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6/17/2021 4:46 pm

Chloe and Sara got up hugging , asking what was going on. They were obviously concerned but I couldn't focus on them. I pushed outward toward the eyes I saw in my mind, and opened myself to feel as much as I could. I had my eyes closed and could feel both them touching and asking what was wrong, but I pushed outward. I knew it was Simon, Philip's brother, but I didn't know if this was visions of , or if this was another premonition of him.

I remembered what Bet said about the map and see if I could sense that. I couldn't remember what Alison wrote down but I knew he was outside of Chicago. I also knew that he was involved in whatever Philip was, and getting increasingly concerned because he couldn't get a hold of him, other than that he was unsure what was going on. I could tell already that he was worse than Philip, and a threat someone. Alison was right about that, and that was when I saw Alison's face.

I yelled PHONE! Chloe lunged for it and I called Alison. It rang times and she answered, barely awake. "Hello?'" I said hi, relieved. "Daniel? What time is it? Is everything OK?"

"Love, I'll explain later but I think Simon is trying get a hold of you." Janey asked if he was here. "No, but I'm fairly certain he's on his way. After we hangup turn your phone off for the rest of the night, and don't answer yours again at night. We'll call Janey?" She said OK but I could tell they were stressed. "Sweets, there is no threat, now, but I didn't want you answering the phone when he called. Try back sleep. We love you. Turn it off." Simon left a message as I was talking with Alison.

Chloe and Sara weren't freaking out but none of us were going back sleep, that was for sure. We went into the kitchen and got some juice and I told them what happened. Sara got up and walked back into the bedroom as Chloe and I watched her. She was visibly upset.

"There's more Daniel. What aren't you telling us?"

"I can't remember what Ali wrote down because I just glanced at it because I was focused on the parking lot, and making sure there was no threat, but I don't think it was Chicago. Unless the city she wrote down is a suburb, then he is on the move. This is the third time I've seen him in days, and it's altered my/our behavior. Some of that can be ascribed an overabundance of caution, but seeing his eyes like I did tells he's a threat, and he's coming here, and Alison is the only person he can get information out of. That is not an ideal scenario."

Chloe was silent, thinking, when Sara came out with a bag and walked Chloe, sat on her lap and kissed her crying. She did the same . "I'm so sorry but I am staying with Janey and Alison until this over. I hate it, but I am. I figure and Janes can handle what either one of you can." She kissed us both again and walked the front door, crying. "Protect our ," and walked out.

Chloe and I looked out at each with tears in and our eyes, and our hearts aching, but we both said "WOW!" Sara was the youngest and often came across as a space cadet, but she was smart as a whip and I wouldn't want fight her. She was right in her assessment, as difficult as it was. I was SO glad Unc and Ellen were coming into town in days, not. My sense was that things would probably converge over the weekend. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30am. Chloe said,

"Go Henry's and open. I'll call them all in a bit and calm their nerves. We all like that Henry is coming in later because he knows you'll be there." She kissed . "We'll deal with it sweets, but it was pretty impressive what Sara took upon herself and did." I nodded, and smiled. "I have a friend on the east coast, like us, that I met in college. I'm going to call her in awhile, check in, and see what she knows. This verbal tradition as both strengths, and weaknesses."

"Ella died, unexpectedly, as did Sara's mom, so we've been a drift but it was never an issue. It's an issue and I'm getting information even if I had to ruffle protocols." I kissed her and went into the bathroom. When I walked out Chloe was watching Jake sleep with tears streaming down her face. I hugged her as she pushed her face into my chest and we closed the door.

We walked back into the bedroom so I could get dressed. "Sweets, I am SO glad you are in our lives....all of us. I don't care if it seems strange to people, including Billy and Ellen, or anyone else. We are a family and that is obvious." I pulled my pants on and hugged her into my stomach as I kissed her head. I was walking away as she grabbed my jeans, pulled me back toward her, and unbuttoned them.

She dropped my pants, and my underwear, as she put my cock into her mouth, grabbed my balls and pulled down. I rubbed Chloe's back, ribs, and the sides of her breasts as she kept pulling my balls down more. I suppose she didn't want me to come, but she was too good at that even though it prolonged the inevitable, which I didn't mind at all. We could both feel me getting ready to come. Chloe started sucking on the head of my dick, and scratching me with her teeth. I resisted as long as I could but she dug her<b> nails </font></b>into my ass and pushed me onto her mouth as I came....neither of stopped.

Chloe finally let go and started sucking the head, which sent me over the edge and the rest of the semen came into her mouth. She looked up smiling as I dropped onto my knees and kissed her so she could share the last bit of my come with me. I swallowed and kissed her as I staggered back to getting dressing. Jesus Christ I was a lucky man, and I felt sorry for Simon.

"I'll bring Jake in after I talk with Annie about what's going on." I nodded, kissed her, and said thank you, love. She smiled.. "Were you serious about what you said regarding those rings Daniel?" I knelt in front of her and put my head on her belly as I hugged her. "I was. I am. You are my family, Chloe." She ran her finger through my hair, kissed my head, and said,

"Go to work slacker." I got up and kissed her as we walked to the back door. Neither us even thought about it, we just moved like we did with Philip. Sara and Janey were learning that. I opened the door and kissed her again.

"I adore you. You know that right?" She smiled, and nodded."

"Go to work goofball." Chloe locked the door as I acclimated to the darkness and reach out. The more I worked with this the more I was realizing this was akin to Bob's sense of smell, hearing and eyesight, since mine were marginal compared to his, but I doubted he could see a threat 00 miles away. I knew Simon was a threat of some kind. I didn't tell Alison but Sara knew, and Chloe knew, and I knew.... and by the end of the morning everyone would know.

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