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10/23/2021 11:43 am
take me 345

Sara was pissed so I flew home in silence, which wasn't the worst thing because there was going to be plenty of "talking" when I got home. I was glad I still had a few days because we needed to go through the bags, assuming the girls, and Jake, hadn't already. I wanted to look through the papers before I sent them and the drives to Javier's hacker guys to go through before forwarding pertinent things to Interpol. I wasn't upset about Jaak's dad because of what he did to women as well as and boys, he deserved worse than he got. I didn't want to give it to Deat because a friendship only goes so far, even with Deat. I needed to next day air the package to them. We left them an expense account after the last time for just such a situation. They seemed to be similar to Javier, Bet, and their crew. I'm sure we would have liked them and they were hated this shit as much as we did. I also wanted Ama to drop off more money to the community center.

I was getting close to Ama's when I felt strange and started falling, lucky I wasn't that high but I didn't hit the ground and then everything turned black. I woke to find Sara sitting at the opening of the cave staring at me and smiling. "Whatcha' doin'?"

"Where am I? How did I get here? I was coming back after killing Marnine. I was almost at Ama's...."

"What? Killing Marnine?"

"Yeah, you were angry and said something about Ingrid being more powerful, or something like that. I didn't hear all of it because I was trying to do tricks," which was the exact wrong thing to say. She stared at me in disbelief.

"I would have been very angry, mister, even at you but Marnine isn't dead, and you didn't fly off to kill. You came here to get some sleep because dragons smell. She smiled at me and shook her head. Sweets, I was with Marnine for a couple of hours, having tea and chatting, and she is very much alive, besides she's been a dragon for six hundred years and you've only flown a few times. How would manage that, Love?"

"Surprise and my wonky flying." She laughed in my face, which stung a bit, I must say.

"I'm sorry Daniel but your sense of direction, as the dragon, is worse than Wrong Way Corrigan. Now, mister, as to you "trying" to kill Marnine, I thought I said.... "Don't kill Marnine. You need to trust me love, like I trust you...well, except when you're the dragon. We've all decided to call him Bob now come on, shift and fly us home. We have a lot to do, and you need two showers. We've been waiting to look in the bags and it's driving us nuts. You need to talk with Marnine about being a dragon because they are.... different. They reside in multiple worlds. Beating Marnine, that's funny. Come on mister, chop chop, we're burning daylight."

I was losing my mind again as I came out of the cave, shifted, and flew us home. Everyone, including Ama and Joseph, came outside while I went in to take two showers and change. I felt better but I was still confused as I walked into the kitchen hoping there was coffee. Ama smiled and said everyone was impressed because most people don't survive shifting into a dragon. I had no idea what to say but I wished they would all quit saying that to me.

"Do you want to go into town with me after we go through the bags?" The girls, and Jake, couldn't wait on the bags. "I need to send something next day and I wanted to drop off some money to the community center that you help." She smiled and said yes. I poured some more coffee and we went by the fire. "Can I see the papers. please?" They were in awe over the gold coins and cash, thankfully more coins this time. "Ama and I are going into town for errands if you want to come, Jake and Emily both said yes. Lieve and Heather were otherwise occupied, I assumed since they weren't there... and I had four of these coming in 8 months, or so, I was so in trouble.

It looked like some sort of code because they couldn't be this stupid. It was names and numbers, lots of them. There was a ledger book, I assumed for the house I burned down. I didn't really know what I was looking until I got to the last notebook. I understood instantly what that was and started crying as I walked outside. They all got up to come after me when Ama told them to leave me be. I wanted to shift into the bear and run but I didn't want to take another shower so I walked down the drive. Sara looked at the notebook and started crying too as her sisters hugged her. It was filled with first names of girls and boys, ages, graphic descriptions. There were hundreds. I wished I could kill him again.

I walked back in and Jake and Emily hugged me. They had no idea why but they knew I needed it. "Ama, please take some of the cash for your community center. Do you have some place safe that we can keep the rest until we see if Javier's crew can find out who is in those notebooks? She nodded. The girls hugged me but no words were spoken there were no words, only heartache. I grabbed my backpack and loaded the papers, ledgers, notebooks and drives into it, grabbed phone and notebook, kissed the girls and we headed into Reykjavik. The house was filling up, which was good, but it was also an easy target. I doubted anyone would show but it was going to be a long time night but I needed the practice and it was a new moon. Ama smiled as if she had read my mind.

We went to the community center first because it was the farthest away. Ama introduced Jake and Emily to the staff and went into the director's office, alone. I had no idea how much there was but it was a lot. I didn't ask how much she took because she knew their needs far better than I did. They came out and the director hugged Ama and waved at us as we walked to the SUV. "Seems an anonymous donor made a very generous , more than enough to cover heating bills for everyone this winter?" I said imagine that and we all laughed.

"Who wants to stop at a cafe for something sweet and something hot, all of raised our hands. The mood shifted and we enjoyed each other. I was thankful but would do everything I could to end this. There wasn't much more I could then other than be with my family. Ama, Jake, and Em each got something sweet, and something hot. I just got something hot but watched them, smiling. The coffee in Iceland is wonderful and it should be because they drink it like it's water. We finished and headed home and I, of course, had my head on a swivel. I was pushing everywhere...nothing.

"Daniel, there is no threat and thank you for the money. I am impressed by the selflessness of all of you. I was quiet for a few seconds.

"You shouldn't speak to quickly Ama because I'm keeping the gold." She looked at me and we both started laughing even though I was serious. I was keeping it for the family, all the family's, in case of need. I hoped the guys could find those even though I knew in my gut they couldn't, but I was going to do whatever we could do something good out of something heinous and if other people burned then all the better. Jake and Em were holding hands and talking about the future, which I totally tuned out, as Ama and I drove in silence. I pulled down the driveway and there was black suburban and I almost shifted, which would have been unfortunate. Ama put her hand on my shoulder.

"It's part of your family, Daniel. I didn't tell you because we needed to do what we did. Everything is secure. We pulled up as Melinda walked out the door glaring at me, followed by Deat who was smiling, so much for a quiet evening by the fire with a nice Bordeaux. I was getting hit.

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10/23/2021 2:46 pm

The saga continues. Good read.

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10/23/2021 4:04 pm

You are back with a flourish the writing is great a good read and yes the saga continues He has a lot to go through and still needs to clear his name remember he was broadcast as being Gustav! Deat can clear that up and the info in the papers well that should really upset a lot of people.

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