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take me part 192

We walked in the back door holding hands. I had absolutely idea who we were listening, but it wasn't Deep Purple. Sara clapped as she ran up front with her sisters. "OK, I'll take care of the kitchen. Have a good time. I'm good."

I didn't see any of them, which I was kinda OK with, all things considered. Chloe started the griddle so I put the home fries on, got the fruit and veg out to cut, and started on the muffin batter, and biscuit dough, when Henry walked in and looked at me, pained.

"What the hell is that?"

"I have no idea Henry, and I'm not asking. I was going to put Deep Purple on, but it was an eventful morning." Henry looked toward the front, and then at me.

"Smoke on the Water" is a great song.

"I know, right! I think we should get use to being overruled, and outsmarted, from here on out Henry, and that is when Annie walked.

"Isn't this great! Hi Henry," she said, as she kissed his chee Annie was completely comfortable being my<b> mate </font></b>and if anyone had a problem with it, then it was there's. "I need your keys, Love." Henry and I stared her.

"Who is that?"

"Taylor Swift," dummy. I still need the keys...for the car and Sara's. I also need my own set for everywhere." Henry and I looked at each other. "Emily...'borrowed' one of her mom's cars and is almost at Sara's. Unless you want to trust Jake with having a condom," she looked at me, "then I need the keys, love." I gave them to her as she kissed me. "Thanks love." She was walking out, and turned. "I LOVE Deep Purple, but play it at the shop so we can crank it. I need to leave. Bye." Henry and I looked at each other as we would have looked at each other if a whirlwind had blown through. He went to grill, and I started chopping.

Annie pulled up to Sara's, and smiled. I could feel her glee, and Holy Crap. She walked in and walked up to Jake's door and said..."Aahhhemmm!!!," and walked into the kitchen to wait. It didn't take long before Jake and Emily came out and sat at the table looking at her. Annie was smiling.

"Hi Emily. It's lovely seeing you, sweets. How did you get here? And Jake, are you suppose to have young ladies, alone, in your room when none of us are around?" They looked at her, stunned, as were the rest of us.

"Chill out. You're not in trouble with me. Your other mom's, and dad, might be another thing. Jake, you know how to work that fancy coffee machine?" He nodded. "Please make us some coffee because we need to tal" I bowed my head as I walked out front. Chloe and Sara looked at me, when my phone rang.

"Hi Chirstine."

"Hi Bethany."

"Where is she Daniel?" I was silent, which wasn't smart.


"She's at Sara's. Annie's there and caught them before anything happened. She's making coffee and talking to them." I could feel them exhale.

"Thank God. We were so scared! I mean we know they are teenagers, and will have sex, but....Jesus, we woke up and she was gone."

"I think you should tell her about that, because it would be terrible. Don't be angry, just let her know what you felt. Emily and Jake are good . I'll have Em meet you at Henry's after Annie talks with them."

"Thanks Love, we'll be there soon." I knew what that meant.

"That smells fantastic Jake. Thank you." They all had a cup as Annie started to spea "So, I don't care if two fuck like bunnies.You're young, and it's instinct....but maybe you should think about what's involved if you get pregnant, especially now." Emily and Jake looked
at each other. "I haven't known you very long, but we are family now. I am different than your clans. Yours are more modern than mine." Emily and Jake looked at each other completely confused.

"This is great coffee, , but here's the deal. Your other moms, and dad, won't say this, but I'm here." I shook my head and walked back into the kitchen to chop veg, and try not to chop a finger off. "Emily, love, you don't get to steal your mom's car and drive over here when you know we're gone.

"I borrowed it, Annie." Henry and I both walked out front and looked at Chloe and Sara who were as scared as we were.

"Really? Should we call and wake your mom's and ask?

"NO! I stole the car, Annie." Annie hugged her, "and Jake. You know better than that mister. It's your responsibility because you'll be the one who gets her pregnant." I was actually impressed with Annie, because I thought her views of things, and ours might be different, but she was doing great... and that is when she said this.

"Your other parents won't tell you this, even though they expect it at some point. I come from a different culture. It's similar, but different. Jake, please get use some more coffee, it's very good. What you are feeling... the desire to 'fuck' each other is a natural response. It's hormones." I looked at Chloe and Sara, and we couldn't argue the point. Jake and Emily looked at her with their cups at their lips, stunned.

"It's natural that you two want to have sex. I am sure it's almost unbearable, believe me, I know the feeling." I shook my head and walked back into the kitchen, again. "Here's the deal that everyone wants to say, but won't. IF you get Emily pregnant, Jake, then you
lives, as you envisioned them, will be unalterably changed at the worst time for your futures, and you both have amazing futures." They looked at her, and then at each other.

"Sex is not a bad thing, but it's all about timing. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant." We all looked at each other. I put my head phones in and listened to Smoke on the Water. We have the means to have a baby, or multiple babies. Do you?"

Emily and Jake looked at each other, as did we. I pulled the buds out of my ears. "What you are feeling is unbelievably powerful, a force of nature," they nodded. "but , and she leaned forward and put her hands on both of their groins, and pushed. It shocked them, as it shocked us.

"That is very powerful, but what about this," as she touched their hearts....or this, "as she touched their heads." Sex is strong, because it keeps us alive as a species. My question is do you want to be parents now?" They looked at each other. "Leave intercourse for later, there is plenty of time. I am coming up on 40, and I am uncertain if I am ready even though I love Daniel, and adore all of you. I am still not sure, and I am 20 years older than you, and settled."

Jake and Emily looked at each other. We were thinking this was great, and that is when Annie spoke. "Here's the deal, you have all these hormones raging through you." HOLY SHIT!! "They are almost over bearing, and all powerful, but there is something you can do to
alleviate that build up, because it needs to be discharged." Chloe and Sara had walked into the kitchen and were looking at me.

"Oral." Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Chloe was running outside but I grabbed her because she didn't have keys. "Your parents would rather that you never had sex." They both smiled." It's unreasonable because you were born to do that. You just need to learn how to control those
impulses. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, do NOT put that, into that, even with a condom, because they brea" We watched in horror, and amazement.

"I am in your lives because of a mistake. I am in NO way sorry for it, but I can deal with, as can Daniel, and your mom's. I know you want to make love, but making love isn't just intercourse. It's so much more than that." Jake and Emily stared at her

"I hoped that helped loves, but I need to get back to Henry's, as do you. Emily. you need to own this. There is nothing wrong with being impulsive, but we all have to take the consequences of our actions. Understand." They both looked at her, and nodded. "Good. I'll see you at Henry's." She kissed both of them. "That was really coffee Jake." She walked outside.

We were all speechless, and realizing that it wasn't some of 'us' being parents. We actually were a pack and the family was raised by the family. Annie drove back as Jake and Emily took a shower together, without having intercourse. Annie came inside and walked up
to me, which was interesting to me because I was learning about her, about them, since it was a matriarchal society..

"I'm sorry mister, but I'm their mom to, and they would have had sex. I at least prolonged that, and gave them options." Sara and Chloe had walked up and Sara said...."Thanks for not telling them about anal, even though last night was amazing." We all laughed.

Annie looked at me, waiting for something, which I didn't know, but I knew what I wanted to do. It was what Jake wanted to do in the shower, even though they didn't, thanks to Annie. She looked at me, waiting, and I obliged as I leaped at her, and bit her as I ran out the door, a leaped the fence as I shifted. I could hear Annie growl as she bolted after me. I would need to replace screen door. We ran, free, together until we found water, and trees. We drank, and tussled and lied down as we shifted.

Annie and I, together, were different. We both fit, but we shared something the others didn't, at least not yet. When we were alone, we weren't gentle, and we didn't care. It was almost sunrise as we made love. I wanted to be in the shop by now. We shifted and ran bac It
didn't take long. We walked toward the back as Chloe and Sara came outside.

"Daniel, you need to go to the shop." I looked at them. "Now, one of us will bring the ." I turned and walked away as Annie walked inside with Chloe, Sara, and Janey. Alison was waiting out front.

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