take me part 342.  

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10/17/2021 1:20 pm
take me part 342.

Can't we just land? You could sgo low and I could roll...onto the ground. The bear rolls well, and I would wings deal with,

NO. Sara was clear. Shift into the dragon, end this, come home.

I don't even know where I am going, Tina... and you're help cousin.

Sara's right, Daniel. If they come at the wedding it would be bad, and I would like to fly on the back of dragon.

!!!!!!!!!!!! I walked into the loo and slammed the door and things.

He's fine. He hates bugs.

"We're getting close Tina and all stays in this plane.


"You sure he's the one. Tina smiled,, nodded, and say ! as I came out of the bathroom.

How do I know were go, and were can hold things?

Tina and Steph looked at each other, perplexed...because this was obviously not well planed.


Fucking Christ. I got coffee and knocked on the cockpit door.

How long, sir?

Two hours. I'll get you as slow as I can, but I can't go low. We'll "fix' our transponder for a bit. It's be easier going into Finland. They both shook my hand. Don't die, Danael. We've waited a long time this prophecy. I nodded and sat down.

Your Ma.


"Your Ma told you to open your mind. We'll get you oriented correctly. It shouldn't be that hard. How many large estates are in the middle of nowhere.

Why not Finland?


"Why not Finland? I heard Jaak said I was going to Finland. The safes are in Finland.

Breathe, Daniel. The safes were....???

At his Da's house.

Which is?

In Sweden. Deat made Finland the focus before he almost died because Sara called him.

I was SO getting shit for this, if I lived. Open your mind Daniel, so we can help you.

Do we know know how many?

"You'll be dragon, or a bear if you can't figure out the wings. Will it matter?

I was still trying figure out how to get whatever was in those safes, away. I'd be amazed if this worked..

You ready for this, sir? I shook my head and he laughed. Good. They take you into the cargo hold, open the door and you climb out, hang and the let go, and try not to get killed by the tail.... that last bit was a joke. I stared at them in disbelief, but did it. I was insane.

I fell. Shit. I kept falling FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe Daniel.

The ground is approaching...quickly.

I roared and flew.

Other way, love.

Being a dragon is way better than being a bear, but tell the bear. I like both. I can blow both fire, and Ice. Go figure. Shit...Fuck. GODDAMMIT IT. I ripped through three trees. Luckily they were .



What happened, Love.

Wings. I shifted into the bear. I at least knew how he worked, and apologized.

Wrong way, love.


cjg045 69M  
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10/17/2021 8:32 pm

Awesome writing , Daniel. I cant wait for more !!!!!!!

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