ake me part 396  

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11/12/2021 9:49 pm
ake me part 396

"Where are my clothes? Melissa looked at her. "I want my clothes, love...now." She nodded as I fell to one knee, and grunted. She waved them off as I winced, and pushed myself up. "Where is she Sara?" I didn't care who saw me.

"Two doors away, Danael, but she isn't a dragon. She's hurt, but she will heal. Ama and I are attending to that but you have other matters to deal with. I nodded as I put my shoes on, and stumbled standing up...Sara forbade anyone from helping me. "Leave him, ALL of you. He can do it himself."


"To the right, two doors down." I fell into the wall as Melissa moved to help me. Sara shook her head, as hard as it was for her. "Two doors down, love." I let the wall carry me into Annie's room. I turned to look at Sara, and Melissa, in tears, and growled. "She's fine, love, just asleep. I touched her face, as she exhaled.

"Ingrid?" Silence. Sara told Melissa to stay with Anryd as she walked me to the woman that wanted to Annie, and Ama...and almost killed . The nurse didn't want to let in..... I walked through and stared at her.

"You can't......"

"How is she?"

"She's hurt, but she'll live." I stared at her in agony. Fix her arm, if you can,<b> doctor. </font></b>isn't a concern." Sara smiled.

"We can't fix either beyond what we have, I'm afraid. She'll need extensive therapy but human's are adaptive." I turned and walked away as Sara took my arm.

'Roan?" Silence.

"Miriam won't let her out their room, and Ama won't let us in."

"Take there, Sara. Now. What time is it?"

"It's six am the day after you got back from Gotland." I nodded.

"Gather the guests for mid-day. I need milk." She smiled, and nodded. "Annie needs milk." Sara and Melissa took me back to Ama's. I got out of the SUV, limping as everyone wanted to run to me, but none of them did, not even my . We walked into Ama's lodge and I walked up to Miriam's door. Ama was standing in front of it.

"If you do this, Dragon..... It can't be undone."

'Step aside, Ama. I mean you no harm." My power was building. I looked at the door and it opened. I walked inside to gasps. I stared at Miriam in disgust, even though I didn't want to, and grabbed Roan by the hair and dragged her with me, out the door, down the hall, and into the SUV, with Miriam screaming. Sara, and only Sara, followed as Miriam screamed.

"Please take us back to the hospital." Roan was almost beyond able to maintain her composure. I slapped her...hard. "You will NOT avoid this." Sara said nothing. I grabbed Roan by the arm, and squeezed, tightly, as we walked to Anyrd's room. I threw her toward the bed. She fell on the floor as Sara closed the door.

"Get up and look at your sister, Roan." She stared at Sara and I in terror. "Now." She did. I pushed as much energy as I could into Annie, and fell to one knee as Sara put her hand on me. Annie opened her eyes, looked at Roan, and reached to her. Roan took her hand and kissed it as Annie passed out. I grabbed Roan's hair and dragged her to Ingrid as everyone stepped aside.

I pushed her into her lover's room, and then toward the bed, as she screamed NO! I roared..."LOOK!!!!!" I slapped her head. LOOK! This is what you wanted, for what?" I slapped her head again. "Something neither of you deserve, and could ever have. You would your only sister, and her." I grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet. "YOU look at her. You both did this. If either of you come at my family, again, I will end you. Do you understand?" She nodded in tears. "YOU will take care of Ingrid for as long as she needs, or I will banish both of you, and Miriam, and I will all of Ingrid's line. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Silence and then a catch in her throat.

"Yes, Dragon." I turned and walked out to go the Hall as Sara picked Roan up. I made it half way to the front door when Kana, Airi, and Taiiko met me. I walked past them, limping. I looked at Taiiko.

"An Eagle?"

"They hurt the people I love the most. They no longer will." I nodded. "I need to go to Ebba before meeting everyone." They helped me in and Annika, Jake, and Emily howled in grief. I hugged them and told them that we were fine. They descended upon me with hugs as Klara brought me a pitcher of raw goat's milk.

"I need to leave, even though I don't want to. I have to, for our family." They nodded as Taiiko picked them up, with Klara. Kana and Airi wouldn't leave my side as we walked to the Hall. I walked in, past everyone, limping. I wanted to growl but didn't, and that was when Annie opened her eyes and started ripping her tubes out and walking toward me. Sara smiled and dressed her.

I walked through the crowds as they gasped, and stared, and I moved to the table Annie, and I had, pushed back so these people had more room to engage with us, and each other. I stared at them in silence. I could sense fear, so I knew there were people there who wanted us dead. All leaders faced this....

Annie stepped out of her bed, with Sara's help, and got dressed. The doctor's tried to stop them but Annie pushed through them to get to me. Sara smiled.

I looked at these people, and while there were some who wanted me dead, us dead, most didn't. I bowed my head and then looked at up. 'Some of you wanted us dead, you are still here. I smell you. Annie is OK, as am I. For those of you that wanted to us, know what you are trying to . I don't die easily, and I will protect my people." I was ready to shift when Annie and Sara walked into the hall, and smiled.

"I am Danael and if you choose to hurt my kin, I will end you." I shifted into the dragon as people gasped, and screamed. Sara helped her sister to me.

"And I am Anryd, wife to Danael, and wife to Chloe, Janey, Sara, and Taiiko. Mother of our clans...and to anyone who would dare attack my family...this is who I am." She shifted into the Lioness that she was, and roared, before she stood next me. There were some who still wanted us dead, but most didn't...not now. We shifted back as I held Annie and she said....

"Go dress for our feast, we will do the binding later. We have already wed ourselves. It is a glorious fall evening, let us enjoy it. She stumbled into me but people clapped, and cheered, and went to dress. I held Annie until they all left. Shit....

OlderPete58 63M  
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11/13/2021 5:52 am

Excellent reading thank you for your writing and sharing this with us.

The ceremony can continue and everyone now knows Daniel is the dragon and he has a Lioness as a wife they are powerful and getting stronger by the hour as the new era dawns.

Claw51478 74M  
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11/13/2021 6:01 am

Wow, reading thru these 4 or so Parts, I was at a loss for words. Sat back, got my coffee and just thought about I just read; Daniel will have a child born, in the past, with ( forgot her name now ), after she basically him . For the 4 wives , he has been faithful. Ingrid, will live a non - existent life and will need constant care, which Roan will have to provide , til either one of them dies.
Oh! and the Eagle, she ended the other sniper or snipers.

All five of them , their powers are coming to the fore.

Daniel and Annie, met with another group of the various Clans, they both shifted, into the Dragon and the Lioness. Now, there is no mistake among the Clans, who their leaders are. All five of them.

I think that the threat to Daniel and the wives, may be over.
The Ceremony will commence. The Clans will be united ( though some are not happy, but will not try anything )

Seems I found my words.

Ole" Pete, add your thoughts accordingly. They are much appreciated.
Our thoughts are very similar , He an Islander ( England ) and I, a Southern Yank ( Louisiana, USA ). I wonder if we are not related, I am of Welsh decent. What a thought.

OlderPete58 63M  
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11/13/2021 7:55 am

Claw I think you are right Daniel has a child in history born by Malinka after she took advantage of him I don't know is Irina will do the same but the seed of the dragon are planted it more women now.

The Clans will follow now they can see the power in Danial and the women, and they are growing stronger by the hour, some won't be happy but that is the nature of people.

All the girls can shift and then there are the young ones, a few surprise are there too. I think the past and the future are merging as Daniel can move between the times and Sara will also as she is a powerful woman with her sisters.

Chloe has surprised people with her bolt of energy and just imagine the snippers shock when a giant Eagle took them out.

In 395 Ama confirm Daniel is the one foretold she as whispered 'It is him'

Daniel has also met Dreka who told him he is part of him...

The last few episodes have been so intense and keep us enthralled.

ddloves269 66M  
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11/13/2021 11:43 am

Great reading as always however I sure would like to know where all the other parts disappeared to for there are many holes that need to be filled in. Thanks again Daniel

cjg045 69M  
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11/13/2021 10:46 pm

Awesome reading , Daniel. Who would have known where this story would take us. I'm waiting for more chapters, Daniel you are the MAN. ! ! !

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