take me part 311  

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9/28/2021 3:13 pm
take me part 311

It was nice to see the girls blowing off the stress and concern they felt. I didn't take the threat of Roan, or Ingrid, lightly but I was more concerned with the potential shooters that we couldn't see. We could deal with Roan and Jaak, and so far Ingrid was behind the scenes trying to orchestrate things. If their plan was actually what I heard then they had a bit too much<b> beer </font></b>because we would all die protecting those who couldn't shift, and we'd all be pissed. Only Annie, and maybe Chloe, had been to the place in Norway so none of us had any sense of the terrain, let alone the dynamics at play other than what Annie and Ama could share. There didn't seem much that we could do except maybe me if I kept visiting places while I slept. It was frustrating to be sure and could feel Annie getting antsy to get outside and do something, and that was when Melissa walked up to me.

"We need to talk Daniel, now." She walked outside as I looked at Annie and help a finger saying give me a minute. "I will do whatever it takes to keep Sara safe, Daniel, even if it means killing Annie's sister. I want that to be clear." I knew she was concerned, and angry that anyone would threaten Sara, especially since she was pregnant, and Sara was Melissa's primary concern but all the girls, and Jake, were under threat. The best thing I could do was to listen and share her concern and reassure her that none of us would let anything happen to Sara.

"I understand that Melissa, we all understand that, especially Annie. There is no love lost between her and Roan. She is Annie's sister and Annie doesn't want to be bothered with this bullshit, but if Roan attempts to hurt anyone she will pay a very heavy price, none of us want to kill anyone but we will if we have to in order to protect our family. Like I told Sara, there is nothing we can do about any of that while we are here so it's in our best interest to prepare and relax as much as we can. It won't do us any good if we are all stressed out when we get to Norway next week. Enjoy the time you have with Sara, love." She was quiet, nodded, and hugged me. We walked back inside and Annie walked up as Melissa went to Sara.

"We need to chop wood, mister." She grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside, so much for lunch, good thing I didn't have breakfast. "What did Melissa want?" I told her pretty much what she thought." She'll kill Roan if she has to." I nodded. Annie nodded. Mind if I chop? I haven't chopped wood for a long time and I want both my body and mind exhausted." She looked at me with tears welling in her eyes. "This starting to heavily on me Daniel and I'm having a difficult time. I hugged her as she melted into me. It broke my heart that she was carrying such a burden.

"Annie, there are four of us getting married. We are going to be a family and share responsibilities. There is also the rest of our family that you can draw on but that rests with you, Love. You have to allow us to help you instead of trying to do everything by yourself because these burdens are too heavy. You need let us help you, sweets."

"You mean like you need to let us help you instead of carrying all the weight alone?"

"We aren't talking about me, missy." We both smiled. Annie kissed me as I grabbed the ax and handed it to her. I had the greater upper body strength but she definitely had the better technique. It was obvious that she had chopped a lot more wood than I had. I couldn't help but smile, and I loved watching her as I stacked what she chopped. I could feel her letting go of stress and starting to revel in the release of intense physical exercise. Neither of us spoke because we both wanted to be exhausted, both our bodies and our brains. We had been working for a couple of hours when all the girls, except Ama, came out with a picnic basket, and several bottles of mead. They were all smiling. Sara walked up to Annie, kissed her, took the ax away, and handed it to me.

"We all decided that you two are finished for the day, put your jackets on and sit down. we're having a picnic. It's almost impossible to say no to Sara, especially when she's right. Neither of us could help but smile because it was exactly what Annie and I needed but also what the rest of them needed. Our family was the core of our strength. It's why I was less concerned about Roan and Ingrid's plans. They had no concept of what we shared together. It was like the adage about being able to break a single stick but not being to break a bundle of them; together we were that bundle.

Everyone but Chloe took Annie inside with them. They were so cute together and I could imagine all of them as teens.... teens drinking mead. Chloe hugged me and wouldn't let go because Sara was her little sister, Janey's too, and they were scared but even more angry than Sara was, as they should be.

"Are you going to kill them, Daniel? I speak for Jane's as well, they are fucking with our baby sister, and our and . I don't want to be around when Christine and Bethany find out. They'll rip them apart with their bare hands, and we'll help." I wasn't exactly looking forward to dealing with Christine and Bethany either. I doubt either Roan, or Ingrid, had thought through threatening a mother's , or a sister. You just don't do that.

"If I have to Chloe. Any of us will, if we have to, let's hope we don't." She nodded and picked up the ax.

"Annie seemed to really like chopping wood. You both did, and Jake as well. I don't see why."

"It's not easy. It's a skill like any other and Annie is way better than me, I have no idea about Jake. It's like any strenuous exercise in that it tires out your body, and your mind, but it also requires tremendous focus because you can get seriously hurt if you don't. It's what both of us needed."

"Will you teach me?" I nodded but told her to ask Annie first because she had been doing it a lot longer. I finished stacking the wood and put the ax in the shed as we walked back to the house. I told Chloe that I was going to push and see what I could see. She nodded. I walked up the hill and looked around. I could see why Ama lived here. I hoped I lived as long as she had although the world was becoming a vastly different one from what she knew.

I pushed out to the edge of the property in all directions at once, which was a first, and it was easy. There was nothing of concern. I pushed to Reykjavik and it was the same so I pushed outward to include the entire island, and it worked. I held it and started to scan because I hadn't seen much of it, but I wanted to. I was hoping I could run one night before we left but I doubt I'd be able to. I focused on Ingrid, rooted myself in Gaia, and pushed toward her, nothing happened. I figured it was too far, or I was too unfamiliar with her energy. I started to walk back to the house I got a blinding headache and everything turned black and engulfed me. I hit the ground, hard, as Ingrid was standing over me and smiling.

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9/28/2021 4:12 pm

good every day life in a commune. But. Does Ingrid have some of these powers / abilities also. Just wondering. If she does, that changes the dynamics.

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9/29/2021 11:41 am

I half suspected Ingrid had some powers just what remains to be seen but he must win her over or get rid of her she will be dangerous.

Did she know Daniel was able to push and see what they were doing?

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