take me part 352  

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10/28/2021 12:47 pm
take me part 352

We all walked around the center with the director as she showed Annie and I the various roles they play in, an for, the community, Ama well aware since she a major donor. Annie had one arm around my back and the other hand on my chest as we walked and listened. I didn't need words to understand the impact this place having on her, I also knew that I needed to spend individual time with each of the girls, not only for them but for me as well. We thanked everyone and walked back to the SUV in silence. I opened the doors for them and closed them before getting in. Ama told me the easiest way to get to the airport. Annie looked at me in the mirror and smiled. "We're doing that Daniel, everywhere we have people, make sure we don't die." I smiled and nodded. Ama silent, we all were lost in our thoughts but there no telling exactly what Ama thinking. I broke the silence by asking a question.

"Would you tell me about Aisha?" Ama looked at me.

There a time when dragons were as plentiful as horses. There were many different kinds, and sizes, and they ran the gamut from pets to warriors, Aisha and her dragon were in the latter category. She still regrets that even though it necessary at the time. It's a long story, and not one that is necessary to relive, but suffice to say that humanity hasn't progressed all that much with interpersonal dealings. Violence still seems to be the quickest response.

Even though dragons can be fierce, and powerful, they are quite loving and gentle especially if they have bonded with a person, or a family, like a except it could bite you in half if it wanted to. The dragons trusted their humans and even though most had good intentions it ended up being their undoing. This took place over many centuries until people had forgotten how dragons and humans lived and worked in unison. They became feared and loathed, and hunted....hated.... until most were dead and the few that remained lived alone, and miserable, in isolation. Dragons enjoy company. They escaped to Gaia and she has been protecting the few that remain ever since.

"What about me and Marnine?"

"Turn here and park over by that gate. That, dragon, is a discussion for another time." I nodded as Henry, Sabrina, and my cousin, Stephanie, walked through the gate. We all got out smiling as Annie ran up to them and hugged them all. She definitely part of the family. Ama and I walked. I introduced Ama to all of them and then hugged them. It so good to have most of my family in one place.

"Tina said that we could go because she has to finish up and it might take a while." Annie having none of that as her phone came out and she called her.

"Hey Annie, I'm going to be a while....."

"We're waiting so take your time and then get your butt out here lady. You're part of this family Tina and we don't leave family behind. Capiche?"


"Capiche." It only about half an hour before she walked through gate smiling and Annie and I pounced on her because we had missed her. We headed home but I hyper-focused for some reason. No one followed us but I paranoid about drones after the last encounter. I drove over the cattle guard onto the road that Ama's property off of and headed home. I expected to see a van pulled off the road like before but there nothing. I hadn't noticed the one on the main road with hood up. We pulled up to the house and the girls came flying out the door as Henry and Sabrina got out of the SUV. Chloe and Janey let Sara lead because she their<b> younger </font></b>sister, she plowed into Henry crying because she so.... everything. Chloe and Janey hugged both of them and then the line started. The girls all hugged Sabrina and dragged her into the kitchen as they dealt with beef stew and catching up. The initial shock of her being involved with Henry long since over because of how happy they were, age doesn't matter when it's meant to be.

Deat came out and helped me with the luggage. I introduced him to Tina and Steph as they were heading inside but I couldn't help at the road as Aisha and Taiiko walked up sensing something in me. Taiiko said,

"What is it, Love?" I shook my head and told them probably nothing but I've got that feeling at the back of my neck like something is wrong. Deat went in and grabbed his binoculars and looked.

"I don't see anything but that doesn't mean someone isn't out there. It's a big place. I'll go talk with Lieve and see what we can see. I nodded as I looked at Aisha.

"Can dragons become invisible? She stared at me and smiled.

"Only a few, I think Dreka might be able to but he would be the one speak with, when he shows up. Dragons can learn to camouflage themselves, like chameleons do, and blend with their surroundings. They're not invisible but the human eye, or brain, has a hard time noticing the difference, from what I know it's pretty effective but it takes practice to hold it. Why?"

"It would be a good trait to have." They both nodded as we walked inside. It took us until after dinner to catch up. Jake, Emily and I cleared the table without hesitation since the meal so good. Uncle Billy added wood to the fire and yelled to us that they needed more, Jake went and got an armful. It like a family holiday when everyone gets together from all over. I couldn't help but smile as Em and I finished up the dishes. It too dark for me to fly so everyone could see but I asked who wanted to see the bear and the girls screamed and ran for their coats as I went outside. Everyone smiling and laughing because they were so excited. I wasn't going to bother explaining but Sara stepped in and started filling in those who didn't know. I walked about twenty feet away and shifted into the bear. Melinda, Maggie, and Bet's girls went nuts and came running at me. I lied done and took the pummeling like a good bear. Tina wasn't all that surprised but Steph, Unc, and Ellen were amazed. They walked up and touched my head as I looked at them and grunted. I was going to growl but thought that would be mean. They scratched my ears, like everyone else did. I stood up, moved back, and shifted. They were speechless, which was a first for my uncle.

Sara said for everyone to step back as she knelt down and told the girls that I was going to shift into a dragon and not to be scared. I moved back farther and shifted, and the girls screamed, and hid behind their moms as I walked closer as lied down. Jake and Emily took over and showed them it was O Sara, and the moms, gathered them together and brought them close to me. "It's OK girls that's our Daniel, he won't hurt us. He likes to have his chin scratched as I lifted my head. They were brave girls, even the youngest, and they all walked up and started scratching my chin and touching my scales. Aisha walked up and I moved my leg, which startled them.

"Don't be scared, he did that so that we can climb on his bac She jumped on and Jake and Emily walked up and started handing girls up to Aisha. She showed them how to hold the scales and showed them my wings and by the time they got down they were totally cool with dragons, like they had always known one. Aisha starting to get down when I tensed and looked toward the road and screeched. She jumped back on just as I bolted upward, startling everyone. I flew over the hill and behind the house, just to be sure no one back there and then circled around the other side. I told Sara to get everyone inside, which she already doing. Yoshi, and his students, had fanned out and were hidden. Taiiko grabbed two guns, gave one to Deat, and they took up positions on either side of the house just like she and I did.

I flew high and looked but I wasn't sure what for. I could hear my mom.... "Open you mind, Daniel." I flew to the entrance of the road and a van was parked there. I pushed and there was one person and a lot of ultra high pitched frequencies that hurt my ears. I hovered at the back and froze the door solid. I moved to the front and did the same to the cab and then froze the side that had the high pitch until it stopped. I hoped he had a jacket. I went hunting.

"Try not to kill them Daniel, modulate, focus on limiting the blast of ice so it just makes them unconscious, and try not use fire. I flew over the field and was amazed at how quiet I was. I was as quiet as an owl, only way larger. I started and wondering if I could see different parts of the spectrum and thought infrared and there they were, four of them. Sara heard and told Deat. I did what Aisha said and limited the ice, they stopped moving but something wasn't right as I flew higher to look around. I saw a flicker of something but I wasn't sure what. I sniffed and knew where he was even though I didn't know why I hadn't seen him. I hovered, swoop, and grabbed him by his gear and his sides as he screamed. I shook him and flew to the house and dropped him with a thud....that would leave a mar I told Sara where the others were and Yoshi and his students went to get them as I flew across the field once more, smelling. Nothing, so I landed at the house and shifted. Uncle Billy walked up, man, they weren't kidding about the stink but that pretty impressive. I told Deat about the van and Aisha and I went in. I thanked her as I went to take another shower. Ama asked if they were dead and said I didn't think so as she called her friend at the police. After the shower, I grabbed my coat and went outside, since everyone else out there, what wrong with these people. Melissa attending to the man I dropped as I walked up.

"He'll be fine, mostly, but it'll take a while for the bones to heal, nothing major." I nodded as Deat and Taiiko walked up.

"Yoshi found the four you put on ice, nice tric They'll be fine. They are on the way bac Ama went down to the van to talk with her friend, who is wondering how the doors were frozen shut but she said not to worry. Apparently, her friend is as annoyed with these assholes waltzing into his country uninvited as we are. My friend has sent a plane to pick them up and hopefully they can beat the inevitable visit and declaration of diplomatic immunity. Seems you have some excellent skills to keep your family safe. I nodded but unsettled. They were too close and this another desperate move. I getting pissed. The girls walked up and hugged me and asked why. I wished I had an answer but I getting tired of it.

Ama and the police chief drove up and got out. All the men were zip tied and on the ground. Deat had already taken photo's of their ID's and passports, even though they were likely fakes. He showed the chief his ID and said he on vacation but had called a contact at Interpol and they were on the way. He nodded. They loaded the men into the back of the van and drove off as Deat and I went to check out the van on the road. The perimeter taped but we looked inside anyway. It a tactical van. They sure wanted us dead. We headed home to have a drink and hopefully sit in front of the fire. We'd settle for the drin

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