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10/17/2021 4:13 pm
add 343... Revised but need to edit

She laughed... you OK, love.?


I'll take that as no in bear speak, but you didn't die, so that was a plus. Most people die when they turn into a dragon. I figured since you'd done it once then you had at least 50-50 odds, but you flew, Love.

Until I fell, bounced and killed three trees, but yeah, great plan. I do like the open mind thing, at least now.



Still the wrong way.... no. NO. Left...the other left. OK. Go that way. Jesus, you are like a and our future depends on you.

I wanted try an fly again but I figured I needed more time orient the sun, or stars... or whatever. I knew the bear. He was slightly miffed but he caught the scent, and we could see the lights. How do people have this much .... STOP! I walked around. It's
unbelievable the amount of that are ALWAYS around us, and we never know about them. They didn't, and I was that animal, and I was strong, and pissed. They didn't last long, and I didn't care.. The shooters on the roof were a problem. There were always audio issues, I knew. I had time, once I was a time inside find then,
probably first floor. I needed take out the shooters. Hard a bear, not a dragon. Shit.

There was a clearing a few miles back.

Daniel? Daniel?

What love?

What are you doing?

Nothing, why?

DANAEL!!!!!????? I'm going learn be the Dragon, again.


There are people on the roof. If I could be a large enough owl... I'd take that. Dragon is my option. Stop talking, sweets, and I flew into a tree.


"I HATE wings. I flew and fell four times, but I knew where I was, and I was quiet, until I didn't want to be. I figured no one one would want me angry. I took them both, one in each claw and flew a way to practice. They were dead before they hit the ground. Everyone outside was dead. I landed, skidded, and almost fell off the roof.


I'm fine, scruffed is all. Incommunicado love . I loved these women, but they were becoming the bane of my existence. I shifted and was glad I had the knife belt still on, luckily. I still had advanced senses, and heard someone inside the landing. I knocked. He opened. He died. You don't expect anyone to land on your roof.

There was no one else. I was actually impressed they had someone at the top of the stairs. I got his tac-gear, which gave me night vision, and silenced 9mm with extra clips, but they didn't know I was in the house. I also didn't know the lay out. Deat would shoot me in the foot for doing this, and he should. I was guessing there a was basement, which sucked... except I looked around. A basement has one tactical advantage... you need to go downstairs. What's the inverse. Jake, and why are you awake, mister.

I'm worried about, Da', and we are all awake. You do the inverse and keep them downstairs, Da'. Tactical disadvantage...for a while. I pushed, most were a sleep, one was only marginally watching the monitors outside. I didn't sense any inside but put the balaclava on anyway. The other was drinking coffee. Since I had shifted back, I didn't want to kill anyone I didn't have too. Good. I found some cardboard, made door stops and quietly pushed them under and then wedged a kitchen door against the knob. It had rubber stops on the legs and it works in the movies, and I could be the Bear if needed. I could hear him, yelling on the phone as I pushed, there was no one else.

'He's not here dad. He was supposed to be here." He hung up as is reptilian brain clicked on, and he turned and reached for the drawer. I shot him in that shoulder, and then in his opposite foot, out of disgust, and spite. I was not looking forward to what I would

I figured Jaak hated his dad so much that he figured he just hung up on him because he was mad

Are you in?

Do you know how annoying this is?"

Are you ?

Yes, but I have a bleeding man. Leave him, sweets. He's vile. There is a closet in front of you, assuming you are looking in the right direction. That is the safe that has most of the files Deat will need. HE also as files in in his desk somewhere

How do you know this, shit.


You the numbers for the first,but he might gotten crafty.. No, but 's going to get harder, now. Good, make him suffer, Daniel.

"Tell me about the desk, and the other safe.

Fuck you. I broke his knee as I pushed a rag into his mouth. I dealt with the desk, and started to deconstruct. It didn't take me long. Always the same problem.... harder to construct, to deconstruct.

"Where is the other safe?"


I shot his other foot. I can do this all night. I Tied his hands, through his chair and check the ground, and the barricaded the door. You think your men are coming for you, or your ? They aren't and all your wants is and power, like you, neither of which he will have.




I am beyond calm, love. These fuckers want hurt my family. I am, Hell and gone, from calm..



Annie got on the mind comm's. "End this now, love, but come back us."

You have two choices. I kill you, I don't. Tell me where the other safe is, you might live. Don't... I'll find it, and you die." He looked at the corner of the wall.....
and said shit. I pushed the corner, and it opened.


Sara? Right left, love 49 38 22, 46. 5. I had hurt Marnine get those. Don't trust her.

I opened the safe and looked around bags, that I could grab. Guys always have bags. Shit!.

I loaded it all... cash, gold, papers, thumb drives, discs. I took everything, from everywhere I knew then noticed a latch inside the safe and finagled it until it open. I turned and looked at him. He stared at me in horror as I opened it. It was of DVD's, more gold coins, and papers. I left the discs, there were too many and this was one place. I turned and growled. He was shaking as I glared at him. I took the bags to the kitchen because I had a change of thought. I opened the door to the basement, and told them the to throw their weapons out, or die, and then shifted. They shot threw the door as I roared, stepped in front, and spewed fire down the stairs. I didn't want them to die but I wanted this place to burn, as a message. I also wanted to make sure there was no recording equipment. I shifted so I could walk up the stairs. He had peed himself I turned into the dragon, as he screamed, and destroy the DVD's and then set the room on fire. I turned back to me picked up the gun and shot him in the balls before shifted back and set him on fire, I needed the practice because the dragon was different. I walked into the kitchen and that floor on fire.

I knew what was on those discs. I took the bags up to the roof, shifted and set the stairway on fire before I grabbed the bags and flew away after setting the roof ablaze. I flew into the sky, and reigned holy hell upon them. I was angry. I set it ALL a blaze, and flew away,
Unencumbered. I did not care because of what he, and his people, did. I hoped he died slow enough while he burned. I was many things. in many lives, and none of us would take to this shit.

Turn around Love, fly away from the dawn. You'll find your way home, and we'll be waiting for you. I landed just before dawn and everyone came out to scratch me. I snorted. I knew these people. They were my family, and I would protect them. Jake and Emily jumped on me, grabbed my scales, and I flew. They yelled. Ama shook her head as her and
Joseph went inside to make breakfast.

It took us hours of flying, and not flying, and the flying...again. Jake and Em were first, middle, and last but they had to to fight Lieve and Heather...and everyone else Da... you're a real dragon.

I shook, as Sara stood in front of me.

She smiled. Danael, why would I doubt you. Deat is fine but Melinda is pissed. We're working things out to mitigate the fiasco. You did well, love, but it's not over...because Roan, and Ingrid aren't over.

END THIS LOVE!!! I ate, laughed, chopped wood, smiled.... and growled. I needed to see what was Marnine up too but fell and asleep and had unsettling dreams.

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10/17/2021 5:57 pm

That portion of the risk has been eliminated. Now to deal with Roan and Ingrid. It was good to be a dragon, to carry all that bounty, back home. Wonder how much money , gold , etc was there.

Patience, my friend, patience. Remember, Stay, Cool, calm and collected.

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10/17/2021 6:00 pm

I just thought of an old saying "' Behind every successful man, there is a better woman" (or something like this )
Daniel could not have pulled this off with out the Gal's helping him, especially Sara.

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10/18/2021 10:41 am

One lot of the problem gone now for the rest I wonder what the papers reveal and how many account he can get to before anyone else.

The dragon is a useful trick to have.

Just hold your nerve.

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10/21/2021 7:47 pm

EXCELLENT Daniel, Great re-write. Feel better, Sir !!!!!

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