take me part 279  

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9/6/2021 11:09 pm
take me part 279

I walked to where the pig roast was because I figured Yoshi would be there. I was getting my bearings, at least around the house. I walked into the clearing and Yoshi smiled. "Grab gloves Daniel and help us, but mind you feet. The coals are hot. I was wearing<b> boots </font></b>so I trusted them and stepped onto the coals, focused, Pull upward, and lifted as I shuffled off and someone else grabbed the rod with me. I suppose I was feeling my oats from pounding metal. "TAKE IT TO THE TABLE. EVERYONE FOCUS BECAUSE IS NOT THE TIME TO DROP IT." We shuffled the the table which was covered in layers, and layers, of butcher paper, we laid it down and they removed the rod. Another table was brought close with butcher paper and a man and woman stepped up and bowed before they started to dismember it. The woman was at the head. It took less than two minutes before it was sitting on the smaller table.

"I love watching this Daniel every time we do this because of the precision, and honor for the animal, nothing of this animal will be wasted, not even the entrails. They will feed Gaia. You asked about my connection with Annie and Chloe. All people who are in harmony with the Earth, with Gaia, or whatever name is used....we are similar. It's those that don't who are different from us. Watch, my friend. It's truly amazing."

It took little time for them to butcher the pig, and break it down into multiple pieces and then many others, men and women, came in with large platters and took it to the kitchen, and others cleaned up the leftovers and threw them in the woods as they cleaned the tables. Come with me since your<b> boots </font></b>don't fear fire." Two men brought a plank with poles attached as Yoshi got a rake and started to rake the coals back from all sides as I watched and then I saw the aluminum foil. 'We need those, Daniel, but we need get them by hand so we don't puncture them and waste the food." I nodded.

I grabbed water and dosed my pants and boots, centered myself, and asked Gaia for Grace. Yoshi handed me welder's gloves and I walked onto the pit as started I grabbing and shifting many, heavy pouches onto the planks. There were twelve, as I stepped off and they poured more water on my<b> boots. </font></b>Yoshi smiled as he walked up. I think I need to buy you a new pair of boots, and also a new pair of gloves for us. Are you OK to walk? " I nodded. "The others know what to do." They truly were like a collective.

"I use to do that for a long time. I am waiting for my grandsons to come back from University to start doing it so thank you. My granddaughter is leader of our clan now. We do these several times during the year, not only for our people, and friends, but our neighbors, and the village. Gaia is good to us, until she isn't, and then we rely on them to help us. It's a symbiotic relationship. It's community, and not that complicated. It saddens me that it is has become so complicated." I nodded in silence. "The people that will be arriving shortly are family, and neighbor's." He smiled. "People rarely miss a pig roast. What's left, which is a lot we choose the largest one at the time, will go to the village because they are having a hard time this year. We'll all additional supplies as we can.....rice, grains, beans, jarred foods, dried meat and fish. This land is bountiful so it is our duty to share with our greater family. You, my friend, just happened to an interesting gift." He patted me on the back. "Walk with me."

He led me into the forest and up a ridge that overlooked a small river. We sat. "What you see is my family's land. It goes over the rise on the other side for half a kilometer and far as you can see up and down the river." I stared at him disbelief.

"How can afford this, Yoshi?" He smiled.

"We couldn't Daniel except my family was granted this land from various emperor's, and that never changes, and then we bought as much as we could. The land will always be with us, Daniel." I nodded. "It's what we do with it that's important. So, you and Taiiko are becoming friends?" I nodded. "She is VERY interested in America, and curious about the culture, which saddens me a bit, but I suppose that's progress. She is the one understands bitcoin." We both laughed. I was quiet and he respected that.

"May I ask you blunt questions, as a friend?" He smiled and nodded. "Why are the all the women of your people exquisite?" He laughed.

"My friend, I have yet to figure that out but it's true without a doubt. Taiiko is definitely exquisite. She is like her mother, certainly not her father, or me, but sometimes Gaia takes mothers, and we don't know why so we trust. Thankfully the beauty is passed down from mother to ." I nodded. "You like Taiiko. I felt it." I was quiet.

"My friend, I love everything about this place and if I was younger and had met you, and your family, I would ask your permission to spend time with her, and to apprentice with you, but I can only marry so many women, and they are a handful... and that doesn't include the ones I'm not marrying." He laughed and patted me on the back.

"Let's go back and help with the meal. I enjoy cooking." I told him I did too as we walked back to the house. Yoshi and I were becoming friends. I wished I could stay longer, but Yoshi said I was to come back and train with him after Ama. I was in a perpetual state of confusion. We walked into the kitchen and washed our hands and asked what we could do. The woman whose name I couldn't say took Yoshi, he smiled and shook his head, to help make rolls. Taiiko grabbed my hand and we chopped vegetables on the back porch that were going to be pickled, or brined, so the better cooks weren't hindered by us.

"You like it here, Daniel?" I told her very much and that it felt like home. She smiled

"May ask you a personal question, Taiiko?"

"Of course, Daniel."

"How old are you? I know it's a terrible question to ask but I'm curious." She smiled.

"How old do you think I am?" Fuck. I stepped in that one.

"Well, you look like you are maybe 26-28, but you act much older."

"I'll be 33 in two months." I stared at her and she laughed as she kissed my cheek. "You did well love. You should be proud but you are right that it isn't wise to ask a woman her age. She kissed me again only closer to my lips, as we went back to chopping and her peppering me with questions. We were laughing, and kicking each other because our hands were busy putting vegetables in jars when Yoshi walked up smiling.

"Hi Yoshi." We laughed. "This is a messy business but we're almost done." He looked at us as Taiiko smiled at him.

"You don't mind doing this, Daniel?"

"Of course not, I was raised doing this. There is no demeaning job Yoshi. There is just a job that needs to be done and if I was there, then I did it. Period." He was quiet, but nodded. When you're done with with the monkey play." Taiiko laughed, "wash up because you have things to look at."

"May I come grandfather?" Yoshi looked at me and I nodded.

"Hai." I figured it made sense to have a woman look at the pearls and the combs. I was pretty good at gifts but I figured it couldn't hurt. Taiiko and I finished the veg and topped it with brine and sealed it and then did the dishes fighting over the sponge. We finished, washed up, and walked out front for tea. I already knew I was in trouble, and that is when Annie called.

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Another cliff hanger, What trouble is he in with Annie?

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