take me part 240  

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8/21/2021 3:41 pm
take me part 240

I looked him, shocked, because he was the last person I expected to see. "Let's take a walk Daniel, shall we." I looked around. "It's fine. I wouldn't take you away from threat, Daniel. You're the reason we all have these visits with you...even Marnine. It's fine, for the moment, and we won't gone for very long, but we need to talk. You, my friend, have a peculiar ability of kicking a hornet's nest, and then slipping away. You need to your friends that took those bags and tell them to stop doing that particular bit of what they do. You either Grace, good karma, or great luck. We aren't exactly sure which but you've about used it up." I knew that to be true because I'd been feeling the same thing.

"You are either very skilled, or very lucky Daniel, but letting Frank go was smart since he hadn't seen any of you. Your is still the same, but they are uncertain because two of, what they thought were top operatives, are of commission, and a significant investment just disappeared. The passports are tricky. The threat isn't gone, but they are now uncertain about what they are up against. You are playing defense, Daniel, perhaps it's time to start playing offense.

Your thoughts about this are sound. All of your dad's, except Annie's, chose this place and wanted you to stay here. You were the one in your family who chose to do so. You have the means your disposal, especially after today, to build upon what all of them built. It's not for you, Daniel..... any of you, but you must set it in motion."

We walked backed into the crowd as Melissa walked up and kissed Joseph on the cheek. "Grandfather." I stared at her. "It's fine Love. There is no threat. We would sense it....well, at least I would."

Joseph smiled. "I'll leave you to your family squabbles, but you are far from the thick of this. You have been adept, but also lucky. You can't depend upon luck, Daniel." Joseph walked into the crowd and disappeared among them. I stared at Melissa.

"We still need to have a talk." She smiled, stood on her<b> toes </font></b>because she was five foot four, and bite my shoulder.

"Don't worry, we bite for different reasons...but we ALL bite Daniel. You need to get to use it because you will be bitten a LOT. We need to get back. Have Lieve attention because they are coming. We both pushed and everyone knew. I told Bet to stay where they were.

I walked inside and opened the bedroom door and Lieve was intent on the drone. "Nothing yet Dad, but watching. It's actually a good camera, so I can stay enough to not make a lot of noise. It's not all that bad around the party, but over the open space it is. Do you mind calling you Dad? Jake and Emily do, and we seem to be alike in many ways." I told her no, not all, even though she had seen naked, and likely would again, even though she didn't care.

"If I wanted to someone I wouldn't do it in a crowd of people, not if I wanted it to seem random, or have no reason associated with it. You someone in a crowd then it's emotional, or an assassination. I think we are looking for someone who is playing chess, and if I was playing I wouldn't put my main players in this mix, today. just sayin'." I kissed her and told her to focus on both as I walked , locking the door.

"By the way Love, We all consider you to be our so calling dad is fine. Let know if you see anything." Lieve smiled and went back to her screen. "By the way, when we are through this bit, I need you, Jake, and Emily to help update our tech because we are going to need it." She smiled even bigger, and nodded. I just hoped we had enough to get through this.

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