take me part 319  

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10/4/2021 12:50 pm
take me part 319

I was running out of time. I thought juggling in Denver was hard, that was a walk in the<b> park </font></b>compared Iceland, and we wouldn't leave for a week. Shit. Taiiko and I walked back the house, holding hands, in silence. Words seemed be an unnecessary encumbrance, especially after what Sara shared. Life seemed be preparing me for a life I couldn't fathom. was starting strip me of everything I loved by taking the one thing that should always be.... Sara.

My brain knew that nothing really died. Energy is a constant in the universe. Heck, is the universe. I wasn't sad because Sara would die. We all die. I was sad because at some point she wouldn't walk me, angry, up me, and punch me in the chest, and then smile. I was sad because I was losing control of my story of how things should be. Taiiko leaned into me as we got to the house. Chloe and Annie had told everyone else, except Jake and Emily were playing with Sara, Melissa, and Heather in the backyard as Lieve plundered the van. She stuck her head, smiling.

"It's Christmas come early, Da'." I nodded, and smiled. I kissed Taiiko before she went meet Lieve and Heather. I walked inside help Ama. Janey passed me and bit my shoulder, as did Alison. Alison had never bit me before but we were all grieving a loss that hadn't even happened. It was as if someone said...."tomorrow, the sun will be gone. Sorry." Our tomorrow was a long time away but the reality was just as stark. Ama was clearing the table as I walked into the kitchen and started doing the dishes.

"Iceland is a hard place of Bjorn. It will get harder for you, as it must. Tempering is never easy. You, all of you, are mourning something you haven't even lost yet. Come." We walked into the sunroom. " how happy she is. That is life, Daniel. Sara is Sara, but she gave you multiple gifts today. She showed you that she will be gone before her time, but you are talking with me. She also showed you how you can keep them safe... that, you will have to unravel for yourself. Now leave the dishes for me and go enjoy your family." I nodded as I headed to the door.

"Ama, can you get diplomatic plates for the van?" She smiled and asked why. "I need to take things into Norway they may not like, just in case I can't figure out another way to resolve my dilemma." She nodded.

"Have Lieve take what she wants. I'll have someone here later to take it to the docks. Load what you want." She smiled at me. "I know it feels like you barely keeping your head above water, but you are doing fine. Remember that, ." I wished I could do that. I walked out back and smiled as Sara ran up me.

"Isn't fall great, Daniel?" She ran back and tackled Emily as I headed the van. I stepped into Happy-ville. Lieve had a Cheshire Cat grin on her face as she walked up and bit me.

"You are picking up bad habits, lady." She said she couldn't help because she was just SO excited. "You need pick a couple, three, because the van is leaving for Norway. 'll be when we arrive." She got serious, like Sara, and nodded. "You need big sister and show Jake and Em how use them." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me.

"I missed you, Da'.... a lot, but I did really well." I told her that Deat was impressed."Yeah, well he didn't show . He pushed me harder than anyone in the class because of you. "I looked at her.

"Deat being hard on you had nothing do with me, sweets. It's the way we were trained. You are hard on the ones can take , have a gift, and you push them until they recognize . Most never do, 's why is more coal than are diamonds, love. He said you were top of your class." Lieve smiled as she hugged me. "He also said you are thinking about going to Quantico." She was silent as she looked at the drones in the closet and started taking the ones she wanted. I waited. I was getting good at that.

"I am good in that world, Da', because I know it from the other side, but I have a family now. I never had that. I am in love, and will have a wife soon. I would be a good agent. Deat knows it, like I know it."

"But?" Lieve looked at me with tears in her eyes because she never had this...in her life. She suddenly had an overabundance of parents loved and adored her. was almost too much bear. Almost.

"But, would consume me. I at Deat and he is SO happy be back in Denver, even though he wants chase whatever you two are working on." I stared at her in awe. "Dad, you're like an old married couple. Melinda knows . I know . Hell, even the girls know . I'm not sure I want do that Heather just because I would be good at something. have be many things I can be good at, right?" I nodded as tears welled in my eyes. was like I was getting experience the end a , times too many.

"Well, you are in the right place to figure things, Missy. Pick the drones you want and you and Heather help Ama with dinner, later, but enjoy the day because it beautiful." She hugged me and nodded. I walked up what was becoming my hill. Chloe was already , and crying. I took out my handkerchief and handed her. She blew nose and screamed.

"Why Sara, Daniel? Why not me, or Janes'?" Sara? Jesus Christ, she is the embodiment of all that is good in this world. This is ripping my heart into pieces and I'm sure I can deal with it." I hugged her because I felt the way.

"She gave us gift, love. She gave us time, even though came with a high . Do you know how old Ama is? Do you know if she even what we , alive?" Chloe stopped crying, blew her nose again, and shook her head no. "I don't either, but she is doing the dishes, and will be making us dinner. I see your mom, and Sara's, on a regular basis. They walk up to like they were coming back from a stroll. Joseph delights in scaring the crap out of me. Are they dead?" Chloe stared at me the way I would stare at myself, if I could.

I have no idea how long she has with us, Love, but you and Janes, and Henry, had her longer than any of us, and you still do.... we still do.... so let's enjoy her. She isn't ours, sweets. We just got to be with her as she was realizing that. We are the lucky ones because we are her family. She knows that. Cry away your tears and leave them here....capiche?" She nodded as I kissed her, and walked home. Annie was waiting for me at the bottom.

"Is she OK?" I nodded. "Are you OK?" I shrugged. She hugged me and did the thing she could convey how she felt; she bit me, hard as she hugged me while we watched our family. Chloe walked down and kissed Annie before hugging her. "We are lucky." Sara waved as Emily was trying tackle her. I nodded as they both looked at me. They didn't need speak because I knew what they were thinking. I had keep us safe, regardless of what that meant. Luckily, I had a whole day before I needed leave. I slowed time and reveled in my life.

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10/4/2021 5:38 pm

Going to bring drones, weapons, ect. to Norway. Kool. Getting ready for battle. Sara, I think she will be with Daniel and the rest of the family, at least until Hanna is approx. 20 yrs old. This the time it will take for the powers / abilities to take hold of her and she will be as safe as any other member of the family

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10/5/2021 2:57 pm

Very emotional for Daniel and I think Claw could be right about Sara and the transfer of her powers lets hope she is about for a long time as she makes a big part of the story.

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