take me part 358.... edited, again  

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10/31/2021 9:22 pm
take me part 358.... edited, again

Alison looked at in tears. I hugged her because she was our Alison, until she wasn't. I was old enough to know that information...data.... was only as good as the context, and people liked to forget about the context. That's not what happened here, this was a visceral response. It was harder to deal with. I wasn't sure Sara would ever trust Alison again even if there was an explanation. I had never seen Sara go insane before. I guessed the saying, "you don't fuck with my family," was accurate. We walked in silence.

"I met Ingrid, and Roan, briefly, when I spent a year in Oslo during<b> college. </font></b>Ingrid made friends with me but I thought it was because I was from the US. She's like a black hole Daniel. It's hard to describe, but she has this way of getting you to do what she wants.
It was the first time I had ever been away from home, and she was very popular, and she was focusing her attention on me. I was in my twenties. We stayed in touch when I left and came home because she seemed fascinated about the US. We kept in touch, off and on, like I did with my other friends."

"I met Philip..."

"And you got married? You neglected to mention that. You also neglected to mention that you knew Roan, or Ingrid, when we were specifically dealing with Roan and Ingrid. Alison, that is pretty damning, calling Ingrid on the days that snipers are trying to
us, aside. Don't you think?" Silence "Stop trying to figure a way out, Alison. You're only way out of this is to tell the truth and then 's up to the girls because I have one vote, but i can be persuasive." Silence.

"You want the truth?" She was different.

"Yes, I think I deserve after you tried to my family." Silence

'Phuuuffffe. If I wanted you then you'd be dead. I'm just toying with you." I growled. "Growl all you want bear, but you can't hurt . She isn't like you. You hurt , you hurt her. You're too strong, but she's not. She's never been...she's easy peasy to control. You are out of your depth bear. Shooo, go home to your mountains. You aren't welcome here." Giggle. I moved quickly toward her and she screeched and Alison was back, and I started to get pissed. I could feel Sara beside herself.

'What happened, Daniel?" I growled and held her hand as I talked with Sara.


"Daniel........... where are you? we need you."

"No you don't, love. I am not far away, and you have your family, sisters until I get done. I am trying work this out, so you need to trust me, OK? Enjoy the fire and tell Janey what I just told you. OK?"

" OK, but be careful because I feel darkness all around you."

"I'll be back soon.

"You made calls, on the days that we were suppose to die. Why?"

The fourth I had no idea about. I still don't. Ingrid called me and asked if we were having hot dogs, that's all. I thought it was because it's an American holiday. It was odd but I was having fun and then someone shot at you, or someone, and I forgot about it. I didn't know about the snipers until days later. It was the same with Iceland. She called out of the blue and asked some innocuous question about...... I don't even know, but it wasn't about snipers."

Shit, shit, and double shit!

"What was it about?"

She wanted know when you were going Norway, and how many were coming, something like that? I didn't think anything about . I figured she knew I was going to be part of the ceremony...."



"How would she know that you were going be part of the ceremony?" Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence. "I figured Roan told her. I haven't spoken with Roan since<b> college </font></b>and even then she was aloof. Ingrid was the leader but I have rarely spoken with her until recently, maybe a few months before we met. I don't remember. I didn't tell you I was married because I was going to get a divorce. Philip had changed. He wanted us to get on that site, and Ingrid said it sounded like fun, which it kinda did given my life at the time."

"How did you choose me Alison?" She looked at me blankly. "How?" Alison started shaking and looked at me in distress.

"I don't know, Daniel. You looked nice. I'm scared that I am losing my mind." I growled, knelt, put my left hand on Alison's forehead, and my right hand upon Gaia. I closed my eyes, quieted myself... and I started speaking Gaelic. Figures, but I kept it up even though I had absolutely no clue what I was saying, but Alison was writhing, and the day turned back as night. There was a screech, and Alison collapsed, but the mara was looking at me, pissed. It wasn't a pretty woman and it looked at me like I was a trophy. I reached out and stroked it's head, and cheek, even though it was hideous. it purred and moved closer, closing it's eyes in contentment as i shifted into the dragon and waited. The mara opened it's eyes, smiling, and saw the dragon as fire ended it's life.

Chloe and Annie were watching and then talked Sara and Janey down until I came back. Kana and Yoshi had come outside as Joseph and Aisha walked in from somewhere else. I wanted to learn how to do that. Alison opened eyes and looked at me smiling. It wasn't over but I needed to think. I screeched as I remembered where I was going, and moved to fly. Aisha stood in my way as I was going to find Marnine.

I couldn't move past her because we were linked, partially. I tried. "Daniel, I know what you want, and you will but first you need a rider. Joseph and I are back from Gaia. He will speak with the girls, I speak with you. I am not your rider, but in a different time we would ruled the skies. Gaia wants dragons, and riders back, for some reason she didn't say. You are the last dragon, and rider....and the first dragon, and rider." I was confused because all I wanted to do was get Marnine, but I was at the cave. Shit.

"You do well on your own, but when you are linked with a rider....I screeched, looked up, and disappeared. SHIT! OK, calm...focus on where you wanted to be.... and I ended up at Ama's. I screeched and the girls came out and looked at me. All of them, including Kana, climbed on and I flew back to the cave. They all got off. I'd be damned if I would keep secrets, even shifted. I pushed Taiiko, and Kana, toward Aisha. They stared at me. My heart was with Taiiko, like the rest. it was her decision because I couldn't shift back to me so I could speak. Taiiko couldn't be my rider for many obvious reasons.

I screeched, nudged Kana, and started to fly. Kana ran, bounced off my leg, my side, and landed on my back as she put her sword behind her. and grabbed my neck She leaned forward as I gained speed.

" off?" I laughed.

"Hold on, Kana." I stopped , turned right, and dove straight down until I was almost on the ground....I skimmed sideways, shot up, to the right...high, and then straight down....and I waited.

"Daniel?" DANIEL?" Kana breathed, shifted herself, slowed time and said stop." I froze, hovering in mid-air. I looked around confused, and I could see everyone on the ground watching us, confused. It's not everyday you see a dragon suspended in space.

'Do you trust me, Daniel? You need to because I am your rider." I shuddered and bolted out of what I wanted to stay in and landed in front of everyone. I walked up to Taiiko, and lied down with Kana on my back. Kana jumped off and knelt, sword extended.. Taiiko touched Kana's head and said something to her. She came to me as I stood and looked her. She smiled, scratched my chin, and walked away with Ama. Kana leapt onto me saying up, and I went up.

We are going to have to fight, at some point, so we start now. Down! I dropped straight down, bent my wings back, curled my feet, and dove. Do you trust me, daniel.

Kana, shut up and tell me what you want or I'm going to find Marnine. Silence. I dove straight into Gaia. I increased my speed. Can you stop at this speed?

Do you want me too?


I pushed my wings out, stopped myself...in mid-air...and hovered, waiting. Left, up, fast. Left. Left. Down. Right. Up. Over. Over. Down...left...left...left. RIGHT. Over. Back. Attack. Calm, Daniel. I landed and Kana got off. Sara came out, tear filled eyes and walked up to me. Aisha moved forward, Sara glanced at her and she was frozen in place. Kana walked toward her. They looked at each other.

"He is your dragon, Kana, but I need to borrow him for tonight." Kana looked at Sara....hard, and smiled. She knelt and presented her sword as I watched. Sara lifted her up. She understood the meaning of what Kana had just done. May I use your dragon. I lied down as Sara got on. She whispered Back, and we were back when I met her. Alison was coming out from under the table, wiping her lips.

"No, I'm going home."

"It's OK, I know him.....You like pancakes?"

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I was falling sideways toward the ground. Shit. Hold on. I bolted straight upward.

"Do you trust Alison?" I kept going up, and Sara didn't say anything so I flew.

"Do you trust Alison?" I flew of my own accord, but Sara was asking something important. I flew, and thought. We were over Nova Scotia.

"Do you trust Alison?


"Fly to the Baltic, Love. I want to see." No you don't Sara. Let me deal with it, or Kana. These are NOT nice people Sara...PLEASE. We kept flying. "Where are we, Love/" I looked at the stars, and pulled myself outward, and I felt what they had done while in port. I so wished Sara wouldn't have come here.

They are leaving Helsinki and heading Amsterdam. Why the delay Daniel? I was quiet. Daniel, you need to tell me, even though you love me and don't want to. I know what is happening but it's in our lands.

"They are bringing on additional women."

'Why? They have a lot of women." Silence. Silence. Silence.


"They are letting the crew off for the night, so they can....."

"Understood. They are bringing on..... never mind."

"Show me the other ship...." I flew at speeds i didn't think I could.
"Where are we?"

I ascended..."What are you doing?" Shhhhshhhh! Watch. It's the ship with the .

"Where are we? I dropped, fast, and landed on the island..... Gotland

"Take home, Danael, and end these...things."

"Daniel? Take me to Taiiko... now."

I must have fallen asleep, or something but when I woke Sara was staring at me. End this Daniel, with Kana. I shook my head as Kana was leaping onto me. What? UP! I bolted upward beyond what I thought I could do. Right, down.

"Do you trust me Kana?"

"Daniel?" Of course...

"Hold on..... I bolted upward, and then straight down, toward Gaia.


"Daniel, what are we doing?"

"We are paying a visit to Marnine. I've done it before. I just have to merge time and space. It'll be....fine.

"Daniel.....?" We bounced our through into Gaia... which I was thankful for since I had done it alone last time. Sara stepped out and walked toward me....and I stopped. She smiled. She's waiting for you

"What do we do?" They are coming here, bringing.....what? Ama looked at me.....

I'm daniel, and you don't know me, but we are more a like than you think. They fluttered away. I had never seen birds here, but I wasn't a regular, like Sara and Ama seemed to be. I needed to change that because Marnine seemed to be the key to all of this.

'Why are you here?" Silence.

I looked toward Ama, but she was nowhere to be seen. Shit!

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Seems Allison was unknowingly used by Ingrid . Looks like Daniel is going back in time, to before he met Allison, Philip and SARA, and then , AMA. And, he is going back as the Dragon. . Interesting to see what new twist / turn Daniel takes, what info he learns.

Great story, ready for the next Chapter.

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