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6/27/2021 2:04 pm
take me part 130

The tickle monster is always a big hit, at least with the adults, and
I suspect the girls love it too. I wanted to lighten the mood from
earlier before we all left, which didn't seem likely soon because
everyone was having a great time. I went in side and was looking for a
CD when Mags and Bet walked in. I played dumb because I'm a snot, at
least that's my mom use to call me.

"Hey, what's up," as if nothing had happened as I fished through the
CD's looking for the one I wanted. Maggie didn't bite me, but Bet did,
hard, on my back of my neck, and she did draw blood, and wouldn't let go.
I didn't give her have the satisfaction of stopping, even though I was wincing.
She bit like Chloe. I found the CD and took it out and put it in, as Bet let go.

"Your an asshole Daniel." I turned around smiling and said I know.
Maggie looked at me, smiling and shaking her head.

"You saw Ella." I nodded. "What happened?" I told them everything,
which really wasn't that much, but at least Ella was communicating
with us. Bet and Mags looked at each other.

"I wish y'all would stop communicating silently. I'm getting annoyed."
They looked at me, shocked. Maggie asked me when I knew that.
"Yesterday, I thin..maybe today. Time is blurring. They did it
again. "Seriously. Jesus Christ you both are an annoyance but sadly I
adore you, so I'm stuc I'll tell all of you everything that happens.
I'll talk with Chloe and Sara when we get home. I'm calling Janey
tomorrow morning. They are having a nice dinner, and evening, and I
don't want to spoil it." They both nodded.

"Chloe is right, you are the monkey wrench in this for some reason."
Bet and I looked at her. "We do what we always do,...pay attention,
stay focused, stay close. Ella's right, it's going to get worse before
it gets better." I said,

"In the mean time, let's relax and enjoy the evening." I put Rye
Whiskey on by the Punch Brothers and cranked it up as we walked outside.
Chloe and Sara were looking at me. I walked up to them and told them
I'd tell them everything when we got home. They both smiled, and Sara
exhaled because she was the one being left out. I kissed both of them
and said I'd be right bac I need to check on things. They nodded. I
walked out front and pushed out to Janes and Al

They were still eating because they got a late start. It's a good
thing they couldn't get pregnant because they were fucking like
bunnies, again, but they were having such a good time. They weren't
paying as much attention as I'd like, but I was, and they were in no
danger. It was instantaneous with them now. I thought about them and I could
observe their surroundings. I didn't want to do that with just anyone else because of
privacy....some things you can't unsee and I'm not a voyeur.

I pushed out to Simon and he was still frantically looking for
something. I made a note to talk with Alison tomorrow to see if she
might know what Simon was looking for but was unaware of it. I focused
on the eyes I didn't know and they opened, sadly. Ella had been right.
The malevolence hit me like a club and I staggered backward as Sam and
Javier walked outside. They ran and stopped me from falling, again,
and asked what was going , at least I'd be prepared next time. Ella
was right. It was going to get worse before it got better. I told them
the little I knew but it fit with what I saw with Simon in
Scottsbluff. Javier looked at me as Sam watched.

"This is getting dark homes, and you're right about too many balls in
the air. Janey and Alison out of the picture is good. Simon is here
and I suspect he'll engage soon," Sam and I nodded. Bet walked out and
I filled her in. "We split our guys up, half are working on Simon, and
half are working on the house. Can you describe the safe?"

"It was similar to mine Javier. I think it's a gun safe, probably,
because they aren't all that expensive. There were two but he only
opened one and it only had some handguns in it along with DVD's and
cash. There could be other stuff. I didn't see. There were multiple
DVR's in the room though though. I was focused on Simon so I was following
him. I'm just learning all this but next time I'll see if I can shift focus."
They all nodded. Javier said,

"Once we find this house, and we will, and depending on what happens
with Simon, I'm thinking we head to Scottsbluff with a few guys and check
it out and see who's coming and going and maybe see what's in those
safes. If they're gun safes then it wouldn't take our guy long to get in and
we can take that ball out of play." Bet and I looked each and I said,

"Yeah, i would like to know what's going on, especially with Ali involved,
but it might also be like hitting a hornet's nest with a stic I know what to expect with
Mr. Unknown now when I look, and I'll keep looking. I know how to
access him, and Ella, thanks to her. Bet, fill Mags in because I
need to get out bac" We hugged each other and I walked out back and smiled as Henry
walked up.

"You OK ?"

"Mostly Henry, but I'm getting there."

"Slow and steady wins the race, right?' I nodded. "Let the girls
sleep in. I'll meet you and we'll be done before I beat Sam's ass." I


"I've said good-bye to everyone. David and Issa are dropping me off at
the cottage. Say goodbye to them." I nodded and hugged him and went
out back to say goodbye. Sam and Maggie and were also saying
goodbye because the girls were beat. They all came up, hugged me, and
said that they were so glad that I wasn't the tickle monster, anymore, but
that I should get that looked into. We all laughed and I said I would do that and then
kissed them on the head. Christine and Emily were saying their
goodbye's too. We all thanked them for the amazing food, at least the
limited amount I got. I hugged and kissed Em. She held onto me for a
long time as I squeezed her. I was still amazed that I had a , and a
inside a few months, go figure.

"Can we bring anything on Sunday? Sara chimed in and said.
"yourselves," and hugged them both. Chloe and I walked them to the
car. Emily was driving because it'd been a VERY long week for
Christine and she was tipsy. We kissed Christine, and then Emily."

"You good driving at night Em?" She nodded. I knew she hadn't sneaked
anything, or Jake either. I hugged her and whispered to her that I was
glad about being her dad and that I had always wanted a . She looked up
at me and wrapped her arms around my neck with a huge smile.

"Me too dad," and she got in the car. We waved as they drove off.
Chloe turned me into her and kissed me.

"I might be falling for you mister. So now you have two wives, two
alternates, two and a crazy family. Is this what you signed
up for?" I thought about it for a bit because it was odd, and happened
quickly and then it dawned on me, and I stopped. Chloe looked at me.

"I just realized how we all coalesced." She was looking at me confused. "Jake."


"You, Janey, and I would just tease each other but it was that dinner
at Sam and Maggie's when Jake asked me if I'd be his dad while you and
Sara watched, that was the moment because after that everything
shifted." Chloe was quiet but watching me. "We started falling in
love after that. Well, in the "falling in love" way. I always loved
you and Janes, but that's what set it in motion. Sara made it real
that evening by the fire." Chloe looked at me and started to tear as
she hugged me. I could feel Sara, but God bless her she stayed with
Billy and Ellen even though she didn't want to. Chloe looked up at me.

"I loved you like that before then Daniel, but that blew the gates
wide opened and here we are. Do you regret it?" I pinched her and she

"Don't ever say that again Chloe. Ever!" She nodded. My heart can
hold a lot goofball." We held hands as we walked out back and sat
down. Sara smiled and poured the last of the Prosecco as Unc asked if I
minded if he put on some vinyl.

"Help yourself. Ellen is more entertaining to talk with anyway." He
mocked glared as everyone laughed. I knew they were staying here
because it reminded him of the past, even though it was a bit bumpy,
it was water under the bridge, but it still brought up memories. He knew
those albums better than me. It reiterated the fact that I needed to clean
out my past and I suppose that was the reason I called Uncle Billy in the
first place, since it had been years. There are storage units all around us
that dad, I, own that are full of memories. There are more filled with my
dad's equipment, machines, and tools. I heard the needle drop and I knew
what he picked when I heard the first few notes because I remembered them playing it.
when it came out. I had tears in my eyes. I stood up and turned as my uncle walked out. Ellen, Chloe, and Sara were confused but watching. He walked up to me.

"You kept it." I nodded and hugged him as Alabama's album
Mountain Music started playing. He hugged me liked my dad use to hug me.
Our family had some bad blood across generations. We hugged until
Mountain Music was finished and sat down. I can't believe you kept
that Danny, and I can't believe you remember. I'm glad, but shocked."

"I kept everything Unc and I have the storage units to prove it."
Uncle Billy explained, briefly, the angst there was between my dad and
him, but this album preceded all of that. Things kinda went down hill
after that, across the board. Chloe knew this was going to be a late
night and got the last bottle of Prosecco and brought it out. Jake was
loving it even though he didn't know what was going on, he was just glad
we were family. Chloe and Sara kissed him as Chloe poured him half a
glass, saying "Sip it mister. You have work to do tomorrow." We
listened to the full album and just enjoyed being family.

The last song finished we each had one more glass when Ellen asked,

"Can you tell us about you now instead of later?" We looked at each
other and nodded and then looked at Jake. He was loving this because
he didn't care about it, but he was being included in the conversation." We
nodded and I got ready to tell them when Chloe spoke, and I listened,
in awe like I had with Sara.

She shared with them what we had just talked about, but deeper and in
more context. She sat in front in of them and talked about us, and how
things developed, and Jake, and Emily. How quickly we were a family
and how everyone knew from the principal of Jake's school, to both
Frank's. and Gio. She weaved it all together and Uncle Billy and Ellen
were utterly mesmerized. Sara and Jake sat next to her at some point
but none of us could remember when. She ended with,

"Billy and Ellen, family is challenging. You are our family as far we
are concerned, period...past aside. It's water under the bridge. We
want you in our lives, and I speak for all of us, but we are who we
are, and we are unashamed. You'll have to accept that, or not. We
don't do judgment. We hope you accept us as we are because we won't
change, period. We're a family and we love each and aren't changing
that for anyone. Not to put to fine a point on it, but we Sara and I,
didn't change for our dad. We won't be changing for you. We are
expressive in our affection for one another and that won't change but
we are what you see. We're saying this, because I speak for Sara and
Daniel, in front of Jake because he knows who his family is. Family is family,
and private is private. We want you in our lives, and I know Jake want's you
in his life."

Utter silence. I was listening to Chloe in awe, as I'm sure all of us
were. I was listening to my past in the music, and listening to my
future in Chloe's words. The juxtaposition was almost more than my
befuddled brain could take. It was funny because I never liked that
album all that much. I mean there some good songs, and I like Alabama,
but there were other songs I enjoyed more. However, I remembered it because
it was emotional because of what was going on at the time and I could
see my family being ripped apart and had no idea how to stop it. It
made me think of Ella saying the reason I could talk with her was
because I wasn't emotionally connected to her, but Chloe was
absolutely emotionally connected to Billy and Ellen, and Sara is
emotionally connected to everything, including rocks. We were ALL emotionally

Ellen looked at Unc and was probably regretting asking but said,

"Chloe, thank you for trusting us enough to understand and accept who
you are as a family. Honestly, it is unusual for us...."

"...as it is for most everyone Ellen..."

"...agreed. It is not our business and you are our family as well.
Tonight proved that and I suspect Sunday will prove the point even
further," she looked at Jake, "and you young man...we both hope you
will consider us your aunt and uncle. We are very happy about your
truck, and being able to be here for that. We're sure Emily is as well."

Jake didn't hesitate. He got up and body hugged both Ellen and Billy.
The album ended and after Chloe there was nothing more to be said. She
encapsulated what would have taken me minutes in five. Jake took
care of the fire as the rest of us cleaned up outside, and then cleaned
up inside. Thank God for dishwashers. I showed Unc how to use the
coffee pot, and where the coffee was, and how to set the alarm and told him
it needed to be set. He nodded. I told him not to worry about the
cameras but showed him how to switch between them. I locked the back and
closed the blinds.

We all hugged each other and while Ellen and I were hugging I asked if
she could say the same to Em that she said to Jake about being an
aunt and uncle. She leaned back, looked at me and smiled, and kissed
my chee "I had already planned on it Danny. You doubt yourself, but you
are a good man." We said our goodbye's. I waited for the beeps,
and they came.

I drove Jake home in the truck, and Chloe drove Sara home. Chloe took
them in and I checked even though Ben had installed what he had. It
was a beautiful evening. I stood in the backyard and pushed out
randomly and it didn't stop until I stopped it, and I felt, and then stopped,
because I was intruding on things that didn't involve me. I was going
to call Mags but it was getting late. I was able to see more than I
thought I should.

I knelt on the grass so I was closer to the ground and looked into his
eyes and it was like a tunnel and I was there, watching, and what I
saw made me retch. I broke the contact and called Bet.

"'What?" I knew she could feel me because she had bitten me twice.
Jake was sleeping... a half a glass of Prosecco will do that to you.
Sara and Chloe walked out.

"Put the call on speaker. Chloe and Sara are on."


"I just tried to see Mr eyes, and I did, and it made me retch, the
limited amount I viewed. He's beyond a sadist, and he doesn't care
who it is. Simon focuses on women, which is still disgusting. I think it's why
we are in the middle of this, because Ali felt something about Philip. I'm still
unclear unless we end it. He doesn't even know who Alison is. I still don't
understand the connection with Alison but I'm beginning to feel that Philip loved her
in his twisted way and I stumbled into it, unbeknownst to me, and then
brought Sara into it, and then all of you." Sara kissed me and said,

"Stop being dumb Daniel, if you hadn't found our Ali, then there is no
telling what would have happened to her. You kept her safe and you
found me, and Chloe, and Jake, and Janey, and all of us. Don't be
sorry for what already happened, and what needed to happen." Bet said,

"When did you get so smart Sara? Listen to one of your better halves.
It's better it played the way it did. Regrets aren't helpful love.
Hold on sweets,"

"Homes, I'm going to say that Bet needs to bite you a few more times
if your open to it, because I am only seeing pieces but it is
disturbing.I think maybe every alpha female should since you seem to
be able to take it, internalize it, and then share it. It's odd."

"We need to talk again because I am thinking that maybe daniel is
showing us our connectivity. I don't understand it but I know that i
would rather be linked in with Daniel, then not. I want to be clear,
and I only saw a limited amount of what Daniel did, but this man is a huge
threat. Period. If he is coming here then we need to be on guard. We'll have
guys at Henry's." Bet said,

"We can't do anything now but keep us updated, and thanks for tonight. You'll
see all of us on Sunday." Sara clapped. We brushed and went to bed naked, which
was probably an unconscious sign because we started touching each
other in unspoken
ways, Sara licked, and sucked balls even though I was hard, and
dripping. Chloe leaned
forward and sucked it up so it didn't go to waste and then pushed her
pussy back onto my mouth. These two were SO much better than
restraints because they worked in tandem, even if it was unconscious.

I loved Sara licking, and sucking me, and I especially loved her
trying to fit both of my balls in her mouth. She wouldn't give up until
she did it, which<b> wasted </font></b>a lot of pre-cum, but gave me time to enjoy
Chloe's pussy and clit, which I did as Sara was trying to stuff my
balls into my mouth before she sat on my coc She finally got both
in her mouth and was being Sara, which was both excruciating, and
exciting, not that Sara needed to make me hard. She was just having
fun. I tried not to wince and waited for her to make love with me like she wanted.
until then Chloe ground her clit onto my mouth.

Sara and Chloe were obviously sisters. There is NO doubt, and blood
but when it comes to orgasms they are vastly different. They are both
like earthquakes. If any of you have spent time in an earthquake zone
then you'll understand what I am about to
say. I grew up in CA and there are two main types of earthquakes. One
is the "jolt," It hit's suddenly, and with intensity.... that is Sara.
She is highly orgasmic, but only when she is excited. However, once
she is, if I just licked her lips, and didn't focus on her clit, she
would squirt on me, and clap.

Chloe, on the other hand, is like the "rolling earthquake." She
builds, and builds, and builds, and then releases. I usually end the
same way, wet. I was thinking about this to keep from thinking about
the ache in my balls, whether from being
shoved in Sara's mouth, and sucked mercilessly, or because I now
needed to come. I was instead focused on the gift that sat my mouth.

Sara's Sara, and she was lost in her fun. I tried and isolated that. I
love pussy, period. I love the way it looks. I love the contours, I
love the smell, and I especially love the taste. I was thinking that
as Chloe dug her clit onto my mouth, so hard that I could barely move
my tongue, so I sucked. It was all i could do but lordy did I feel
nice giving her that. Chloe leaned forward, pushed hard against me and came
all over me as she cleaned my coc She leaned back and stuck
her ass on my face as a tease, and laughed, so much for sleep, and I started
to lick her butt.

Sara pulled my balls out of her mouth. She was holding my cock and rubbed
it along her lips, and inside, which
felt amazing because She was so wet. Chloe got off of me and walked away. Sara was looking at me smiling and made me focus on her eyes as she grabbed my cock and pushed it inside of her. I felt her moan as she fell onto my chest and pushed me deep inside of her. We were kissing as Sara and I made love.

That is when I felt hands move my legs apart, and two knees join next to my legs.
Sara gasped in surprise since I was already inside of her. She inhaled
as Chloe pushed the glass dildo inside of her ass, with me already in her.
Sara looked at me as it went in, and I began to fuck her g-spot.
Sara's clit was riding on my belly, and my cock was moving inside her.
Both Chloe, and I, were fucking slow and deep The glass dildo was
intense. I knew first hand.

Sara was looking at me but I was l seeing mostly the whites of her eyes. She was beyond gone. She had already come twice. She arched her back for the extra muscle contraction as she came again, drenching my cock but I didn't stop, neither did Chloe. Sara looked at me and just moaned. She dug her nails into the back of my shoulders as she pushed
onto me and I fucked her pussy, Sara bent onto me and lifted he ass and Chloe used that to her, and Sara's, advantage.

Sara was completely lost in rapture as I came inside, I stayed
semi-hard as Chloe fucked her ass. I could feel her ready to come, as could
Chloe. We held hands and pushed ourselves into her. Sara gasped and
came one final time. She kissed me and bit my neck I thought I would
pass out. I came again, and there is no way to determine how many
times Sara came. We both wanted her to come. She was on my chest as as
Chloe pulled the glass dildo out of her. Sara didn't move but her fingernails where
still embedded in my bac

Chloe walked into the bathroom, came back with wipes and cleaned Sara.
She didn't need to but the gesture was enough. Chloe looked at me and
smiled. Sara was passed out on my chest because of us. Chloe checked
the doors, turned off the lights and kissed me until we fell asleep.

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