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6/29/2021 7:14 pm
take me part 134

Unc, Jake and I drove up to shop and Simon got of his car. 'STAY HERE!
I walked him like I was going to throw him through the wall that was behind him,
because I was. He had his hand's up but I didn't care.

"Stop Daniel. Please. just looking for something my brother has. I
can't get a hold of him. I need it." I released my fist.


"I think it's a drive, or a chip. I don't know. He never told me but I
need it. I don't want to deal with any of you again, but he's coming
unless I can find the drive." I knew he was.

"I'll Alison and ask but next time I see anywhere close to my
family, I will hurt you. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Leave." He
drove away as the girls drove up. Sara was of the car before it
stopped, running . She launched and .

"Are you OK mister?" I smiled and nodded. Chloe walked up smiling.

'Things good?" I shrugged.

"I need to hear from Javier, but it's good now, and for tonight, so finish
what you were doing, but thank you. They drove off as we started
unloading rocks and grasses. we put everything in the back and took
turns taking showers. Jake wore one of my old shirts as we sat
outside watching Bob. Jake shared my beer.

The girls came in laughing. Chloe plopped on my lap and kissed me open
mouthed. Ellen did the same with Billy. Sara sat next to Jake and
hugged him before they changed and Sara was on my lap, kissing me. I either picked the
best family, or the worst, but I had it...too many balls. I got up. Unc looked at me.

"You OK?" I shook my head.

"I've got no idea Unc. It is what it is. Things were all hitting at the same time. I looked at Ella. She smiled, and shook her head. I knew what that meant, but in for a penny, in for a pound. Unc and Jake were fast friends, which I loved, when the phone rang. It was Bet and Javier.

"Sorry homes, lots of shit is happening at once." I told him I know. "I got the info you wanted...Bet Chimed in,

"How did you know this Daniel?" Javier continued....

"Her name is Melissa and she does have twins. They are Heather, and Amanda. It's not easy times, but guessing you already know that. She lost her job two weeks ago." I knew what she did but I asked anyway because I wanted to verify.

"What does she do?" Silence. Bet asked what I thought she did. I smiled because I liked Bet.

"Paralegal." Silence

'Fucking Christ Daniel, who are you? Shit."

"I need the full . it to . Thanks for that. I wanted to know. If you want pizza, stop by in a couple of hours, your guys too. They'll be plenty.

I wrote a note to Melissa and went to the FedEx store. I put the , $8000, that she needed, it wasn't my but I'd give it to her anyway, I sealed it and sent it on it's way, next . I knew she would get it. I texted both Charles and Bethany her contact info and
called both leaving messages. She'd have a job in a few days. I drove
back to the shop, but made two stops. Too many balls.

I stopped and called Janey and Alison...

"Hey love! We're by the pool."

"Daniel, I am paying attention. I promise." Janey was many things, but a liar wasn't one of them. "We're making the most of our time here...." They were drinking. I pushed, and checked. Nothing.

"....and it's been so great. We're leaving mid-morning and we'll call when we settle on a place. We're the liking the pool action." They both laughed and I couldn't help but smile. "We'll call before leave. Promise. Tell everyone we love them. Thank you." I knew they would be fine. Mr. eyes was still in Dallas. Simon was in an untenable position. He didn't want to deal with us, that was obvious by him showing up, but this guy scared him.

The wildcards were getting of control. We'd be lucky to get of this undamaged but life wasn't cooperating, at all. I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot, walked inside, and bought four EPT's and headed back to the shop. I was pretty sure Chloe was pregnant, which was strange because she was convinced that couldn't happen since Jake was her first born. I was also pretty sure it was a and I didn't even want to wrap my mind about the ramifications of that tidbit. I wasn't sure about Sara, but considering the way things were going I figured it was prudent to check.

I got out of the truck and was walking inside when Chloe walked toward my, smiling. "Gio was SO happy about the seafood. They're picking a date and we're all invited. Henry will love it. Watchya got mister," as she ripped the bag out of my hand smiling. She looked in and then looked at , stunned. She looked back to be sure she hadn't imagined it. She hadn't. "Why do we need four?"

"They're not 0%, even though I knew they were accurate enough."

"Daniel, I can't get pregnant. I told you that." I took her hands and placed them on her breasts. She gasped and went running inside. I followed her into the bathroom. "There's no way Daniel. I can't be pregnant. It's not suppose to be able to happen." She peed on the stick and we waited as Sara walked in and looked at us smiling, and then said "What's wrong," as she looked at the boxes and gasped. I shook my head. Jesus Christ life was getting complicated at the exact wrong moment. Chloe wiped and got up as Sara sat down and started peeing. This wasn't the way I thought it would play but least we'd all know. I already knew.

Chloe came over and hugged me, confused and of sorts. This threw her completely off balance but she waited for Sara's test to register so they could checked together. Silence. They looked , stunned, and then each other, and then back . I hugged them both, and kissed their heads. I wrapped them in toilet paper and put them in the trash so no one would see and put the bag behind the toilet paper in the cabinet. They were both speechless which was saying something for Sara. I walked with them as Bill and Ellen came inside. Chloe and Sara were hugging each other and walked past them into the backyard.

"Everything OK?" I nodded. "We've been thinking about July 4th. Is it OK if we stay? We were also thinking of seeing if Bill and the can come down from Idaho. Sara said we could stay her place." I smiled because I hadn't seen them in forever. We started walking back.

"We're fine with that and we'll make it work. There's plenty of space," assuming we get through the next few days. The phone rang. Holy Crap! It was Bethany.


"Daniel, I got your and your message. So you don't have enough on your plate mister?" If she knew. She laughed. "I actually know some folks in Phoenix and Scottsdale. I left messages but probably won't hear back until Monday. We'll find her a job Daniel. Don't worry. Charles and I have talked and we're working a strategy. We'll be in touch."

"Thanks Bethany. glad my dad hired you." She was quiet.

"Shut up!" I chuckled.

"If you want pizza swing by the shop, otherwise I'll see you tomorrow." Sara was sitting on Chloe's lap and they were both drinking Prosecco. They would have been doing that anyway so I didn't figure it was much of a problem, especially this early. It certainly put a new spin on things. I knew that at some point Sara would get pregnant but I didn't expect Chloe too, and certainly didn't expect both of them to get pregnant at the same time. Jesus, Billy and Ellen were just coming to terms with our family dynamic. This was definitely going to twist their noodles. I kissed both Chloe and Sara. They touched my head but didn't saying anything.

"Jake and I are going to get the pizza." They nodded. "Hey Unc, you want to come with us and get the pizza's. He nodded and handed Ellen his beer. I tossed Jake his keys and we walked front as Christine and Emily were walking up . I hugged and kissed Emily who then buried herself in Jake as we all smiled.. I hugged Christine and told her what we were doing and to go back. It was obvious Em was coming with us. Unc and I got in the backseat as we drove to Gio's.

We walked into Gio's laughing. Uncle Billy had his arm around Jake and Emily was snuggled into , both them eating it up because they craved this. I shook my head because I was going to have four now. Well, at least I had two<b> wives. </font></b>The way things were going I was going to have to move to Utah. I shuddered to think what Bet and Maggie would say. I introduced Billy to Gio and then he made a huge fuss over Emily and Jake. He wouldn't take any but smiled about the seafood because it reminded him of Italy. I put $20 in the tip jar, and so did Unc. We had enough pizza for half the state. Jake drove us home. He was holding hands with Em.

"Both hands on the wheel Jake. I mean it, whether in the truck or not. Got it?"

"Yeah dad." Unc looked and smiled. least I'd have some experience when our rugrats came into the world. Of course it wouldn't apply for years. Holy Crap! We put the pizza's in the oven on 200 to keep them and went back. Maggie, Bet, Sara, and Chloe were talking and looked . Great. I grabbed a beer and walked over. Bet broke the ice.

She kissed and said, " Poppy!" and everyone started laughing. Chloe and Sara kissed and wrapped their arms around . Mags shook her head but smiled. "Javier is working on Scottsbluff but will be here soon." She handed an envelope. "We took a cut for the guys like you asked but that ain't ours love." I nodded and put it in my pocket and filled them in on Simon. What I saw and what he said. "He stopped by here?" I nodded. Philip must have written down the addresses. "He must be shitting pickles to come here?"

"He's scared, and trapped. He doesn't want anything to do this us because I put the fear of God into about ending up in the desert, but he's terrified of Mr. eyes."

"What about you Daniel."

" apprehensive. I'll do what I need to do in order to keep my family safe." I hugged Chloe and Sara and they both rested their heads on . " not a psychopath and that is a disadvantage because he is, but aware of that. not even sure he'll engage. He likes to get other people to do the dirty work and we are ancillary in this."

"Maggie said, Simon knows, so he knows. They think Alison might have what they want and that's a problem for all of us. I think we will be visiting the desert before this is all over." Javier walked up and wrapped his arms around Bet. She kissed him.

"Guess what mister. We're going to have nieces or nephews. He looked at us.

"Seriously homes?" We smiled and nodded. He hugged all of us. "Y'all don't waste anytime. On a darker note, I think we found the house." He showed us a picture. I nodded. "I sent a couple of guys up to check around the area and get intel. I talked with Bet and we want to know what's in those safes, if possible, and with Simon here now might be the time to do it. Can you draw us a map of the inside? I nodded.

Sam and the girls came in and I started running after them with Jake and Emily running after me and tackling me. The girls piled on as I tickled all of them. Bob walked in, shrugged, and went into his almost finished den. Henry, David and Issa walked in as well. The family was here and my phone rang. I stopped everyone from attacking me. It was Bethany.

" locked mister." I laughed and headed front. I hugged her as I locked the front door. Chloe and Sara walked up smiling because they both loved Bethany. Sara said,

"Did Charles offer you what you're worth?" She was serious. Bethany smiled.

"He did. We agreed over lunch today." Sara could barely contain herself she was so excited.

"Does that mean you can be still our accountant?" Bethany smiled, and nodded. Sara punched me in the chest. "See mister. We got Bethany back." We all walked back. Chloe and Sara walked back to Mags and Bet. Bethany stopped in her tracks.

"Who is the Asian woman Daniel?" I looked up and Christine was looking us intently as well. I smiled.

"That's Christine. Her is Jake's girlfriend. She's family. Why?" She looked and smiled. "Are you a lesbian Bethany?" She smiled, and nodded. "I had no idea."

"I don't flaunt it Daniel. Will you introduce ?" She was getting flushed. I kissed her cheek and led her over to Christine to introduce them. I went in and got the pizza and put the salad in a huge bowl and got plates and forks . I got all the dressings , and the various add-ons we have. Ellen walked in and hugged .

"It's nice to see you happy Daniel." I touched her hand and nodded. "Are you Chloe and Sara OK with us staying longer than planned, and having Bill and the stay. Steph and Alison might come too, but that's up in the air. If it's too much then let us know. I turned as Chloe walked in Sara was hanging with Jake and Emily while Christine and Bethany were talking.

"What are we talking about," as Chloe wrapped her arms around .

"I was asking Danny about us staying and maybe having Bill's show up, but we don't want to intrude.

"Ellen, You are family. Period, Done, end of sentence. We have plenty of places to stay, and plenty of vehicles. You can stay as long as you want and bring all of your . It's the Fourth of July and there are going to be a ton of people here because we can rip it wide open and not get in trouble. Bob may have some issues. Any of your that want to come are welcome." Ellen looked at me. I smiled.

"What she said." Chloe went to the door and yelled.... "PIZZA!!!!"...and the horde descended. I went back to build a fire but walked up to Christine and Bethany who were still talking and now holding hands. I smiled. Maybe there was something about this place. They looked up and smiled.

"Would you like me to bring you some pizza and salad? Any preference? They nodded their heads and said no preference. I went in, got two plates, a bottle of Prosecco and went back out. It was nice to see them both happy. I started making a fire when Emily walked up. "Dad?"

'Yeah sweets."

"Who is the woman with mom?"

"That's Bethany, Em. She our accountant."

"Are they flirting with each?" She was watching them.

"Come here. I sat down and she sat on my lap as Sara walked up and stroked her hair. "I think they are kinda flirting Emily. Does that both you?" She had her head on my chest and was holding my hand.

"I suppose not but I didn't know mom was gay." She was watching them as we talked.

"She might not be Em, but she is very worried about getting involved with another man after your dad left, but everyone needs love Emily and they like each other. Your mom is less worried about you now because have us in your life, and we're family, so she can breathe and maybe find some happiness." She looked up at me but didn't say a word. She put her head back on my chest and closed her eyes. We were like that for about 5 minutes. She raised her head and kissed my cheek, stood up, hugged Sara and walked toward her mom and Bethany. Sara sat on the arm of the chair as we watched holding hands She extend her hand to Bethany, who shook it and smiled. She took a sip of her mom's Prosecco and sat in her lap. They spent the rest of the night talking and laughing.

Sara looked at me, teary, and slid into my lap. The fire was on hold. She put her head, and one hand, on my chest, glad you're a good dad sweets because we're going to have babies, and she snuggled into . Chloe came up and sat on the arm of the chair, wrapped her arm around my neck and stroked her sister's hair. "Quite a ." I nodded.

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