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8/17/2021 2:59 pm
take me part 231

The benefit of waking up at three in the morning is that you end up with a lot time, even though it may go quickly. I went to Alison's condo, and pushed...nothing. I stripped the sheets and started a load as I grabbed towels and turned on the AC and then remade the beds and locked up. I'd have to come bac I had driven by a lot of my dad's warehouses on the way over because I needed to go through all of them. Sara was right about us having too many houses, at least too many sitting empty. The was true with the warehouses, except they weren't empty. They housed my memories and it was time to start getting rid of clutter. I was heading to Janey's house to get it ready when Bet and Javier called.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"We wanted to know how you are, and if we can bring anything today, or tomorrow."

"I'm O..and your ." They laughed.

"How did it go with Deat?"

"Uneventful, but he had photo's of Gustav, Simon and Philip, and some woman that helped get him girls to brutalize. I had to tell him about Philip and now he wants to talk with Alison, but she doesn't know anything. He said they're running into brick walls, He's leaving the task force and getting transferred back here to be the number two person in Denver. He wants to spend more time with his family."

"Is that a good thing?"

"It is for me, and they are happy because they love Denver. My sense is that it's fine but I wanted to talk with about something along those lines after what happened with Beto and Oscar. I won't be at Janey's long...just doing laundry."

"You'll make a good wife for the girls, Daniel."

"Fuck you Bet. Can you meet me at Henry's in forty-five minutes?"

"Yeah, we'll work things out." We said goodbye and I drove to Janey's thinking that I would make a good wife. I changed the sheets, turned on the AC, locked up and headed to Henry's. I took two coolers around back and unlocked the door. I was in the walk-in loading stuff when Henry walked in. I looked up.

"How were the pancakes?" He smiled and said great.

"You didn't say anything about Sabrina, did you?"

"No, I wouldn't do that Henry. Hey, you want to freeze these tenderloins. There's plenty of chicken and hamburger, and we can take the hot dogs tomorrow. No sense wasting it." He nodded. "I do need to say something though, which I really don't want to, but Annie knows. She won't say anything."

"How does she know?"

"Well, that's what I don't want to talk with you about. Her sense of smell is uncanny. She told me to tell you that Sabrina is going to be ovulating soon. It must be because Annie can shift, but I'll leave it there and we can end this part of the discussion."

"Deal. Take the veg. and the buns in the pantry. I'm going to go through this and take stuff to the food pantry but I need to meet the appraiser. He should almost be here. We walked out as Bet and Javier were walking in. We went up front and I talked with them about the plans for Henry's and getting some of their family involved. They were quiet. We took the coolers out the front. I locked up and walked around and Javier and I loaded them in the truck as we walked around the center.

"Henry and I are thinking about buying the rest of this center. The guy he's talking to is an appraiser. It seems counter-intuitive since all the places are vacant, but now is actually a good time. This area has been shifting, and growing. It's gone sideways because of covid, but the foundation is still solid."

"What doe that have to do with us, Daniel?"

"I haven't talked with Henry, or the girls, but all of this was my idea and I wanted to know if you want to be involved." They looked at each other, and stared at me. "Sara and I, without talking, have come to the same basic premise and that is that we need to consolidate. I've taken it another step because of everything that happened, and might happen, and my impulse is to sort of circle the wagons and bring our family closer."

"I died. Luckily, they didn't want me. Oscar died, and Beto almost died. We only have so much luck, guys. I want to do everything I can to help you shift from what you do, at least the dangerous stuff. I'm also planning for the future. Think about it. Sooner or later whatever they got from Gustav will be safe and it would be wise to invest it in real estate, and businesses that are legit. There is a growing Hispanic, and Asian population in a mile radius. It's why I was thinking about this shopping center. You two, and Mags and Sam, have a large extended family, which I am sure is entrepreneurial. If you aren't completely legit then there would businesses to run money through...just sayin', as I smiled. They use to run pot but no need for that now. They didn't deal with any other drugs, except mushrooms and some peyote, but it was a 'boutique' thing for a select group. Times were changing and we were all getting older. Think about it and discuss it."

Bet jumped up on me and flat out kissed me open mouth. I was always stunned because no one cared. She leaned back, looked me smiling, and said,

"I want to bite you right now, but that might open a can of worms." She jumped down and hugged Javier.

"Thanks, homes, we'll definitely talk about it because Bet and I have been having similar conversations because of Beto and Oscar. If you need more people to help at the shop, let us know, because we're all a little freaked by what happened, and dealing with it. There are probably a couple of guys who would like that."

" shift things." They nodded as Henry and Sabrina walked up. Bet hugged Henry. "How did it go?"

"We need to do our own research but he said that commercial real estate has been decimated. He told us about several other places as well, but I don't want us getting ahead of our ski's." Sabrina nodded.

"I understand. I was telling Bet and Javier about this idea to see if they wanted to get involved. It's going to be more debt than any of us have had, and tie money up for a long time but that's why I'm interested. The land and buildings aren't for us....the businesses are for us. I need to take this to Sara's and put it in the fridge and then get drinks and snacks, and those cookies everyone loves, and....and...and. You know a inspector?" Sabrina nodded. "Let's get that going, and Chloe was right, we need to talk with Bethany." Henry nodded as they walked back to the cottage and Bet and Javier watched, and then looked at me.

"Are they...?" I shrugged and Bet punched me and said something in Spanish which I was sure wasn't flattering. "We'll come over and help. It's just us because everyone else will be there tomorrow, but we all have masks and we'll all keep our distance, even though it'll be hard." I nodded as we headed out. I wasn't concerned because I was pretty sure these women had different immune systems, and who knows what else, but none of us were taking any chances.

I dropped the food off at Sara's and went to Chloe's to turn down the AC and started backtracking to the shop. I got soda, snacks, and cookies from Maria, and beer and went to Alison's condo when I felt a twinge. I looked around but didn't see anything, but it was troubling. I put the sheets in the dryer but left the towels and looked out the window. Someone was watching. I walked down the stairs, looking as I went into the lobby, and around as I walked to the truc I acted like I was looking at messages but I wasn't. I looked everywhere, and nowhere, all at the same time as I drove away and waited. Nothing. I pulled under some trees, got out, and listened for a drone since that was how Rothman and the other guy found me. Nothing. Maybe I was paranoid after all of this.

I was close to the shop so I stopped and chatted with the other business owners that helped fund this. They were all chatting when I pulled up. We checked in and updated each other. We'd all talk next week and divvy up the costs and write checks. I was pretty sure this would be the last but no one wanted to end it now. I drove around looking at the places that were close to me to see if there was anything for sale. There wasn't, which I was glad about. I drove to Sam's to get his grill, and smile, because they didn't get a lot of 'alone' time. I pulled in when Sara called on speaker.

"Guess what mister?"

"Everybody in the airport LOVED your signs." Silence.

I could hear say..."I told you. He's a wizard." How Chloe and Annie kept a straight face was beyond me. "That's exactly right and we are already totally in love with your cousins."

"Thank God someone is..."

"We heard that Danny, and we will be seeing you soon, and for days to come." We all laughed.

"Where are you mister, and where are we going?"

"I'm headed to Sam's but go to your house. I got the food from Henry's and it's in your fridge. We'll figure out arrangements later but Janey and Alison are staying at the shop." Silence. "I changed all the sheets and turned on the AC because it's going to be hot, again. I'll be there soon. I love you, and hi goofball cousins." I drove to Sam's as I looked in my mirrors, and pushed. Nothing.

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