take me part 289  

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9/11/2021 5:35 pm
take me part 289

We were enjoying a wonderful meal everyone was laughing after a hard day when someone came running in, yelling. I looked at Taiiko, she said fire. I tossed her my phone. "Call Annie. Tell her." I slipped on my barn shoes and ran to the SUV. I jumped on the sideboard with two others, who nodded. I knew I should have brought more than one pair of<b> boots. </font></b>GODDAMMIT! We drove about ten minutes and pulled a house, not far off of the main road, that was almost completely consumed. There was nothing we could do except keeping it from spreading. Shit. Yoshi was looking at it with tears in his eyes as I walked .

"You know them." He nodded. "Do they work for you?" He looked at . "They work for you and Taiiko, Daniel." Was anyone hurt?" He shook his head. "They were able grab some precious things, but not . They are homeless now. I stared at the fire, and the couple whose house it was, and the first thought I had was Marnine, and I growled. I wrapped my arm around Yoshi and squeezed as Taiiko came driving up, and ran us.

"They are not homeless, Yoshi. Put out the word for clothes, and whatever they need that isn't in the house you showed us this afternoon. They can stay there until we rebuild this for them. I looked at Taiiko. She took my hand, looked at Yoshi, and nodded.

"Agreed, Yoshi. They our family and we take care of family, of you taught that."

"We need see if we can save anything for them. It'll be important because of how much they have lost. The remodel can wait until we rebuild this. You need put the word out be alert. Taiiko, please do the with Annie." She nodded.

"You don't think this is an accident, Daniel?"

"I have no idea, Yoshi, I know is there are plenty of people who mean of us harm, especially now." He looked at and nodded Taiiko walked and said it's done. They are on alert and I said that we'd call later. I kissed her. "We won't be leaving tomorrow. They both stared and were getting ready resist. "Can anyone shift?" They both looked at stunned, but shook their heads. There are people in Iceland who can, and there's Ama, and God only knows what Chloe and Sara can do." I looked at Taiiko. "We're staying, Love," she nodded.

"I'll cancel the flight so they don't they wait and call my sisters back and let them know, They'll understand."

"What do we do, Daniel?"

"We keep our people safe, Yoshi, and we rebuild this soon we can. I think it would be wise invest in a sawmill." He smiled.

"We have one on the other side of the ridge. I couldn't show you everything given the circumstances. I smiled and hugged him Taiiko walked .

The girls understand but they want us call them when we can." I nodded she stared at , intently. "You can shift?" I nodded. "Into what?"

"A bear. A large bear. I was going to tell you but it's been kind of busy for the last few days." She stared at and walked away, which hurt my heart. I went after her but Yoshi stopped .

"Sometimes a woman walking away isn't a bad thing Daniel. Give her space because we need you , and that was when Jiro pulled over from his time in the village. He came running . Yoshi stopped him.

"Take Daniel and bring both vans back but bring bottled water, and shovels, hard rakes, and gloves. There is a box of cookies in the kitchen. It's pink, bring that well, and hurry. Jiro and I ran the van Taiiko walked back . Does it matter if he can shift Taiiko?"

"You know it does, Yoshi. My mom could shift, and she died, and I'm probably pregnant.."

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9/11/2021 6:41 pm

Whew, another twist. Just when I thought they would be in Iceland tomorrow.. Now the question is, was this just an accidental fire or, was it arson.

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