take me part 222  

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8/13/2021 7:01 pm
take me part 222

I walked to truck as the girls drove by, waving and blowing me kisses. I'd take them. I called Sabrina.

"Hey Daniel, I was just thinking about you. I have some more detailed drawings, and ideas, to show you. I asked if could she stop by after work since we were having a family meeting.

"Can you take a long lunch Bri?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I want to show you some things that I think we'd like you to work on, so bring a notebook. It won't take too long. I'm on my way." She said she meet me out front. Sabrina worked fairly close to Henry's so it didn't take long for me to get there. She got in smiling.

"I'm very curious Daniel." I filled her in on what happened and how Henry's needed to shift, and all of that. I drove to my dad's warehouses, the one that was closest to the shop, and the one I thought would be best suited. I pulled up and she looked at me, confused.

"Come on." I unlocked the gate and we walked around the exterior of the building. "You won't be able to get much of a sense of the interior space, maybe you can, because it's filled with stuff.. I want your thoughts, and idea's about turning this into an expanded shop, or the main shop. We have ideas that will expand our business and require us to have more production space."

"What about being grandfathered in at the shop?"

"That doesn't change. We're just shifting things around and once it's done, it's done. This area will be rezoned within five years anyway." She nodded as she took a tape out of her bag. I grabbed the end and walked the width of the building. She wrote it down. I then walked the length and she wrote that down as I dropped the tape and walked back to her.

"You know the height?"

"Twenty feet...maybe twenty-four. I can't remember." We walked around as she looked at the metal. It was a little crunchy. You can look inside another time because it's full of my dad's machinery, and tools. I locked the gate and we sat in the truck and talked.

"I have twelve of these around this area but this is the oldest, and in the worst shape, which is why we're here. Six of them house most of dad's machining equipment, and tools. My Uncle is interested in it and I'm guessing whatever I don't want to keep he'll take, so I will have six empty warehouses in the next few months. The other ones are in better shape than this one, but they needed to updated. You can look at those too. It's not as glamorous as the build at the shop..."

"...but it's more urgent." I smiled, and nodded, as I started the truck.

"I'm going to rent out the other five for the cash flow to updated this one because all it is now is a big metal box."

"Miserable in the summer and winter, and barely tolerable in the spring and fall." I nodded.

"This should give us all the room we need, and it's not that far from the shop. If I was younger I could probably a rock pretty close," as I pointed over buildings. "I haven't discussed this with any of the girls yet, so I'll probably get pinched, but there is a lot going on. We can discuss it tonight after work. I don't want you to stop the remodel, because I think it makes sense, but this, and Henry's, are more important." She looked at. I handed her my notebook, and drove to Henry's, as Sabrina read in silence.

I was SO glad Bethany introduced us because the girls loved her, and the drawings she had for the remodel of the shop were amazing. We pulled into the parking lot as Sabrina looked at me and then looked up. She got, and started walking as I smiled and followed. She looked at the other side of the complex that was mostly vacant and then the part that was Henry, and his family owned. She walked in silence to the street and around back by the ditch until she got to the end.

"What's that?"

"That is Henry and Ella's home." She nodded. They own the entire place, even the vacant space?"

"Just this strip, but I am considering the rest." She nodded.

"Show me Henry's, I'll look at the rest later because I need to get back soon and this seems to be the most important piece, at least for me." I nodded. I stayed silent as she grabbed a sketch pad and walked around. She spent a lot of time looking at the kitchen and even more as she walked out front from that angle. I followed her.

"Is Henry on board with this?"

"More or less. He's liking working with Sam at the shop, and his daughters can be exceedingly persuasive, so yes." She smiled, and nodded.

'What's the blue tape for? A line separating the to-go part and a pub?" She nodded. "You've got it in the wrong place, but it's a smart idea. Do you have the tape? I went into the kitchen came out and handed it to her. I think the pub idea is pretty smart, as is the bar but 12 seats is too few. I think you should divide the space length wise vs. width wise because in order to do this you are going to need an expanded kitchen, coolers, pantry, prep stations...and a place for kegs.... and a real bar. It won't be cheap. The entire length of the back wall is going to have to be kitchen, prep, and storage."

"The space you are considering for the TOGO idea is way too big. You'd be better off having that extra space in the Pub because it's not necessary, even to do what you envision, because of flow...most folks aren't going to show up at the same time, and people are use to ordering, and paying on their phones now. You could have car hops to mitigate the flow. It's a VERY intriguing idea, and I know someone who could help you with the kitchen re-design, because that will be most important. I could keep going, but I need to get back. I do want to come back and she all of it again." I smiled.

"I like your plans, Daniel, and I understand why you want to focus on these two instead of the remodel of the shop. I think we can come up with a great design for Henry's, and the entire building. If you can swing the rest of the shopping center, now might be a good time." I nodded as my phone rang. It was Deat.

"Hey Deat, can I call you back in ten? I'm dropping someone of. Great. I'll call you back." Shit. I walked Sabrina to the door and hugged her. 'Thanks for taking the time. I have all these ideas in my brain since Henry's is closed and I'm not focused on that."

"And you because you have multiple pregnant wives..... " She smirked.

"Yeah, that too. We'll see you later, idiot." She smiled, and kissed my cheek. I called Deat as I walked back to the truck..

"What's up?"

"Another change of plan if it's OK?"

"Of course, Deat, whatever you need."

"I talked with Melinda, and the girls, and they want to come out. They're super excited about the Fourth, and seeing you. Is that OK with you?"

"Of course you moron, they are the best part of your family." He laughed.

"Good because we'll be there tonight, but I've got all that covered. The girls are going to do something tomorrow morning and then we were going to drive into the mountains Friday afternoon and come back Sunday morning. Can you meet me at the field office tomorrow morning? I have to check in with them, and Denver Metro about this sex thing. I'll take you to breakfast and we can talk. I have some questions about what happened, and I want to see how you are.You remember how to get there?"

"Yeah, unless they moved."

"If they moved, then we'll have a nice long brunch on the taxpayers dime. Meet me around nine. I'll leave a Visitor badge but you know the drill. Leave the knives at home." We both laughed.

"We have a lot to talk about, brother. My personal life is kinda complicated."

"That's fine, we'll get Bloody Mary's. Thanks for working with us I'll see you tomorrow."

"Give Melinda my love and tell her I am still amazed she picked you."


FUCK! OK, that was a slider across the corner, and I could already hear Sara, which meant all three of them were going to go to breakfast with Melinda and the girls...and what could possibly go wrong with that. Well, how much worse could it get.

Everyone was out front, sitting in the shade, eating lunch. Maggie smiled. Sam was right, she was serious. "We've got problems." Henry nodded. The table saw crapped out. We need a new one. This one can be repaired but it'll take time, and we don't have time. I nodded as I kissed Mags and she handed my half sandwich. I smiled, and shook my head. I had some pretty good Karma. Let me call Bethany because Janey and Alison have been using the AmEx."

"I knew you were secretly in love with me, Daniel, but I'm a lesbian."

"Well, that sucks. Do you know how much we have on the Home Depot Card. I put the generators on it.."


"Yeah, the saw crapped out and we kinda need that. It'll take to long to get it serviced."

"Hold on... let me call you back." I went back to eat lunch and see how Carl was doing.

"I am SO much happier here Daniel, and Mandi loves Sara." We all nodded. I told him we happy to have him, which we were. Carl was a seemingly rare combination of smart, competent, and hardworking. The phone rang.

"Hey you."

"You stressing, love?"

"A little."

"Stop, at least about this. I called them and they increased your limit by $15,000, and extended to 0% another 9 months on top of what you had. I'm that good, and this is a "me to you" kinda thing since you introduced me Christine." I was quiet. "Are you crying?"

"No, goofball, but thanks. We have a family meeting tonight."

"I love you, Daniel."

"I know, me too. Thanks B."

"OK slackers, tell Mags thanks for lunch. Henry, you're in charge of Carl. Sam and I need to figure out the table saw situation. Do what you can, and then teach him about tools, or cooking." They smiled. We kissed Mags. I left my truck just in case and Sam drove. Does Home Depot have what we need?" He looked at me.

"Short term, yes, and we can get this saw operational, but only as a backup. Long term, and what we need, we're looking at a lot. We can get what need to do for what we're doing, and we go from there, but Bethany will have to be involved for what we really need."

"That much?"

"To do what you want, yeah, and more people, and don't just look for guys. We have three daughters. Let's try and find people other than us." Shit, I nodded. It wasn't intentional but I was thinking about hiring guys, which was kinda dumb because it precluded half the population.

"We're making a detour." I made an illegal u-turn and drove to Moe's and hoped that Jamie was still there. We walked in and she laughed. "You can't possibly want more bagels." I told her what I was thinking. She smiled and told us to take a seat. James walked out and sat down.

"Here's the deal, I have someone that would be great, I think. I love her to pieces, but she doesn't fit here, and... she's a little unusual." I smiled. She is smart, talented, and the best worker we have, but she scares people, even though her heart is ten times to big for this world," so Sara would love her. "Her name is Lieve. I think her family is German, or Bavarian. She's very smart, and communicative, when she opens up to people. I think it would be a good fit....hold on."

'Lieve this is Sam, and my friend Daniel. I was telling you about them." Lieve was imposing, she had Tattoo's pretty much everywhere, and metal in more place than I wanted to contemplate. She was 'butch' but shy, at least around men, because she averted her gaze, but she extended her hand, which I took. I thought I had python on my hand because she kept squeezing, and that is when she looked at me, and smiled. I liked at her, and knew we'd hire her, but I squeezed back, harder, which took her by surprise. She looked at me, surprised, and squeezed, even though she was at her limit, thankfully, because she had a hell of a grip. I held it, smiled, and raised my left hand. She smiled and released as we shook our hands.

"I'm Daniel, and I never want to shake hands with you again." She laughed, which surprised Jamie. "This is Sam." She reached out her hand and Sam shook his head, which made her laugh again.

"I'm Lieve, and Jamie told me about your job. I need to give her notice, but I like wood, and tools. I nodded as her and Jamie spoke.

"Lieve Isn't feeling all that well, so I told her that we are giving her three days off to get better before she changes job." Lieve hugged her because Jamie is like Sara....she's a mama bear to her staff. "She's off, and she doesn't have a car."

"You want to go to Home Depot?" She smiled, and nodded. I hugged Jamie and she said bagels were free for the foreseeable future. I climbed in the back and told Lieve what were doing. She asked what we were getting. Sam told her.

"That's crap. You have to know that." He nodded and told her it was shitty timing but we needed a saw in the short term because we couldn't get what he wanted right then. '"Which is what?" He told, and she smiled as I kept my mouth shut and watched.

Sam and Lieve looked at tools, and debated the finer points of the table saws until they agreed on the lesser of the evils. It wasn't a 'bad' table saw but it was one we could move by ourselves. Sam pulled the truck up and they loaded it, we strapped it down, and headed back to the shop. Sam and Lieve had bonded. I was happy sitting in the backseat because I had plenty to think about.

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Good read. A lot of irons in the fire. The gal's will like the new-be. ( Lieve ). Waiting to here what Deat has to say..

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