take me part 208  

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8/6/2021 4:41 pm
take me part 208

Too many balls in the air, was what I thought when I started breathing and the ambulance rushed me to the hospital. I could feel Sara frantically crying in Henry's arms. All of them were in shock, and distraught. Annie, Chloe, and Sara had blood all over them. The police tried to ask them questions but they just stared at the officers. No one knew what had happened. The police only knew that a man was dead and another was en route to the hospital. Sara and Annie had no idea why the guy Javier's men were suppose to be watching was at the back door, with a gun. Things had happened too fast and now shock had set in, and the police needed information. Thank God for Henry.

"I went out front to get some help because we were running behind. I walked in, followed by Daniel and then the girls, and he was standing at the back door. Daniel pushed me onto the mat as Annie and Chloe walked in, followed by Sara. They were all laughing. Annie and Chloe stopped as he was raising a handgun at them. Chloe pushed Sara out the door as Daniel stepped in front of them and Daniel fell. The only thing I remember after that was helping Daniel. I called 911 as Chloe and Sara tried to stop the bleeding. The other guy was on the floor and bleeding, a lot."

The police spoke with all of the girls separately and they just told what happened, more or less. Sara said she didn't know anything because Chloe had pushed her back out the kitchen door, onto the floor, and it was over when she came in. They left out that they had seen him before, obviously. Annie had the more involved story but kept it simple and said that she didn't remember much. She saw the gun and picked up the cleaver that was on the table by her, and then heard the shot and ran at him. She didn't remember anything after that except bits and pieces because it was a blur. She just remembered a lot of blood, and me lying on the ground. I hoped Joseph was right and they would be more focused on the guy.

Henry finally asked the lead officer if they could to the hospital because everyone was panicked. He said yes but that they would need more information. They walked into the bathroom and started washing the blood off their hands and faces and Henry drove to the ER, luckily it wasn't the hospital that Issa was in.

Chloe took charge and spoke to the front desk. They sat down, their shirts and pants bloody, and waited. A<b> nurse </font></b>came out and asked for next of kin, which pushed Sara over the edge. Henry took her outside.

'I'm Daniel's wife."

"He's in surgery and his vital signs are strong, that's really all the information I have right now. It didn't take the EMS long to get here, which is a positive. It's going to be a while before he's in recovery, and even longer before you can see him. You should go home, take a shower and try to eat something and then come back. We'll take good care of him." Chloe nodded. The<b> nurse </font></b>took down her number and said that she would call if there were any developments. Sara ran up to Chloe and fell into her as she told her and Henry what the<b> nurse </font></b>said.

They were headed to Sara's when Maggie called. "Mags what is happening? Where's Bet?"

"Chloe, we're trying to figure out what happened. We went to the hospital but they wouldn't give us any information and we didn't know how long it would take you to get their. All we know, right now, is what you saw. Bet and Javier are piecing it together because they have no clue why he was at Henry's back door. Right now, we don't know much of anything.

"We're changing clothes and heading back to the hospital. You can meet us there later." Henry dropped them off at Sara's and said he was going to change and go help Sam. They all nodded.

I only remember darkness after Joseph left but I did as he suggested, mostly. I also pushed into Gaia as deeply as my strength would allow. I trusted that. I could see Ella and Claire staring at me, and a woman I had never met, older...dark hair, with grey in the front, and blue eyes. She smiled as it went dark for me until dawn broke. I didn't know which day it was, but it was dawn. I knew that, and that I was thirsty. I searched for the call button, hoping it was there. It was, and I pushed it. A nurse, and all three of the girls walked in, They had given up telling them to leave, as Henry had.

The<b> nurse </font></b>looked at me as Sara walked up and pinched me. Chloe and Annie grabbed her, "Have you lost your mind." Annie, talked with<b> nurse </font></b>who nodded and focused on me as Annie walked outside.

"Are you nuts Sara? Seriously, reign it in sweets." She hugged both of them and started to cry. Chloe took her to the waiting area as Annie walked back ito. "She upset." The<b> nurse </font></b>nodded as I opened my eyes and watched the dawn.


"Welcome back Daniel, I'm Melissa. I'm your<b> nurse.</font></b>" She put an ice chip into my mouth. "I can't give you water yet, so you need to suck on that but I can get you more ice chips when you want them." I nodded. "Are you in pain?" I nodded. "Where?" I pointed to my left shoulder. "Well that makes sense, because you were shot. Anywhere else?" I shook my head. "Good. I'm giving Annie the cup of ice chips while I get the doctor on call. You hang tight, OK?'" I nodded as Annie held my hand, which I needed. I needed all of them.

"Here's the deal, Chloe, if she goes crazy again, with anyone else around, I won't be able to keep you up here. Understood?" They both looked at her and Sara nodded, as she stuck the tip of her tongue out, and hugged Chloe. "You both can go in but the doctor may ask you to
leave." Good luck with that happening.

I was starting to come around, even though I was higher than a kite. Hospital's had good stuff. The doc walked in and looked at the<b> nurse. </font></b>"They're family. You try and get them to leave." He tried but I stopped him, as Annie gave me another ice chip. I wanted out of this place as soon as possible and the girls knew it.

"They stay, Doc. Period." He looked at me, and them, and nodded. He checked me over and told the<b> nurse </font></b>to give me more drugs. I shook my head, no drugs that will knock me out. Chloe and Annie walked up and pushed the doctor aside.

"Sweets, now is the time you need them, Love." I looked at them, but I was starting to fade as I fell asleep.

"Is one of you his wife?" Chloe stepped up immediately, and forcefully. I am." Do you give me permission to sedate him? His pain will be intense for the next few days." Sara grabbed Chloe's arm.

"I give you permission, but just enough to ease his pain. He doesn't like meds."

"Understood. It surprised me that he responded so quickly." Chloe nodded. He's in very good hands, so you can go home and rest.

"We understand he is in good hands, but we won't be going anywhere, Doctor." He looked at Chloe, Sara, and Annie, and then Melissa, who nodded.

"OK then," and he walked out.

"I'll make sure he's not getting too much of the pain meds, and if he is, I'll let you know. I'm not suppose to but I will. I think Daniel would have preferred simply getting up, and walking out." The girls nodded. I slept. soundly, for twelve hours in total darkness, when the dreams started. again.

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8/6/2021 5:08 pm

Them 3 gal's are very persistence. Grazy guy, at Henry's , is a twin , of the one held by Jav., Just my guess, as no one on Daniels side has messed up ( yet )

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8/6/2021 5:10 pm

PS: Thanks for the Heads Up on new post, I really appreciate it.

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8/7/2021 7:28 am

I think you have opened a can of worms here Daniel is going top learn about his heritage as he rests and as Claw 51478 says there is a twin around! They should lose the the one they have held.

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