take me part 260  

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8/28/2021 9:41 pm
take me part 260

FUCK!!!!!!!!!. I tried calling Annie, and it worked. Hold on love, let me call you back. The phone rang as I raced to the shop. "Don't worry about the jet, my family will pay for it."

"I don't care about the goddamn jet Annie. When are you planes going to be here.?

"Hold .... what's wrong Daniel?"

"I need to get Lieve, Heather, and Emily out now."

"Who's Heather?"

"Can we talk about this later? I need to know when your planes are coming in?"

"They said the end of the week, but I'll call them when i land."

"I'll deal with it on my end. I need them out now. Sorry, but I've got to go. I'll call again, love." She was going to HATE that but I had to called Bethany.

"Hey, what's ?" up

"I'm going try your patience, love."

"When hasn't that been the situation, Daniel."

"Probably never, but I really am, now. I need another plane... in hours."

" Hold on."


"You'll have a small jet waiting for you in 4 hours, Daniel. Tell them where you need to go and they'll make it happen, but whatever you are taking needs stay on that plane until you get off here." SHIT!!!!!!!!

"OK. It'll be going on the girls plane, because I will be making a couple of stops, but thank you LOVE."

"Excuse . What plane is that?"

"The one I am talking with Bethany about right now. Call when you land...."

"Daniel..... Sorry. I needed another plane, ASAP."


"I'm sorry." As I picked backed up with Bethany.

"Give a few minutes. I'll call you back but get them ready." I called Bet.

"What, love"

"I need transport to the place you went before. Bethany is setting it up."

"We're on our way. get them packed, and loaded, and we'll make sure they don't follow."


"Hi Chloe, I'm a little busy at the moment...."

"Don't fucking start with me Daniel. This is my family." Silence.



"This is my family too Chloe, and I am trying to keep us safe. Will you let me do that, as terrifying as it is?"

"OK. You call us when they are safe, mister."

"I will. Bethany is working on it, and Bet and Javier." I didn't tell them about Sara's.

Bethany was calling. "Hey."

"There is a plane getting fueled at Broomfield, now. You need to leave." I'll call you back, love. Daniel, you are a royal pain in my ass."

"Join the club."

They backed the SUV up to the truck and we loaded the luggage. The NVG's and the rifle I wanted, with ammo. I put my dad's shotgun and my grandfather's .45 in. It was a crap shoot, but I might need them there. I gave them my bow and knives as well. Lieve and Heather were packing the Suburban when FedEx showed . We threw the boxes in and they were gone.

I called Bethany because they were picking Emily up their way, otherwise she was coming with me.

"They are their way. Have her stuff ready. REALLY ready."

"You fuck this up and I will kill you, Daniel."


"If that happens, Bethany..... you won't have to."

FUCK!!!, and that is when Deat called.

"We need talk brother"

'Yeah, we do. Can you meet me later at the shop?" He said yes and I grabbed my winter gear, just in case, and my axe because I liked it. I grabbed the maul, sledge, and the wedges, And gloves. I wasn't sure how long I would be there, or what Ama's definition of a lot wood meant but I was looking forward to it.

"We are at the airport, love, and they are loading the bags. Jesus Christ. The girls are inside and they are cleared as soon the luggage is board. They should be in the air within five minutes . I'll call you."

"Hi Bethany, I was going call you. They are five minutes out."


"Then our family will embrace them in Iceland. love, and they go about being .


"Hold Bethany. Sorry."


"Hey. They are onboard and about take off. Hold, love. They are wheels up." I was crying.

"Thank you!"

"Shut the fuck ." We laughed.

"WHAT??? they are in the air, safely. Don't cry Bethany. I need to go but I'm sorry because it sucked for me too.."


"You're going to get hit Daniel, accept it because that was our ." I nodded and told them OK.

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8/29/2021 7:34 am

Very hectic and Daniel needs to get with Deat otherwise he'll have him chasing him as if he has not got enough on his plate.

Its exciting and he will needs the girls to be gentle with him when they get together but I think that will be out of the question they are angry and there are three pregnant women who will have at him oh my word....

It will be interesting to find out what Deat knows about the FBI helicopter.

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