take me part 282  

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9/8/2021 4:47 pm
take me part 282

I followed Taiiko as she ran to Yoshi and showed him the pearls. I stopped, and watched, as she handed him the case and he smiled, nodded. She clapped, turned, and lifted her hair as Yoshi dropped the case and put the pearls on his granddaughter. She turned to him and he smiled as he kissed her cheek, and hugged her. Everyone was watching them, and more than a few were looking at me, which I hated. Taiiko waved, and I walked up as she hugged and kissed me.

"They look beautiful on you Love." She smiled. She grabbed my hand saying we needed to show people before they left. In for a penny, in for a pound. I knew this was going to be the hardest on Chloe, and it broke my heart, but Annie was right. We were in the middle of a geo-politico chess game, and we were somehow in charge, or soon to be. The only things we had going for us was that Marnine had brutalized them, which was terrible, but they also didn't know about me, and Annie and I were about to be married. In their world, they waited to see because I had killed Marnine and rid them of that tyranny. They were waiting to see. The one thing that was clear, was that EVERYONE knew who I was, which I hated.

I swallowed, squeezed Taiiko's hand and we mingled. I wished I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and pounding metal...or cutting wood. It was then that I remembered Joseph telling me that I would have to let go of things that I loved. Taiiko and I spent the rest of the night, mingling. Everyone knew what it meant, and they weren't saddened by it because Taiiko was beloved. Word spread about what we did at the barn, which I figured was a plus. I had no idea, all I knew was that I did love Taiiko, and I trusted Annie. I would have to deal with Chloe when I got to Iceland.

Yoshi was saying goodbye to the remaining guests as Taiiko and I started picking up plates,with the others doing the same. Yoshi came to help us and Taiiko admonished him in Japanese. He nodded, smiled, and went inside to his study. I looked at her. "He wanted to help and I told him no, he had done enough, that this was our job, which it is." I nodded as we continued picking up plates and glasses, and laughing with everyone.

I've always like washing dishes, so I washed as the others were waiting to dry, including Taiiko. She put some music on that I couldn't understand, but they all did, and liked, so I washed. I hoped Gaia could help me with languages because I was going to need it. We all finished cleaning and Taiiko said something, which I figured was praise, and thanks, and they hugged us and left. She walked up to me, hugged me, and<b> bite </font></b>my chest before looking up at me and smiling.

"You know things have changed, right? I nodded. "I am going with you to Iceland to see my sisters, and to meet Ama in person. I've only spoken with her in my dreams. Sadly, I can't stay long because my place is here until you all return We will prepare. The worlds are shifting Daniel, and it might be because of you, but it's time. We'll be there for the ceremony, all the clans will, just as they will for us. They are looking to see who will lead, our family will show them. I am so excited to meet my sisters." I told they would adore her as she smiled and hugged me. I couldn't imagine the pain she must have endured being so isolated and alone.

She lifted on her toes, kissed me, and said, "We need to bath, and go to bed because nine means six to Yoshi, and he will notice." We walked to the rooms. "I need to get some things but run us a bath, Love." We were already mated. I was already naked as Taiiko walked in. "You are only partially Japanese, Daniel." She looked at me and smiled, which I took as a good sign.

I was decent to look at, and larger than average. I never thought about it, and no one else seemed to mind. Taiiko, was taller than average, maybe 5'7", and strong because of Yoshi. She had long black hair, which was gorgeous, and smaller breasts. All these women, as lovely as they were, shared one trait, other than beauty, and that was their bums and hips a bit wider. I hadn't noticed until Taiiko started undressing, that, and none of them were shaved. I didn't mind either.

I watched Taiiko undress and started getting hard, very hard, as she smiled and continued. I walked up. Her eyes were misty, longing. She knelt and put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking as I grabbed her hair until I was close and stopped her. She looked up at me as I lifted her and knelt before her. I separated the lips of her pussy and started lick toward her clit which was starting to un-hide itself. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face hard into her. She was strong. I focused on that, licking and sucking. I put two fingers inside her, touched her g-spot, she shuddered, and came. I kept licking until she pulled my head away and pulled me up to her, and kissed me with lust in her eyes. She wanted to make love. I led her to the bath and we stepped in and washed each, as we smiled.

We dried each other, brushed our teeth, and walked into the bedroom. I turned the bed down as Taiiko got candles out, and some incense, When she was done she climbed on top of me and smiled. We didn't need words. We touched each the, sucked each other, licked each other until she climbed on me again, straddling my hips, and reached between her legs to put my cock into her. I pushed. It didn't take much. We weren't trying to fuck. We were making love. Our eyes were the same because we were both coming but trying to time it. Taiiko closed her eyes and shuddered as I pushed into her, and groaned. It was probably when we became pregnant, but we wouldn't know for weeks. We fell asleep in each others' arms, and that was when the dreams started.

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