take me part 285  

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9/9/2021 8:36 pm
take me part 285

I looked at my phone and dreaded the I was about make because I knew I had hurt Chloe's heart, not intentionally but it didn't matter. We were all hurt, even Taiiko because she felt us, and loved us, but it was necessary. My life was much easier before I met Sara, and then the others but I wouldn't change it for the world. I called Chloe. She answered, which was either a good thing, or a bad thing.

"Hi Love."

"Hey sweets. I love you and I'm sorry that life is so complicated." Silence. She wasn't making it easy.

"Annie explained, and I do understand Daniel. I just wanted it be us," and she started crying, so I walked and let her finish. She blew nose. "I'm sorry, my heart and head are working it out. Annie said Taiiko is coming meet us. When will you be here?"

"We're leaving tomorrow morning. It's only 9- hours, but I'm not sure exactly when we leave. We're in the village delivering food. It's been hard for them and most of the pig from last night came here along with other stuff...two vans. I hate this Chloe but things are shifting. I think we are all feeling it. Annie told me about her conversation with Ama and while I'm not sure I completely trust Ama, Annie does and I trust Annie. She's known her for as long as she can remember. My love for you hasn't changed nor has how much I adore you." Taiiko walked up and hugged me.


"Of course goofball, the one thing I am really good at it is loving someone. I'm like the Grinch after he became nice." She laughed. "It'll be fine. We're apart now and none us like that."

"You got that right, mister. None us so you will be bitten by everyone except Jake." Taiiko held out her hand for the phone. She was not shy.

"We'll from the airport before we leave. Taiiko just walked up and would like say hi. I love you Chloe." I handed Taiiko the phone as she walked away.

"Hi Chloe. I'm Taiiko and I know this is exceedingly hard, especially for you, but Daniel is right. It was necessary, and it will be fine, and I am SO looking forward having sisters...." That was as much as I could hear. I walked around and found the park and started swing. I always like swing because it was relaxing, although it was getting scarier now that I was getting older. When I was I would swing so high that the chain would jolt as I dropped. Yoshi walked up and sat down.

"You haven't picked an easy path Daniel, none of you, but you have created a strong family in a short period of time. Life is never easy, but there are ebbs and flows and from what you and Taiiko did yesterday and today, I have no doubt that you'll do fine." Taiiko walked up and handed me the phone.

"I like her and we'll be great friends, and sisters. She'll be fine Love. I hope that eases your heart a ." I nodded. "We need get some things and see if they can salvage those boots, mister." I smiled as I stood up Taiiko took me hand, and we started walking. We got herbs, dried, and vegetables and fish. Yoshi said he'd meet us at the shoe store. Taiiko and I walked in and she smiled as she started speaking with the couple who owned it. "Take off your<b> boots.</font></b>" I stared at her. "Don't be dense Daniel take you're<b> boots </font></b>off so he can look at them." She shook her head but kissed me anyway.

They spoke back and forth for awhile. Do you have other boots, or shoes, in Norway?" I nodded. I liked thrift stores and since I have very wide feet if I found<b> boots </font></b>that fit I would buy them because they were rarely over ten bucks on the half off day. Good he said he could resole them. These will be your fire pit<b> boots </font></b>because they aren't scared of hot coals and that will be your job now because Yoshi needs a break." I nodded and raised my hand. She smiled. "You don't need to raise your hand goofball."

"What am I going to wear to get home?" She smiled, and clapped.

"That's the fun part. They are going to take a drawing of your foot, and measurements of your feet, and make you a custom pair because your<b> boots </font></b>are only for pig roasts, and might last a year. In the meantime, pick something out that is comfortable." Yoshi came in, said hi, and sat down. I looked around. They had massed produced shoes, and boots, but what caught my eye was similar to Uggs. Taiiko walked up. "What size?" I told and she talked with him as I sat down. My head was kinda spinning.

"Do you like the village, Daniel?" I nodded and told him very much even though I was unsure how I was going to reconcile places in Denver, Iceland, Norway, and now Japan. "Everyone is very interested in you because they see how you are Taiiko are. You will need to learn Japanese." I looked at him and nodded as Taiiko walked up.

"Try these on love." I did and they felt comfortable. I moved my ankle and walked around. They felt great, which was surprising because that rarely happened. "Well?"

"They feel great, and are very comfortable."

"Great, but no cleaning out stalls in them. We have things to do, mister." She walked up to the counter with her checkbook and gave them a check and bowed. Both pair of<b> boots </font></b>will be ready by the time you and the girls get back. You can for those but these are our gift. I'm glad you like them. They look nice. Let's go have tea and something sweet, OK Yoshi?" He nodded and went the counter and spoke with them. Leave it me pick three of the hardest languages, because I going have learn Gaelic as well, that there are. I was either very smart, very stupid. We went the tea shop and walked in. It was obvious that everyone knew everyone. We had tea and some sort of delicious cookie that tasted like an almond cookie from childhood. They were amazing. Taiiko was gazing at me, and smiling.

"Can we get enough of these for everyone at home, and for later? These are wonderful. She kissed me, nodded, and walked the counter.

"It's impressive how you care for the people, your people. Marnine never did. It's important but Taiiko is right, no stall mucking until you get back." We both laughed as Taiiko came back and sat down.

"We should head back because we have laundry and we need pack, and there are things we can help with that won't require Daniel mess up his new<b> boots.</font></b>" We all laughed as we got the box of cookies. It was a good day. I was going miss this place until we came back. I still had no idea how things were going play out, but I loved it here. The problem was that loved Denver and I was sure I would love both Iceland, and Norway. We headed home.

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9/10/2021 2:45 pm

I am loving the story telling and Daniel is learning among friends he should carry on learning in Iceland with Ama and with another woman in tow he has his work cut out however he is learning the politics of a leader and anyway he deserves a break.

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9/10/2021 4:33 pm

I agree with Ole' Pete above, Been in & out of internet since storm (IDA), and with plenty of personal things to take care of. But story is progressing along, forming alliances, I wonder how many wives Daniel will end up with.

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