:44 pm
A Quick Update

Just let anyone know that may be curious we met with the other couple Sunday night, and after dinner her husband asked me into the bedroom so my husband and his wife could be alone. We sat on their bed talking, and he gave me a shoulder rub. Nothing else happened. My husband and his wife just talked as well. I nervous, but it wasn't long before I relaxed knowing he wasn't going to try anything. I was a bit let down, and a bit thankful. Needless to say I'm forward to going over to their place again. Mostly to see what will happen. I did give her a peck on the cheek on the way out. That's as sexy as things got. Sorry I'm a let down. I hoping for more tell.

Anyway, here's some captions if you care to see them. Stay safe and healthy. Later.

Prof10001 61M
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10/6/2021 4:15 am

You are anything but a let down. The long slow build is going to lead to a spectacular climax. I can't wait for it to happen for you. We'll want to hear all the details.

Swing by my blog!

daddysmichele replies on 10/6/2021 10:57 am:
I wish that was the case, but history for me has proven the opposite. It's a long slow build to a massive let down. Unfortunately my life and me are just really boring and uneventful. One thing I've always said is that I only tell the truth, and this is the truth. I wish it wasn't, but it's reality. At least I can come on here and get away once in a while.

naughtynate77 44M  
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10/6/2021 1:45 pm

There is still plenty of time for something more substantial to happen in the future. After all, there's always next time and it sounds like you're looking forward to a next time.

daddysmichele replies on 10/7/2021 10:42 am:
I am looking forward, but I have no idea when next time would even be. They both seem interested the same as I am, but how long will they be patient?

bi1946 75M  
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10/7/2021 6:23 am

good things start slow

daddysmichele replies on 10/7/2021 10:42 am:
It's been slow. This has be going for almost a year now. That's pretty slow.

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