take me part 363...  

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11/3/2021 8:00 pm
take me part 363...

"Mary, James, would you please stay a bit longer until Daniel needs leave and enjoy dinner with us, and your family. It's important or I wouldn't ask. Joseph and Aisha are their way and I need speak with Daniel and Kana, alone. There are going be very upset pregnant women and I was hoping you would help with them." They nodded as Ama thanked them.

"You two come with me. Shift Dragon. I did, which was odd both Kana and I, but we were just learning. Ama touched my shoulder the left and told Kana to do the so the right as she whispered Old Norse into my ear. I understood her and shifted as she told blend of us. I did and we landed as we had stood in Iceland, but this wasn't Iceland. "You learn quickly, Danael, which is good, and not, because it takes time to become a dragon of substance. Sadly, time is not something we have in abundance even by slowing 's progress. Do you trust me, young dragon, and you Kana, because you both must trust me for this to work. She looked at Kana and smiled. I assume you are good with knots young samurai." Kana smiled and nodded. I hope so because it'd be a shame lose them."

"This is my home.... was my home, but home simply is and it's difficult to forget about . This is Bjerka. We are in Northern Norway. I still have blood family here even though I haven't been here in millennia. attention Daniel because this next part is the most important. Can you find this town?" I nodded. "Good, now focus on the sky, and the water, because most of the islands look alike but there is only one that will welcome you as your are now." She whispered in my ear, I watched and then we landed on an a small island. There was a boat tied to a dock. There were stone buildings, mostly in ruin except for one. A man stepped forward with a shotgun as I growled. Ama touched my cheek and I stopped and shifted. "This is Pyotr. He and I knew have known each other for a very long time. He watches over this place for me because it's special, isn't that right dear friend?" He nodded. "This is Haagerstadt's great, great, great grandfather. He protects Iceland, and helps your ,while Pyotr protects this island, and what it contains. Come."

Ama reached into her pocket, took out a key, and handed it to Kana. "This must be kept safe see to it. When you land back here only Daniel can use it. You'll understand why we are making these changes when you go inside. Sadly, the old ways have been slipping away and greed is becoming pervasive, even with us. It saddens many of us. It certainly saddens us Pyotr and I. There are those on the ships that will try and take what is not theirs at the expense of those that need it even though there is plenty for all. See to it that the people on Gotland are well taken care of, first, and then the women who have been locked in that cage. They will be looked after and sent home. There will still be plenty but this is when the greed of the few will become dangerous. Do not underestimate them. The captain and his first mate can be trusted. Split the rest in half, half for the crew, and half for the men who helped you. Take the gold because you will be able to move it quickly, and take the artwork, and the books. If you can manage Kana, bring two cases of brandy because that will be helpful. Your rope skills will come into use dear one." Kana raised her hand as I smiled.

"You don't need to raise your hand, , just speak what is on your mind."

"How do I lash things to a dragon? You will find that out soon. Only you can open the door Daniel, no one else, and only you can lock it once again. I asked why? Silence. That will have to wait until later I am afraid. Slow time down, dragon and take us home. She waved at Pyotr and were back in Iceland at the cave as Joseph and Aisha walked out of mist carrying a rather large harness.

They smiled as everyone walked from the house. The girls were livid that we just left. It wasn't hormones. "Kana, attention. This is my gift you. This was mine a long time ago. Similar dragons, same harness. It comes in handy, especially during battle. You will be tying this many times before you leave tomorrow, before I leave." I walked toward to Joseph, smiling, and hugged him as I introduced my parents, they already knew each other, of course, but it was important to me.

"Dragon!" I shifted and all four of the girls growled at Kana.

"Kana, lite reins, young rider. He is more than a dragon and if you don't treat him with respect he may decide he doesn't need a rider after all. He wouldn't be the first. Instead of master/servant, consider yourselves as lovers without the fringe benefits." She nodded and apologized to me as she scratched my ears and Aisha showed her how place the harness on me, and where to tie the art, books, and brandy. She handed Kana large saddle bags. "These go around his neck, in front of you. They should hold all of the coins. The ropes that dangle are for the bags of cash for your friends. They have been quite helpful. Have him blend and cut the straps when you are over them. There is plenty for their trouble, and even more that they are finding." Ama walked .

"You protect the people the island, dragon, even if means you end those who mean them harm." I nodded. "The same is true for the captain and his crew. We hope it doesn't come that but greed is a dangerous thing. You get that room first. There are reasons those things come the island we visited. You will know when you unlock that door. Once you place the art and the books inside lock the door... only you can lock it...and give the key Pyotr, and load the brandy and the gold and return home. There should be enough time before. Sven, the Captain of the trawler is my kin, as are the bulk of people the northern part of Gotland. You can trust them help you. They know that you shift. There haven't been dragons in these lands for very a long time, but you'll have no time for rides." I snorted as Kana and Aisha jumped on.

"Fly Danael, we need test the harness. I was gone as the rest of my family walked back the lodge.. Aisha told Kana to lean forward grab the reins and extend her legs backward. She put Kana's feet into leather stirrups. and held then . "Tell him dive, fast, and skim the ocean. She whispered into my ear.... "You heard her, love. Dive." I dropped, picked more speed than I had until then and said hang . Aisha knew what was coming as I rolled twice, before dropping straight at the surface of the<b> water. </font></b>I was getting better at it but I still dipped my back claws for fun in as I blended and roared. "Hold ." I banked upward, and then hard the left as I flew back Ama's. I hovered next the house as I created a dust storm. Sara marched outside with her hands her hips, but she had a slight smile. I lied down as Kana, and Aisha undid the harness and brought it inside because it was snowing again. of them scratched my chin before I shifted and went inside take another shower.

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11/3/2021 9:45 pm

Things are coming together well for Daniel, Lets hope that there aren't any more surprises. Great storyline Sir.

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