take me part 280  

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9/7/2021 5:26 pm
take me part 280

"Hi Annie."

"I've been helping with with pig roast and just finished chopping and canning vegetables with Taiiko and now I'm going to look at at gifts. I picked out the trees though. Yoshi was very generous because I don't think he wanted to sell them. They're amazing." Taiiko motioned that she would leave and I shook my head. Annie was excited about the trees

"Not now Sara, this is important. Daniel will call you later. SARA!" Annie growled so something was up. "The gifts are important Love so do that but call me afterward. We need to talk. It's important. We Love you sweets." I was disconcerted by that but it would just be one more thing in a string of things, kinda like the pearls I was about to look at.

"Taiiko, please come with me." I lead her to my room and walked in, she followed but stared at me. I wasn't thinking. I was focused. I reached into my bag and took out the bit coin information, turned and walked up to her. "Are you OK?" She nodded and smiled as I handed her the information. This the bitcoin information, can check into it and meet us to look at pearls." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me on the lips as she ran off. I didn't think anything about it because they all kissed on the lips. I walked to the front porch and apologized, sat down, and said hello.

We nodded and he started opening cases. They were all stunning but I knew nothing about pearls so I started to draw on Gaia as I did with the gems when Yoshi stood up. "I need to help because our guests will be here soon Daniel, but you are in good hands. Taiiko is better suited to this that I am." He smiled, kissed his granddaughter on the cheek and bowed to the gentleman with the pearls. I nodded as Taiiko took my hand and we looked at pearls.

These were Japanese Ayoka pearls, and not Tahitian. There was one that caught my eye immediately because the pearls were more silver to white than the rest, and were larger. I set those aside and started touching each strand, it would have been impossible not to. There was one strand that was on the smaller size scale and I took that and put it aside. The others seemed to be close in size, which was good, but the colors varied from milky white to beige to light pink. There was one that was slightly larger and darker pink and I set that aside as I looked the rest. I had my twelve and I turned to Taiiko who was watching me intently.

"May I?" I nodded and said of course. "You have an excellent eye, or sense. I would suggest that you trade this, for this one, and then trade this one of this. She reached into the case and pulled one out that I hadn't noticed and put it with the three I had set aside. You should get this one as well." She leaned into me and with her left hand she went from the second on the right and swiped her hand in the air above them to the left. "These will meet your needs, but this one," she pointed to the one on the far right that she picked out, "that one is an investment. You have the bitcoin if you want to do it." I nodded.

"Ask if he takes bitcoin and tell him I'll take all of these we've chose, and ask if he has cases for them." She kissed me and clapped as she started speaking in Japanese. She was like Sara in many ways.

"It came to just under $18,000 with tax, but they will not go down in value because they are getting harder find in this quality. He wanted to charge you for the cases but I told him no." He smiled, nodded, and got the cases, said thank you and left. Taiiko looked at me as she squeezed my hand. "You are quite unusual Daniel-san. I'll be right back." She set a leather bag on the table and started to load the majority of cases in it and then leaned across me as she grabbed the other four and placed them on top and closed the bag. "I'll be back. I'm going to put these in the locked closet my grandfather's study. He and I are the only ones who have keys, and then I understand we're looking at Tsuge combs". She smiled and walked out as Yoshi walked up.

"Is Taiiko taking good care of you?" I smiled and told him she was a big help. "Excellent. The lady who has the combs is here and will be in a couple of minutes." Taiiko walked up and kissed Yoshi on the cheek.

"I put the pearls in your closet." He nodded.

"He chose well?" She got a huge smile and nodded and said with a couple of exceptions as she looked at me, smiling. The woman walked onto the porch and bowed as Yoshi made introductions, and left again and we did the same thing, only with combs and Taiiko was holding my hand. She showed them to us, and they were wonderful, each of them unique.

"These are older combs, Daniel, and not mass produced, so they are more expensive but they will last longer more than a century. These combs are passed from grandmother's to granddaughters, and beyond. What you need?"

"I think twenty four should be enough." She stared me. "There are a lot of females and I'm not about to be one short." She laughed, hugged me, and kissed me deeply.

"You are not dumb, that is good." She spoke to the woman, back and forth. It was obvious they were negotiating. She said she would give us a twenty percent discount if we buy all thirty of her combs." I asked if she thought these combs were suitable. She hugged me and said yes, so I said I trust her. She spoke to the woman and said she be right back. The lady slide the combs and the cases toward me, smiled, and bowed. I smiled and bowed at her as Taiiko ran up with a check handed it to her bowed. "Domo arigato." Taiiko said something else and the woman smiled and nodded and walked to the yard where Yoshi was. The guests were starting to arrive.

"Grab that love and follow me. I paid her for the boxes but they hold the combs nicely and you have plenty of bitcoin. How do you have so much?" I told her it was a long story and that I didn't trust bitcoin. "You and Yoshi are the same. I can remember my mom, and my grandmother, smile and shake their head him, much as I do now, but he created this, with the help of others."

We walked into the house and into Yoshi's study and set the combs in the closet with the pearls. "We invited her to eat with us. Everyone loves these roasts. They are a popular place to reconnect and make new friends. She was very happy."

"May I ask you a question?" She said of course as we sat on the couch. "Why didn't you negotiate with the man who had the pearls?"

"It would have been disrespectful, and was unnecessary because they were fair prices for the quality. You don't speak Japanese, and my grandfather wasn't there, and it would have been unseemly for me to negotiate for you, so I let him think that we were buying them, together. He knows us, he knows me, and is aware of our knowledge. I wouldn't let him cheat us, and he knew it. Was that OK?" I smiled and nodded.

"Of course, love, I was just curious." She kissed me.

"I need to get ready, and so do you mister because you smell smell of smoke and brine. I don't hate it but I would like to smell your natural scent, unmasked. We have an hour. Call Annie and bathe." She walked out and it dawned on me that something was going. I can be dense and not see the forest for the trees. I went into my room and called Annie as I ran a bath and got undressed.

"Hi Love. How did it go?"


"You aren't going to tell me anything, are you?"


"Seriously?" I laughed.

"I found your mom's necklace...."

"Wait, what? I thought you were getting Roan one."

"I changed my mind on my way here, and after being here. I decided to get your sister a Rowan tree from Yoshi instead, because it's her namesake." Annie was quiet. "I got a better strand for your mom because that's where the respect lies. I thought if I got Roan a truly personal gift, but nice, it might chip into her animosity. I got Ama birch, because...."

"Because Iceland was covered in them at one time."

"Yeah, and I love birch." She laughed. "I also got an Ash, that is almost 25 years old for the clans because...."

"Because of Yggdrasil."

"Yes, but the Ash is scared everywhere it is. I only sense what is going on but wanted to try and have our wedding unite, rather than divide. Hold on, I'm getting in the bath. Taiiko said I smelled and there are guests. I do because it was quite the day. Anyway, I thought the Ash would be a gesture everyone could respect." She was silent.

"You continue to amaze me, mister. Those are excellent gifts, and I suspect you would be able to buy my Da' one. What about the others?" I wasn't falling for it.

"Those I won't tell about, young lady." She growled. "How are Jake and Emily and have you spoken with people in Denver?"

"Chloe and Sara spoke with Henry, and I listened. Everything is fine. Lieve and Heather are an item and living together in the shop. Heather is helping at the shop and Lieve is training with Deat. It sounds like she loves it, and is happy. Henry said her and Heather are like two peas in a pod. I don't know much about Bet and Javier other than they are OK. Chloe's going to call both Bet and Maggie tomorrow. Your uncle Billy and Ellen are back and staying at Chloe's because they are still working on Sara's. You sure know how to make a mess, I'll give you that.

Jake and Ellen are fine. Jake works with Haathguard and Emily is finishing up her semester but she's been spending most of her extra time with Ama and Sara. Ama and Sara spend most of their time together. Ama is working with her and teaching her something, but I'm sure what. You should know that Jake and Emily are sleeping together. We've spoken to them both about condoms, and I told Emily I would take her into Reykjavik to get something. They both rolled their eyes. You weren't here and we all discussed it and figured it wouldn't be stopped. We are pretty sure they are in love, and not lust. There is a difference and our ways are different."

"Tell both of them that I want to speak with them when I get back, and to call me. It's like trying herd cats to get a hold of them." She laughed and said she would.

"Do you like it there Daniel?"

"Very much, Annie."

"Good, because it's going to make what I am about to tell you easier, especially after this call because I think you will understand, even though none of us will like it immediately, except Sara. I had multi-hour walk and talk with Ama early this morning and she filled me in on happenings. It seems that things are shifting faster than we thought, than she thought, they would. We can't move the ceremony up, and we don't elope, so we are here until just before the weddings."

"OK, Yoshi told me that Ama was going to help me connect with Gaia before all of us coming back here and staying with him for awhile, and then he would start teaching me."

"Yoshi said that?" I told her yes.

"There's more, and this is the part that none of us are going to like, although you'll enjoy it more than us." I was confused. "There's conflict among the clans. In our people, the power flows through the females, but we all have mates and we rule together. It's complicated, Pagans are nothing if not complicated. My Ma' as been head of our clans since Da' died, but the wolves are circling because of us, and Chloe, and Sara. That is why Denver happened. There wasn't conflict but that was because of Marnine, but no one liked her, but she was brutal, and effective. things are beginning to splinter. Ma' is turning her authority to our clans, because there are many aligned, to me, to us, after we are married, but dynamics are shifting according to Ama, and we may have to adapt, at least for a time."

"Yoshi said you were safe."

"We are love, here in Iceland, but it's doubtful we would be in Norway after the weddings. There's more, Love, when we bit each other you walked into a world you didn't understand yet. Your world is pretty easy to grasp, but ours isn't for someone new to us. You've done very well, aside from almost dying three times, but the clans are different. We work from power, and numbers. My Ma' has done well holding our coalition together. There are only a few old clans. Ours is one, and Yoshi's, and there are a few more. They hold power by being who they are."

"I'm confused Annie."

"I know love, but I wanted you to understand a bit about us for what I am about to say. You and I, and Chloe and Sara because we are marrying each other, have roles, and responsibilities greater than our want's, or preferences.... whether we like it, or not. It comes with our roles."


"I want you to be completely honest with me, Love, If you had not met us. Would you want to<b> bite </font></b>Taiiko?" I knew what she was asking. I wasn't sure how, but I did."


"I think Yoshi already knows this. I think you knew it before all of us even though you had no idea, and I suspect Ama, or Joseph, will come to you tonight. You and Taiiko have to become mates, and all that entails. I know that bothers you like it does us, but the clan, the family, comes first. We aren't in those roles yet, formally, but we are in them sweets. You and Taiiko have to<b> bite </font></b>each, and consummate, and then tell Yoshi. They are aligned with us but Taiiko needs a mate, and both Yoshi and Ama know that. Did he make you do things?"


"Did you succeeded? I told her yes. "I know this blunt Daniel, but it's important. I'll explain it to Chloe and Sara. It'll take Sara maybe thirty seconds until she'll be happy to have another sister, and she'll love Taiiko, as I am sure you are beginning to. It's OK Daniel but there is a power struggle. We haven't fought for a thousand years, and few of us want that, but there are some that do. I'm sorry Love, but you had to know. I hope i didn't ruin the party. I adore you. I wish we weren't on the phone. Taiiko will understand what it means, none of us will like it in the beginning, but we will, as you, me, Chloe, and Sara have. This is strategy for both our clans Daniel, because both of us have numerous smaller ones aligned with us."

I told her the same and we hung up. I finished bathing and washing what hair I kept on my head. It was a pain. I shaved, brushed and was about to put on deodorant when I remembered what Taiiko said about my scent, so I left it and got dressed, thank God I had another of pair shoes. I opened the door and Taiiko was about to knock.

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9/7/2021 6:33 pm

Going to be 4 wives, will Taiiko have daughter, also??. Daniel will unite of all the clans, Sara, I still think she will be the high priestess , or what ever title she will have, but, she and Daniel will eventually, sit together, as the head of all the clans.

Keep us guessing Daniel, the story stimulates the mind.

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