It's October  

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10/1/2021 2:31 pm
It's October

I'm loving the cool mornings, but not getting up at 4:30. The warm days are nice, but I'm spending most of them indoors working. I need retire. Lol. My are excited for Halloween. I am too, but mostly for them. It's not the as when I was . We would be out from right after school until well after dark begging for candy from damn near the entire town. Now so few turn on their lights, and even fewer enjoy the revelries of all. Seeing the infants and toddlers having fun and complaining, and seeing the older ones forgetting their cares for a few hours. all becomes one great night with oodles and oodles of candy show for . Now seems that so few<b> parents </font></b>bring out their , and even fewer older come out instead of sitting inside doing what they do. Anyway, I'm done running on and showing my age. Lol

Here's some captions, and hopefully the next blog post will be a good one. I'm hoping for another date night soon. Or would that be a couples night? Hmm. Single couples, couple singles, twos of ones, or some other crazy concoction?

Be safe, be healthy, and be happy. Later my sweeties.

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