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9/10/2021 4:16 pm
take me part 286

Yoshi joined Taiiko and I in our van because Jiro had a girlfriend in the village and Yoshi gave him time off. He told us and we chuckled. Even though they were Japanese Taiiko and Yoshi's people viewed sex the the girls, sacred, but natural. The were unashamed of their bodies. I thanked them for the<b> boots </font></b>because they were very comfortable and the ones I had waiting in Iceland had seen better days, even though they were good work<b> boots.

</font></b>"It's our pleasure love. We can thank you and give our community." I was confused.

"Thanks for what? I am your guest." They were both quiet before Yoshi spoke.

"And still you spend your time helping us, Daniel. You, at least me because I suspect my granddaughter is aligned with you, know that we must give, and help. What you did yesterday, and today, showed that I had forgotten that. Even though you don't speak our language, and this is your first visit, you understand our ways well of anyone. I would say it warranted a new pair of<b> boots </font></b>for your trip, since yours walked through fire." We laughed Taiiko drove us home. She parked and we got out. Yoshi went check things. I hugged Taiiko.

"I need make some calls the girls but also Denver. I've been lax in that. I also need say something that I don't find easy." She looked at me and nodded. "I need be with Chloe tomorrow night, and Annie the following." She was silent, waiting. "Chloe is the strongest of of them, even though she doesn't know it yet, but she has the gentlest heart. I thought Sara did but I was mistaken." Taiiko looked at , smiled and kissed .

"Then we won't waste the last of our time and I'll stay with Annie and Sara, and then Chloe and Sara, and get know my sisters. I understand Love and it makes happy that you care so deeply for us." I told her I would join her soon and help. Taiiko hugged and grabbed my balls and squeezed. "Very soon, Love." I called Sara.

"It's about time mister. How are you aside from Chloe?"

"I'm fine except I miss all of you."

"Join the club, mister. Are you bringing us something nice?" I told her I was and asked how Melissa was, and Jake and Emily." Melissa's wonderful, Daniel, and I so in love with that it hurts. It's the level I feel for you, but different. I can't quite explain it. We've been having a wonderful time. I've been spending a lot time with Ama and she's been talking with me about top secret things."


"Yep. Who knew I had abilities too?" I told her I did and she got very quiet. "Yeah. Jake and Emily are loving it , and are definitely having sex. We've talked with them and we've gotten the disgusted eye rolls, not much more that we can do except help with the baby if they aren't careful, but we wouldn't mind. Emily is spending time with me, Melissa and Ama. Ama adores her, and Jake is spending time with Haathguard. He's getting quite strong so you'll have some chopping do catch . Daniel, Chloe will be OK. Ever since Jake asked you be his dad, and she and I heard it, she melted. She had dreams of it being just the of you, which it is but she just has bonuses. I hope you aren't planning on marrying anyone else," she said laughing.

"I hadn't planned this just like I didn't plan it with Annie."

"Well, I'm looking forward it mister because I like having sisters, and Chloe and Annie pretty much OK too. They'll be over the moon inside forty minutes. It's different with because I have Melissa. Chloe and Annie have you. We miss you, but they really miss you. Dildo's are nice but it's not the and none of us like being apart. I need go sweets because we need talk with Ama. I'll tell Jake and Emily you love them and say hi. I love you Daniel." I wasn't sure what I had done in past lives deserve this but I was thankful. I called Annie.

"Hi Love, what's ?"

"We'll be there tomorrow afternoon/evening. We'll call from the airport. We're finishing things and we need do laundry, and pack. Does Ama have a cabin not too far from the lodge?" She was quiet.

"Yes, why?"

"I'd like you to get someone to get it ready, and stocked. I'd like to spend a night there with Chloe, and another with you so we can reconnect, alone. I'd like Chloe to go first. I've spoken with Taiiko and she understands." Silence. "Annie? Is that a problem?"

"No Love, I was just marveling at your instincts because it's the exact right thing to do, especially for Chloe right now. Thank you. She and I will get it ready. She'll love it and I'm sure it will lift her spirits. That was very wise Daniel and we can't wait to be with you. We are all looking forward to meeting Taiiko, even Chloe. There is a lot to discuss, love," I told her I knew, "but we can leave that until you get here. We love you mister and can't wait to bite you. She laughed and hung . I called Lieve but it went straight voicemail. I told her I loved her and that I was heading to Iceland the next day and would call her there and to say hi to Heather. I called Henry.

"Hello stranger, I'm putting you speaker because Sam is ." I said hi Sam. "How are things?" I told him complicated. "When isn't that the case with you." I laughed.

"There's a lot going and things are shifting pretty quickly and we'll need discuss them, of us but the phone isn't the place. It's nothing imminent but we'll need make decisions a family how move forward." Taiiko walked and hugged . "How are Billy and Ellen, and Bet and Javier?"

"They're fine. We'll let them know you said hi." I asked about Sabrina and Maggie and could feel them both smiling. "They're good. We need get back work because one of our workers is slacking in Japan. Call us from Iceland and give us a few more details." I told him I would. I hung and hugged Taiiko.

"Everything OK, love?"

"Yeah, just a lot of balls in the air." She nodded. I told her about the cabin and a night alone with Chloe and Annie and that we have a communal bed after that. Sara and Melissa are involved with each other. She looked at me and smiled.

"Daniel, I went to university in Europe so it won't the first time I've slept with women," she squeezed my hand. "I knew what I was getting into and I'm fine with it. You have more than enough love, sweets, now come . We need make love because I want you inside often we can before we leave. I'm ovulating." We walked inside and Taiiko led her room, closed the door and started undress before sitting the edge of the bed and getting her knees. She spread mine, grabbed my balls and starting licking and sucking them before moving my cock. It was obvious that she didn't mind some sweat either. It didn't take long for me get hard.

She stood and started to undress, which definitely would have gotten hard. She put both feet the bed, straddling , and lowered herself onto we both moaned because her weight was pushing inside and deep I could go. Taiiko wrapped her legs around my back and hips and squeezed she started grind, and rock. We were both moaning but neither of us tried go faster. We just stared into each other's eyes, through the mist of ecstasy. She started digging her nails deeper into my back, she leaned backward, pushed onto and moaned I released and shot into her. She kept grinding and rocking until I was now longer hard, which took longer than I thought, but it did with of these women. She leaned forward and bit me until I stood and she climbed off of . She kissed deeply and led into the bathroom and we took a quick shower. We dried each other and started to get dressed.

"We need to go help with lunch, and then with dinner. Grandfather is inviting everyone to join us, but in stages. I told him about you table and meal idea and he smiled. We walked to the kitchen holding hands Yoshi was walking in help.

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