take me part 296  

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9/16/2021 12:35 pm
take me part 296

Tina refilled our coffee and told us to let her know when we wanted breakfast. We nodded.
"May I have another pastry?"

"Me too, please." She smiled and nodded She set them down and said,

"I spoke with the Captain and it's already been done. We aren't suppose to do that but there is always latitude. Annie called before we took off, a benefit of being the owner." Tina smiled. We are going back to Nova Scotia Daniel, where you left from to begin with. Smart.
We'll be making a landing in Iceland for mechanical issues. and then heading to Halifax. We will heading into a hanger where your family will be waiting. It's a secure part of the airport. You'll be leaving via an access gate. We'll wait so you are well on your way and the then take off again. Annie has always been very clever."

"You know Annie."

"Yes Daniel, we went to University together. I know Chloe too. We're friends even though we don't stay in touch often enough."

"Why didn't didn't you join Annie's clan?"

"I have complicated stories too, sweets." Taiiko was listening intently.

"Tina, please share your breakfast with us later, and help yourself to pastries, same with the pilots." She smiled, nodded, and did just that. "I like her Daniel. I want her to come to the wedding." I nodded. "There is something interesting about you, special, and I haven't
quite figured it out. You have a way with people, an affect on them and it's not just women, although that is definitely true. Kana likes you very much. I stared at her. "I didn't mean in that way, although I'm sure that is true also because she liked seeing you naked. It's
much deeper than that. She trusts you. She called you 'kami,' protector of our forests and people. That has definitely been the case since you arrived. I think that is part of why you feel so close to our family, and they you, as well as the way you feel about our land. I am quite curious to see how you are in Iceland and Norway." I was quiet.

"So Kana liked seeing me naked?" She stared at me in disbelief before she laughed and bit my arm and said I was incorrigible." I kissed her and nodded as I grabbed her coffee. "Please open the pastries." She did and took a<b> bite </font></b>out of mine before handing it to me. She
looked at me and smiled like a chipmunk with full cheeks.

"Penance," she said as she chewed. We both laughed. Humor was one of the things we all shared. "After the ceremony, we are all going to have figure out where we will stay, and how. I doubt anyway of us will want to be separated, nor do I think we should because that is part of our strength. It's part of the reason your spirit has been so agitated, Love. Yes I knew. We are mated, linked. We all are. It's only several weeks and the girls can barely stand it, and it weighs so heavily upon you I have been amazed that you have slept as well as you have. Although we have been busy." I smiled and nodded.

"The further along in our pregnancies, the more the nesting instinct will take over. I suspect Ama will have insight along with Ella and Joseph." It was my turn to stare at her in disbelief. "He came to me in a dream and welcomed me to your people. He asked me not to tell
until we had left Japan so that you weren't distracted. I agreed. I'm sorry because I don't like keeping things from you but given all that happened, he was right."

"My people?" I was truly confused "All I know is that we are your protectors. They have been very tight lipped with their information. It's very frustrating and is usually just before some shit hits the fan."

"You've what you have done on instinct?"

"Mostly, but they have helped, even Marnine helped which was why I was hoping she had changed. She hadn't, that was obvious and you cousin is part of that but it's not over, not by a long stretch I'm afraid."

We finished eating our pastries and sipped our coffee. Tina warmed our cups as she smiled. I got my pack and opened it. The necklaces and stones were in it along the accordion I found in the trun I grabbed that. I wish I hadn't. It was similar to the information that I found in Denver that was targeting the girls and led to all the fun that on the fourth of July only this had updated locations, including Taiiko's, along with accurate maps, at least of Japan. There were photo's of all of the houses, including Taiiko's which meant someone was close enough to take photo's, and they'd have to be close because the woods were pretty dense and the driveway meandered. It was the same with Ama's in Iceland, and Miriam's in Norway. There were photo's of all the airports with recon information from inside each. I wasn't about to just hope that they couldn't weapons inside because I knew they could. This wasn't good.

"How do they know so much? How do they know about me? We just met. I'm starting to get scared Daniel. "Why would anyone do this? What's the purpose? It doesn't make sense." I nodded as I put the information back in the file.

"I don't know Love but it's disconcerting to say the least, unless what happened last night and this morning was a fluke, a coincidence, and it was for a different purpose than the one I assumed was for the girls. This is why limited information is fucking frustrating. We have twice as many questions as we do answers and it's wearing thin. Before I sent her away, Marnine was furious about me disrupting her plans because they had worked to long on them. I'm starting to wonder if our concerns about Annie's clan, and her sister, isn't just a family squabble but part a greater plan. It makes my head spin. We can't answer any of this now, but I hate playing Sherlock Homes. Are you hungry?

"Very." Taiiko buzzed for Tina. "Whenever you're free for breakfast let us know. There's no hurry. Tina smiled.

"O I've got about fifteen minutes more of paper work and then I'll get it ready. Let me grab you menus." It wasn't extensive but it was quite varied based upon nationality. Tina walked up after about twenty minutes.

"You ready?" Taiiko said she'd have the Japanese breakfast, big surprise, and I chose the goat cheese omelette and home fries. We both got more coffee. Tina and went back to the galley. She came back out and put real plates and silverware down and porcelain cups. She came back with hers which was trout and fingerling potatoes and asparagus. I almost got that. It looked wonderful.

"Beats crappy sandwiches, I'm glad Annie acted so quickly. She had no idea but said that it wasn't right." Tina smiled.

"Everyone is very happy." We ate and chatted. It was surprisingly good considering it had to be reheated.

"How long have you been doing this Tina?" She swallowed.

"Since I was in college. Annie got me a summer job, and holidays, in my junior year and then when I graduated I moved to full time."

"Do you like it?" She looked at us and smiled.

"Yes and no. Annie's family takes very good care of us so as jobs go it's great, and I get lay overs in some amazing places, but it is work, except when you fly because you aren't demanding at all, most are demanding. I've been doing it for over a decade and it's wearing on me. For the first seven years I didn't even have an apartment, and I still don't have a car and I'm thirty-three years old. Can you imagine that?" We both shook our heads. "I worked mostly all the time for the first seven years and stayed in hotel rooms. This was my life, it mostly still is but I have a super apartment in Glasgow when I need a brea I love Scotland." I smiled and nodded. "You too, Daniel?"

"I've never been, but it's on my list. My dad's family is from Scotland." Taiiko and I finished as Tina finished hers interspersed with talking. We didn't mind because we were enjoying her sharing.

"I basically had no expenses for seven years and a very good salary for someone in their twenties, and I'd always get overtime during the holidays because I had no family, another long story for the next flight." We all laughed. "I was able to save a lot, still am even with the apartment because I make more now. My plan is to finish the year and then go to part time but I haven't figured out where I to go, or do. I've worked my entire life, all of us seem to do that. I enjoy painting and to pursue that but I am particular about where I live and the people around me. I am better suited to our people." We nodded. I had a thought.

Can you stay somewhere after the plane lands? Could you stay in Halifax for several days if you wanted to?

"Yeah, especially me because I rarely take time off. Why?"

I smiled as my devious side kicked in. "I think you would like Nova Scotia, I did. It's gorgeous. My cousin lives about an hour inland but still on water. She's an artist.... a jewelry designer. She made the girls rings and some necklaces. I think you would like her and her place is idyllic." She smiled.

"Are you trying to set us up, Daniel?" I laughed.

"Only if you want me to. You have similar energies and I think you would be friends and it's very peaceful....and she's an artist too. She's from my mom's side of the family. I don't know much about them but they are connected to all of this too. Think about it and let me know and I'll call her. I need to anyway." She nodded as she picked up the plates.

Taiiko said, "that was a very good meal. I was a bit surprised." I nodded.

"I was too when I first had one. I'll bring you a refill." She filled our cups. "Call your cousin, Daniel, and see if she would mind a guest for a few days, but I could stay in a hotel, or
B and B. I like Nova Scotia and I could use a break for several days. I'll call my supervisor when we land."

"I will but I'm sure she won't have a problem. She works all the time too and enjoys company.I wished I had been able to stay longer so we could have caught up. We finished our coffee. It wasn't enough to keep us from falling asleep. Tina put blankets over us. I wasn't sure how long I had been asleep when Ella and Claire stepped into my dreams.

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That is a lot of recon info. Iceland is supposed to be Sacred ( neutral ) Ground, and the info suggest that the assassins , may try to kill them there. But again, is this the part of the clans ( Annie"s sister, etc ) or the Sex Ring, To many possibilities to keep up. But, Daniel will let us know in the future chapters.

Keep it up D.

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