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7/24/2021 3:57 pm
take me part 179

Things were moving quicker than I hoped but having William of the way would another annoyance for Gustav, assuming he hadn't sent my location already just to give him something, anything, but there was nothing I could do about that except attention. I went inside and helped Sam and Unc, while Jake and Emily were talking with Chloe. They all
had questions but no one said anything, which I was grateful for because we needed to get Ari's casket finished. I had Sam make it inches longer so that it wouldn't as small as she actually was. It was an illusion but I hoped it would help in someway. Sam and my uncle were working in tandem with the router and planer. I was cleaning up the joints with a chisel. I was preoccupied as Jake and Emily walked out. Emily said, "Dad?"

I made the mistake of taking my eyes off of what I was doing, even though I knew better. My hand slipped and the chisel sank into the base of my left thumb, cutting me to the bone. I grunted as I dropped the chisel and grabbed my hand, bending over. Jake and Emily were
unsure what had happened but Sam and Bill knew, as did Chloe and Ellen who came running out.

"I need to see Daniel," Sam said as I lifted my hand. "Could be worse as he looked at Chloe who was getting the first aid kit. Emily was crying as Ellen and Bill stepped them away. The bone was visible inside the wound, hazards of a sharp chisel. Chloe irrigated it and put pads over the wound, wrapped it in gauze, and taped it. I put my hand up as she got the truck keys out of my pocket.

" sure a few butterfly bandages will be enough, smiling." She looked and shook her head, even though she wanted to punch . Emily was very upset because she thought it was her fault. I hugged both of them and said it was an accident and that I'd be fine after some stitches. It wasn't the first time I had gouged myself. They both said they wanted to come and I nodded. Sam said they'd handle it. I was just hoping this wasn't an omen. Em was still upset as we pulled into Emergency Care and walked in. Thank God that Beth got me good insurance, which reminded me. Crap!

Chloe grabbed my wallet and started filling the paperwork while Emily, Jake, and I sat down. Jake and Em were hugging , and calming down. I was glad they came. It was a stark reminder that we had other things to deal with as well as Gustav and Marnine. Thankfully it was slow and wasn't long before the<b> nurse </font></b>came . I asked them if my family could come. She smiled and said that she'd bring them in after the doctor had a . I nodded and kissed everyone, not the<b> nurse.

</font></b>They took x-rays, and cleaned it up as the doc examined it. He went to check the x-ray as the<b> nurse </font></b>put Betadine in the wound, which frickin' hurt, and they loosely put butterfly's on it so it was mostly closed and wrapped it. "I'll get your family." I told Chloe they put butterfly bandages on it and she stuck her tongue as the doctor walked in and introduced himself. He pulled the image up on the computer and called Jake and Emily closer because they were still upset.

"You might have nicked the bone. It's hard to say but it's not serious. You gouged yourself in the best possible place. You mostly muscle and flesh, but I am slightly concerned that you might have nicked the tendon that runs along here," as he pointed. Jake and Emily were rapt with attention. Chloe was hugging and smiling. What they did was temporary because you might need surgery. We just closed it up until the surgeon can it. You need to see and Orthopedic Surgeon but we can give you a couple of cards of excellent surgeons that are close. If you can't get in by early next week then come back in and we'll clean it and bandage it again. I suspect you will be fine. All in all, I think you lucked but you won't be using a chisel for a while. He'll be fine , so don't worry."

We thanked him and he left as the<b> nurse </font></b>came in and led us to the lobby.. I had to sign some forms and she gave a script for a few Vicodin, and the cards of a couple of local surgeons, all of which Chloe took. "If you can't see someone within five days come back in and we'll
it. If you start getting abnormal pains come in, or go the ER, that's just a precaution." I nodded. She looked at Chloe and then at me. "This should go without saying, Daniel, but don't it wet, and don't use that hand." Chloe chuckled as the<b> nurse </font></b>smiled. We thanked her and headed back to the shop. Emily and Jake were talking in the back, most of the stress removed.

"You need to attention, mister." I nodded. "We also need to get all the insurance and legal stuff taken care of, and discuss 'you know what.' I nodded again. Jake and Emily ran inside and was telling everyone about it when the phone rang. It was the Andersen's.

" Peggy."

" Daniel. We are in Denver, and not too far from you, and wondering if we could stop by." I told them of course and that we'd see them then. Sam and Unc had cleaned everything up. Bill and Ellen took Jake and Emily back. Chloe, Sam, and I walked as they drove up. These were bittersweet meetings because the family wanted to the see shop but it was
still raw for them. I introduced everyone as we walked in. Peggy handed me a check and said thank you. I nodded and we showed them around.

"Is this the wood?" I nodded. "I thought it would be richer looking." Sam got the photo's and showed what it looked after the oil was put on it. They smiled and said it was beautiful. "Can we stop by after it's finished?" We all said of course and excused ourselves as we walked
outside. They spent the next several minutes holding hands in silence and touching the wood. "Thank you so very much. It meant a lot to both of us."

"You can stop by anytime you want too." They nodded and left. Sam and Unc had finished all the boards so we could start building it tomorrow, or they could. I closed the overhead and said lets go have a beer. They both smiled. Sam grabbed a pack. "I'll be in a few minutes. I want to check on Gustav."

I had given the phone to Javier to see if his computer guys could access it but I knew Gustav was having no luck as he slammed his phone down and poured more vodka. He was becoming unhinged. I got no hint that he had any idea about the shop. I was hoping Unc shooting down the drone took care of it. I didn't have numbers visible on the building anyway because my dad always frowned about that, same as not having your DL, or any government sent to your residence. He said it was common sense. I was beginning to see his wisdom. I was getting ready to end the link when he got a .

"You fucking better know something. What do you mean an inside job? Philip's dead and Simon's not smart enough to pull something like this off. These were pro's. What?. That's my point, Simon is a blunt instrument. There's no way he could pull this off. No, I don't know where he is, come to think of it. I've been preoccupied." Gustav was silent.

"I'll check into where he is but if that is all you've got it sounds like you're throwing smoke bombs to cover up your ineptitude, that of just doesn't vanish. What do you mean Interpol? Gustav was quiet, and scared, which is what I wanted. FBI? I'll you later." He called someone else.

"You still have someone in the FBI? I need to know if there is an active investigation on me. My contact in Europe said his contact at Interpol told him they were looking into "things" in the EU related to an open investigation in the US. Find . What? Of course I can , have I never NOT you for your services. We're clearing those things up as we speak. good for it, just do it. I need to know what I am dealing with." Gustav hung up, downed the vodka and threw the glass against the wall." Thank you Deat, and that's when there was a knock on his door. It was the manager of the hotel.

" sorry to disturb you Mr. Griegery but the front desk has left numerous messages regarding the you have on file. It's been declined several times. You are one of our special but we need to have another on file, sir." He stared him, took his wallet and handed him another . The manager ran it through his tablet.

" sorry sir, but this has been declined as well. Because of your loyalty, we'll extend your privileges until tomorrow because accounting snafu's occur but we either need the bill in full, in , or another that is active. I apologize for the inconvenience." Gustav just stared at him as he closed the door and ordered two more bottles of vodka and dinner. He was worried."

I was calling Bet and Javier when Chloe walked . "You OK?" I nodded, holding up a finger.

"Homes, we were getting ready to swing by. We found Williams' office but he's either not top notch, or he is WAY above that. It's a dive. We've got a couple of guys heading to Castle Rock but I doubt he'd have anything at home. We're going to let him stew a while and then pump him for info. We're figuring he has a storage unit. We pulled the GPS and are checking into it. You still want us to scrap his ride?" I told them to do what they thought best.

"You know people in Boston?" They did. I proceeded to tell them about Gustav, as Chloe listened. Find out where William keeps his files and if you have to get nasty then do it. this is bigger then Gustav. Try and find where he lives and move him out, literally. Everything. Fake the paperwork and clean him out. I want him to feel desperation when he finds out." Everyone was quiet

"Are you sure Daniel," Bet said, as Chloe stared at me.

"These animals devastated women's and girls lives, and there is no telling how many were killed but it's obvious they were all brutalized. There is no of physical pain to make up for that, so we take away what they value most which is wealth, and the trappings of it. Talk about it and if you're not comfortable then I'll agree with you. We having beer out back."

"We'll talk jefe."

"What, Love?"

"We just don't want to get over our skies, but I think you right. Come out back and be with our family. They are starting to wonder if something is wrong." We walked out back.

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