take me part 299  

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9/17/2021 5:11 pm
take me part 299

Taiiko also took the bulk of the danish and finished it in two bites, and then kissed me. Tina laughed and got up to get me another cup of coffee, I told her to forget the danish because I probably wouldn't get much of it anyway. Taiiko nodded and smiled. I didn't tell them all the things that I was wondering because there was no sense in all of us worrying, I was just glad we were going into a hanger. Hopefully, if there were people waiting, they wouldn't know we landed. I didn't expect this to fool anyone, I just wanted them unsure what was happening so it would buy us time to get out of the city. Ama's was going to be the real test.

Taiiko and I sat back in our seats and I looked at the file I got. Tina walked up and asked if we wanted anything. 'I don't suppose you have a fax machine back there." She smiled and shook her head.

"It's only 2021 love, but if we weren't going with Plan B they have one in the terminal. I nodded. I was still bothered by how extensive the information was, down to photo's. This was more than a bunch of depraved assholes preying on young women and girls. Hopefully Deat could fill in some of the blanks. Taiiko and I dozed, well Taiiko did and I pretended so she would. She leaned against my arm and held my hand before she fell asleep so I didn't get up again. She was pretty wily. It was amazing that it'd only been several days since I even knew she existed and now we were flying to Iceland like we'd been together for years. I wasn't complaining but it was a bit odd, so naturally I gravitated to it like a duck to water. Taiiko opened her eyes and Tina walked up with a menu, smiling.

"We're about four hours out. I'm going to feed the crew and deal with dishes and then we can eat. It'll probably be forty-five minutes or so." We nodded and Taiiko climbed onto my lap.

"You seem worried, mister, is everything OK? Tell me the truth Daniel."

"I am worried but I only have limited information right now and, as usual, more questions than answers. I should know more when we land and I can push, but it's safe to say that we aren't out of danger. We've done fine so far Love, so don't fret.

"I'm not Daniel because we have you, you're our secret weapon now let's look at the menu. I'm starved." I told her I didn't know why because she ate three-quarters of my danish, and she bit me before kissing me. I didn't need to go any farther than the beef stew, mashed potatoes, salad, and brownie even though it was highly unlikely I'd get the brownie. Taiiko got the salmon, roasted potatoes, onions, and garlic, and asparagus. Tina asked if we wanted anything to drink and we said sake at the time as Tina laughed and nodded. I told her each and it was fine with if she wanted something. She said she couldn't. I was hoping it would stop my mind enough so I could get a few hours of sleep.

None of us spoke much because the food was amazing, and it sure beat peanuts. Taiiko was like a ravenous dog, even though I would never say that to her, I'm not completely stupid. Tina wasn't far behind with the chicken dish she got. I really wasn't one to talk because I actually thought about licking the plate when I was done, it was that good. I like to cook and I make very good beef stew but mine didn't compare to this. I could feel Taiiko staring at me as Tina watched smiling and finished her meal. I turned and she batted her eyelashes and Tina and I both laughed. I handed her the brownie as she clapped. She kissed me and said thanks as she put the last half of her sake on my tray. I guess she wanted me to sleep too.

"That was excellent Tina." Taiiko nodded while she chewed. "It's the best beef stew I've ever had, and I make beef stew.. I'm so glad that Annie changed things because that's not where you should try and cut back on costs." She nodded and finished chewing.

"Annie's been like ever since I've known her and I'm sure she's always been that way. Roan, not so much. If Roan was the oldest we'd be lucky to get water. They're as close to royalty as you can get in the clans and while Miriam never flaunted that both Annie and Roan were treated very well, even though Roan would disagree. Annie never seemed to care. She wasn't my wealthy friend, she was just my friend and as down to Earth as could be. She didn't mind having access to the plane and all that she had access to, but if she didn't have it she would be the same. It wasn't who she was, it was the position she was born into. Gaia chose wisely with her.

These planes seem like such an extravagance, and they are of course, but this company, especially, was created as a way to be able to move people around quickly, and privately, when needed, like you and Taiiko. We do a brisk business, very brisk, with people in what was your world, and it's exploded over the last ten years. It's very profitable and pays for our travel, and the costs. It's an amazing perk but it's not like they have planes just sitting around waiting for someone to take one for a spin. They probably could because the clan is very wealthy because of where they live and the things they have diversified into, just the oil alone would be enough to do it." I nodded and said that Annie had told me something similar. Gaia has chosen wisely with all of you and if the prophesy is real then you are the perfect family to fulfill it."

"Assuming we make it through the ceremony."

"Well, yeah, there is that." We all laughed as Tina cleared the plates. "How was the brownie sweets."

"Excellent. Thank you for giving it me, I love them and Yamaita doesn't really understand the concept." She held my hand and squeezed. Finish the sake because I want you to sleep until we land.

I nodded. "I'll find a recipe online so I can make them for you whenever you want and since we're pregnant, I'm guessing that will be often." She smiled and<b> bite </font></b>as she put her head against my arm and held my hand while I finished the sake. Tina took it and went to clean up and give us privacy. It didn't take long for it to kicked in and for me to close my eyes. Taiiko got the blanket and covered me before going to the galley to keep Tina company. They were becoming friends.

The dreams were particularly vivid, I figured it was the sake, and a full belly. I was in Miriam's home, our home, but I wasn't sure how I knew that, I figured it was because she was Annie's mom and Annie and I were bonded. Something was wrong it was darker than it should have been because it was noon, and it wasn't Miriam who was there it was Roan and Jaak and they were talking about what they would do once they were in charge. Jaak left and I followed him. He went into a room. I tried to open the door so I could hear and then remembered I was dreaming so I walked through it and instantly regretted my decision. There was a young woman, naked and gagged, on a bed and on her knees. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the corners. Jaak was getting undressed. I left in disgust but Ella was right about him, I was wondering if Roan knew. I shuddered as I walked back to her. I passed a table and noticed a handwritten note in what I assumed was Norwegian with the name Ama circled. I put my hand above it and the words began to change into English. It read.

The time is fast approaching. You must kill the bitch in Japan because it will crush Daniel and her grandfather, but in order for this to work you must also kill Ama. She is hard to kill and if you don't succeed do not leave any trail back to you, or he will find it. If she does not die then we will not succeed. Do not fail me. Your future depends on it.


There was no date but I knew who the M belonged to. She had to have written it before I sent her back to Gaia because I doubted where she was had postal service. Marnine was more machiavellian than Machiavelli himself, but once again it didn't make sense. Roan would e either be stupid, insane, or her lust for power had clouded her to such an extent that she had lost all reason....or perhaps she was all three. Iceland was neutral and Ama had to know about this because she knew about everything else. I wanted to leave this place and I prayed Roan never took power.

I jumped to Ama's house and she was in her garden. She looked up at me and smiled. Hello Daniel, you've been busy, sadly you will be busier still but you have done well dear one." I saw a flash and my smiled faded as I tried to pull Ama to the ground. I couldn't so I stepped in front of her as I heard the shot. I felt the bullet pass through before hitting Ama in the heart. She crumpled to the ground but I could hear her say, "Daniel, I cannot die, but stop this for the girls."

I gasped as I jolted awake, covered in sweat. I was breathing hard as Tina and Taiiko ran up, holding me, trying to get me to fully wake up but I was still looking at Ama lying on the ground.

"How much longer till we land Tina?"

"Less than an hour."

'We need to get unloaded quickly, sweets, because we'll need to leave quickly. Say hello to Chloe and Annie, it's important. I wish it could be longer." Both of them asked what was wrong. I told them. Taiiko said,

"It was a dream Daniel, a bad dream, but a dream. Sake can do that." I looked at her.

"It wasn't a dream, Love. It was a premonition." I got my pack down and put my stuff in it so I was ready.

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9/18/2021 7:37 am

Another fine episode if I say so myself.

I hope Ama does not die and its time for Daniel to end the reign of terror that Roan and Jaak want to create.

Daniel is gaining insight and the ability to stop this.

Send the documents to Deat and get the Law agencies looking at Jaak and his operations and take down as many corrupt people as they can find.

Attacking Ama in Iceland would upset a lot of people I suspect who may decide it is time to pick a side, one that is going to benefit everyone and not just the few one to bring them together.

I wonder how true to life this is I suspect there is much in real life we don't ever see in the news about the powerful people of this world

Keep writing Daniel you have a story to tell here.

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9/18/2021 9:27 am

Sending the doc's to Deat: no fax on plane or hanger. Take photo's on phone, send to Deat via text . Along with the names of Roan , Jaak, and with his father's name. Otherwise, Daniel will have to wait til he gets to Ama's house.

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