take me part 333.... sorry, it's getting worse, or I am.  

dadigan 60M  
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10/13/2021 5:12 pm
take me part 333.... sorry, it's getting worse, or I am.

Sara hugged me as we watched Ama, and Jake walk inside. She looked up at me, "I'm sorry, Love, but I needed to push you sooner than it wad going. You needed to know about Marnine, my Mom, and I, before you went to Denver, because you, her, Ella, and Joseph will be chatting."

"Can I kill them?" She burst into laughter.

"You could try. love, but it might not go the way you wanted. I would be curious, though, after Yosh He's fine, and EVERYONE is impressed, especially Kana. You know she has a huge crush on you, well, not huge,right?"

May we move along. I would like eat some of what I am smelling before I get on plane for ten hours. I'd also like to be cordial with the people I haven't seen for a while, except Yosh" Sara laughed as we walked into the kitchen, and everyone clapped just like in Japan, only now I could understand them when they spoke. It would take longer learn to speak the languages, and longer still to write them, but understanding languages gave us, me, an advantage, and I thought we would need it, and that is when I the floor. I was only able to thin.."SHIT," before I hit.

GODDAMMITT!!! Why was was this shit still happening. Norwegian.

"Da, I am sorry, but I am doing everything I can on my end." I exhaled in disgust at the same time as Jaak's did, but I saw him opening a safe. I focused on that. Numbers. The numbers I had matched that safe. There was a gun, of course, , but a lot of paper. There was another safe, somewhere, and I had figure out the des...I could deal with that. I also need figure out HOW, i could get things.... lot's of heavy things... out of Finland, across the border, and back home, safely, with fucking Interpol watching everything, Fuck a duck, batman, and that was when Deat called. SHIT!!!!

"Hey brother, been a long a day and I need eat. We are on a plane back Denver, early." He didn't take the hint.

"Good, because we all miss you, even Bet and Javier...we will need to discuss that tidbit." !!! "You know someone named, Ingrid Jokinen, and her brother, Huun? "

"Why?" Silence

"NOW, is not the time to be coy, brother, now is the time I need to know everything to save your life, and your family's lives. Stop fucking with me, Is that understood, Captain?" Fuc I can't get out of this life, and I could already feel the bullet rip into my shoulder, as I leapt at Ama.

"Can I call you back after dinner, in an hour... 's European time. I will Deat".... Daniel? I passed out on the kitchen floor. Everyone except Sara....was mostly concerned. My phone rang in the<b> background.

</font></b>"Hi Deat
's Sara. How is Melinda, and the rugrats? And the House? They got all the nastiness fixed upped to Melinda's standards? Yeah. Is she ?" Damn, she was good. 'Hey love...sadly, I won't be able to because. I need to stay here, even though I hate it." She bought me time.

"....I totally understand. Mel, I have multiple families, and , and I default to pointing, and saying..."YOU!"... in a loud voice. They both howled as Melinda said hang-on, and Deat got back on.


"I think so, Deat?"

"No disrespect, but I am glad we are guys,. Do you remember what we were talking about."

"Deat, after that conversation, I barely remember my own name. Can I call you tomorrow? I'm going to eat, and then coming back to Denver.

"Let's just talk tomorrow, brother. Do we talk that much?"

I looked at Sara, Annie, and Taiiko..."EAT, mister." So I did, lamb stew and fresh baked bread...I was falling into heaven when I heard, from the distance..... "Dad...DA?.... DA!... 's Javier. He said he needs to speak with you, Annie called Bet, and Sara called Javier.

"You have unpleasant friends, and they are unhappywitht you, ALL of you, which means what, my friend.

means, tac op, Javier. Did Deat talk with you, today?

"He did, and I'd make him as a friend. He said nothing, but that was a enough. They are coming for you...in Denver."

" I know a few people know that, call and i trust them, and Deat."

"Trust your Intel as much you can. Get here safe, brother." I stared at the phone as I looked at Tina, and Annie. Annie ran to the kitchen to change the flight. Tina stared at me. "Do you trust me, Daniel?" I did.

"You're Annie is leading you into oblivion. She trusts the old ways. They are few anymore, Daniel. Don't take them to Denver. I yelled for Annie to stop.

Claw51478 74M  
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10/13/2021 6:21 pm

So, there may be a Battle in Denver. Will be interesting to see the outcome.
Of course, Daniel will prevail. As will we in 22 & 24. Conservative Libertarians will rule.

dadigan 60M  
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10/14/2021 1:14 am

I hope so, Claude. Your word to God's ear. I will take them again.

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/14/2021 4:07 am

She trusts the old ways


OlderPete58 63M  
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10/14/2021 6:13 am

Daneal I am looking forward to the Denver battle I just hope it sorts things or do you have some more surprises up your sleeve for us.

I think Daniel and the girls will frighten and surprise people just wondering how they will hide their powers from normal people and the Federal Agencies.

Claw51478 74M  
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10/14/2021 11:40 am

Just re-read this part. Noticed something. Numbers - Date - three 228, the combination on safe in Jaaks house in Norway.

I think the social, economic, Political situation will get worse, tapering off by March and a lot better by July . Just my thoughts. We will weather this Political induced fiasco, those of us that are older, have been thru this before.

dadigan 60M  
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10/14/2021 1:26 pm

Sadly, I disagree, Claude. I hope I am wrong, but too many people want to do too much damage, in too many states....the house decides.

Claw51478 74M  
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10/14/2021 3:31 pm

There is great probability that some angry people, in some states, may come together to cause damage, etc. in their cities, just like last year in Seattle, and Portland, Or., . In the Blue states, after the Mid Term elections, when the Republicans take back to House and the Senate. However, as long as the riots / damage is centered inside those cities, it to will come to pass. Now, if these people try to go to outer suburbs , those citizens will meet them with deadly force, if needed. They will not try anything in the Red States, as we are all " Locked and Loaded " , Just my thoughts & from conversations with friends all over our country.. All Dems, Repub's and Independents

dadigan 60M  
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10/15/2021 11:35 am

It's not the country I grew up in, Claude. That wasn't great but I'd take it over now. Seriously looking at hitting the dusty trail to somewhere else.

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