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10/26/2021 12:58 pm
take me part 349

Chloe was sweet and cute all at the same time. It was like we were on a date, except she was pregnant. She got chicken, sheep's milk cheese, dark rye bread and raw goat's milk. I had to stop her but she was smiling and I couldn't help but kiss her as Sara walked up smiling and hugged both of us. Our lives were changing in ways that we couldn't fathom. I'm sure Sara knew it but I wondered if everyone else knew how drastic that change was going to be. Once again Sara, and one of ideas, turned out to be a genius, or super genius, choice. Going back to CO is what we all needed before we began our new lives...wherever. I finished and washed my plate as Sara and Chloe teased each other and put the food up. Ama walked up and said I needed to go to the cave and get some sleep because Aisha would wake me before I knew it. We nodded.

"Come on sis, you're coming too because you will be using the cave after the ceremony. Grab your coat." Chloe looked at her, stunned. I grabbed the heavy wool cape that Ama gave me. She said that it belonged to someone close to her but he no longer needed it. I didn't pry, but it was nice and warm. I said goodnight to everyone and that I'd see them in the morning and how happy I was they were there. Ama told the guards that we'd pick up Henry and Sabrina the following day since we'd be down there. Yoshi's students had arrived so I wasn't worried. Jane's could take care of a dozen people once she got moving. Other than the dragon, that Irish Elk is the one thing I would not want to mess with, not even as the bear.

I needed to spend more time with her and Alison. Hell, I needed to spend more time with all of them. Luckily it was old home week with Deat, his family, and Lieve and Heather. They spent a lot of time while Lieve was learning the basics of flying drones. I wanted to talk with her about that. More and more balls kept getting added but I was doing OK so far, mostly, I just hoped I could sustain it.


"What?" They were both looking at me, oddly.

"Are you OK? You were lost to us."

"I was just thinking. I guess it's everyone being here but I was remembering so I guess I was kinda lost. Sorry." I took their hands and we walked in silence, at peace with each other like we were in the beginning, to the cave. It wasn't a cave as one would normally think of it rather am outcropping of rock with the center carved out. There was no telling how long that took but a lot of people had used it for various things. I was curious about all of the uses, little did I know that Sara and I would discover many of them over the coming years. Chloe and Sara both rested their heads against my arms as we walked. It was a wonderful way to end what turned out to be a wonderful day.

We arrived at the cave and Chloe asked, "aren't you going to be cold sweets? It might snow later." It did feel like snow. I smiled, walked behind the cave and shifted into the dragon. Sara said I needed to practice. She was smiling as she hugged her sister. I blew fire at the rock. I probably could kept going but I didn't want to crack a cave that had been used for eons. I shifted back smiling.

"Proud of yourself?" I nodded. "Come on Chlo, his ego is getting bigger than his head. They kissed me goodnight and were leaving when Sara turned around. "Sleep means sleep Daniel, not running around like an idiot as the bear. You'll have plenty of time for that. The cave teaches while the person sleeps, or shows them what they need to understand and know, or takes them to Gaia.... or brings Gaia to them as a fox. She told me. She came to me as butterfly. Sleep and have fun flying." Chloe and Sara walked home hand in hand. I was a lucky man.

I crawled into the cave, which was quite toasty and situated myself against the back wall. It was tall enough to stand and deep enough to have a fire. A hole had been made in the top on both sides of the entrance, somehow, to act as a chimney. I figured it worked but I didn't need it. It was maybe twenty feet wide so I assumed multiple people had stayed in it at times. I arranged part of the cape so it would protect me from the ground, wrapped the other half around me, and drifted off to sleep. It didn't take long for the dreams to start.

I was back in Denver, at the shop, watching everyone working and laughing. Sam and Javier and the new crew. Javier was teaching the newest employees how to stack the lumber and how to sand while Sam was the intermediate guys, and gals, how work the planer and table saw. He worked with a few of the most experienced and showed how to sharpen the chisels and clean up the dovetail joints. He also showed them how to assemble the casket and ultimately how to seal it. I missed it. I missed them. They were my brothers, like Deat. I was lucky in that I found new ones since mine didn't speak with me.

I moved to the back and into the studio. It was warm, lived in.....happy. I went out back and Bob came out of his den, which looked good even though Sara will make me plant more grasses around it, especially at the entrance. She'd be right. He looked at me and then turned around. He walked up to me, unafraid, and sat down staring up. I reached down and petted him as he smiled and shook his tail. I told him Sara would there soon. He got up walked to his den, turned to look at me, and went inside.

I thought of Chloe's house and was there. It felt desolate, lonely and loved. There was a sadness as I went in remembering how much love filled it before we moved to Sara's. We had change this. Do something. It was unacceptable for such a lovely home to be like this. I apologized and filled it with as much loving energy as I could muster in this form as I moved to Sara's. I didn't go in out of respect. I didn't need to because it radiated love and joy, even more so than the shop and studio. We needed a couple or young family in Annie's, that's all there was to it. I didn't go to Janey's house because Sarah and the girls were there so I went to Alison's condo. It was similar to Chloe's, empty, desolate.... just a bunch of unused rooms. I wondered if books and records, or DVD's, felt like houses did when they went unused.

I went to Henry's. I could have found it even if I hadn't known where it was because the whole neighborhood pulsed with vibrant energy. I was almost giddy. It reminded me of the July Fourth and Halloween<b> parties </font></b>we threw, when we weren't getting shot at. The area was coming alive again. I hoped that Henry and Sabrina recognized that and were looking around at empty buildings because Henry's was the start of a renaissance for that entire area. The smile left my face and I started to feel like Annie's house and Alison's condo as I walked around Henry's center, our center. I felt disconnected from it, from all of it. I was my home, and would be, but I/we were being pulled away from life there. We had to choose to include it in our new lives, to make it the priority that it was. Those were OUR roots and we needed to make them stronger whether we were there or not.

I was pulled back to the cave and woke with a start in the darkness. I knew Aisha was there, and she knew that I knew. She waited patiently as I wiped my eyes and walked out of the cave saying hello.

"I didn't want to disturb your dream because it was important but we need to fly young dragon." I nodded.

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