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11/4/2021 5:12 pm
take me part 365

I was falling, but I wasn't falling, and was cold, even for me. was nothing but darkness and something that sounded like a haunted moan. Something was wrong because I had always gone somewhere that had meaning but I was nowhere.... except in darkness. I tried move but couldn't. I could feel something twisting around my legs and moving up my body. Was this real like the other times? The screech was deafening but was followed by the most beautiful song I had ever heard. brought peace me, a sense of serenity, and I began descend into the abyss of darkness, and that was when I realized I was no longer breathing. I wasn't scared, just trying to figure out how to wake up, or come back to myself.

"DANIEL!!!!!," Kana screamed as she jumped over the couch and ran into the bedroom, followed by everyone else. "Ama, he's not breathing, and feel him. He's freezing." Ama touched my chest and my heart was about to stop. I was still falling. Content.

"Sara, I need your power to help me. "Sara placed her hands on my chest and Ama touched my head as they both spoke in an unfamiliar language to everyone, but my heart kept beating slower and slower. Sara was scared. Ama was confused. I kept falling into cold, wet, darkness but the song kept getting closer. No one knew what to do except watch me die and that is when I realized I had stopped breathing again. I jolted and then calmed myself as I shifted into the dragon, the<b> singing </font></b>stopped, and whatever had me released its hold. It was still dark, and cold, and wet, but wherever I was, as the dragon, I didn't need to breathe. I pushed and felt something leaving. I rolled over, exhaled, and started breathing normally as I drifted into slept. Everyone was stunned, and crying, but I didn't hear them because I was flying somewhere. Somewhere important, but had never been before. Sara put a blanket over me as her, and Kana, kissed my head. Sara turned out the light. It was twenty after eight.

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