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take me part 367

"His powers grow, Yosef, more quickly than I had imagined, soon we will not be able to control him."

"Since when did we need to control him, Amaris? From my perspective, he has been doing exceedingly well, which is exactly why he is here. I admit that I surprised to see Mary and James walk down the drive but they are his parents and he has missed them, greatly. It's not unusual that he would them to be present at the ceremony, and to meet his family, but it an unconscious act, Amaris, one borne out of love, and heartfelt longing. His Uncle is here, and Danael sold most of his father's belongings to his cousins. It would be odd had he not tried to bring them here."


"He traveled back in time, Yosef, to Malinka. They spoke. She saw him, old friend. I can't even do that and she is my family. He doesn't understand who he is, yet, and his abilities keep manifesting more quickly than he can grasp, but at some point, soon, they will merge in him and Gaia help us if we were wrong about him, or them. In any event, we will know soon enough once they go to the island and he uses the key I gave to the rider."

"What did you do Amaris? Tell me you aren't testing him in that way?"

"We have to know, Joseph, before it's too late to stop him." Silence. Unbridled anger."

"You had no right to do such a thing Ama, none. You are a guide because of the girls. He is part of my tribe, not yours... not yet. Nothing occurs without my agreement, is that understood? Is that understood, Amaris?"

"Yes, old friend." Joseph gone and I woke up. It eleven-thirty. I walked into the kitchen, thinking it best not to mention what I had just witnessed. Kana and Airi were talking with Ama. They smiled as I walked in.

"You sure keep us busy, Danael. We need to put the harness on before we leave so it's good you're early." I nodded, asking if they had slept. Kana said no.

"Aisha said that dragon and rider protect one another. I do as you ask, mostly, so I expect you to do as I ask, mostly. Understood?" Kana didn't know if she should be angry, or thankful. " Sleep is non-negotiable, Kana., especially for you. We sleep, and eat, when we can because we have no idea how long we'll be gone, and we aren't even at war yet. They both said "Hai," and bowed as Jake came out carrying the knives that Yoshi had given me. He handed them to Kana without saying a word, hugged me, and went back to Emily. We were all stunned."

"He would do well with Yoshi, Danael-san." I nodded and drank more mil I wasn't sure why I was craving it....

"It's your metabolism dragon. Your energy is adapting to the needs of the dragon because he is different from you. You, and your bear, are similar enough in energy, certainly in disposition, Kana and Airi chuckled, so that it wasn't as noticeable as it is now. I'll have more delivered. Be careful Daniel, many things are in flux and that is when mistakes happen." I nodded as Kana, Airi, and I stood to go outside. "We need to discuss what happened with you tonight over breakfast, especially you not breathing." I nodded as we went outside. Kana was showing Airi how to put the harness on, but I was being a brat because I wanted to fly, so Kana cut my shoulder with her blade. It was barely a scratch but she made her point and I stood still. No words were spoken, none were needed. They made sure the harness was secured and climbed on. Kana was teaching Airi as she was learning with me, seems I never did anything with just one woman. Kana laughed and told me to go were I wanted. I told them to hold on and blended myself. "Daniel, what are you doing?"

"You told to go where I wanted...."

"No! I forbid that, Danael, not with Airi and not now. We don't know enough yet. What if we can't get back? There is too much at stake. Another time but now we have work to do so we go to Helsink" I snorted and shifted space while leaving the time part out of it, but I going to speak with Malinka again. I still blended and hovered above the dock lights, watching, listening...pushing into the ship. The captain speaking to someone in Russian, or a similar dialect, but I still couldn't understand it.

"Goddammit those people are a pain in my ass, Philippe. They women, and the drugs, on the return<b> trip. </font></b>Let's get some sleep. We have a lot to do before we leave tomorrow evening and I to eat at that place that had the sauteed reindeer, and get some Karelian pies for the<b> trip.</font></b>" Philippe smiled, and nodded.

"Find the Maru, dragon." I envisioned it and pushed us to it. It dark, except for the light of the moon shimmering on the ocean, but there no ship. I confused. "Danael?" I flew upward and looked, pushed, and said that it should be here. I more confused. I knew I on the eastern side of the Baltic, which made sense so they avoided Swedish waters. The Baltic states were more amenable to bribes if need be. I rose higher, felt them, and dove. Airi screamed.

"Sorry." The ship had docked at Świnoujście on the coast of Poland. We hovered above them as the men on the ship were busy doing some type of repair. They were all very nervous for the obvious reason of getting boarded, but mainly because they were falling behind schedule. "I to check out the house in Germany since we are so close." Kana agreed and I shifted there. The time/space thing very convenient but I missed flying. It wasn't hard to find given the size, and number, of houses on the estate. It was a shame it was all going to burn to the ground soon. Vries' spetsnaz goons were all over the place, but there were many other people working, getting it ready. I wondered if they cared about the women, and , whose lives would be irreparably damaged because of them. I was getting angry and both Kana and Airi felt it.

"Let's fly, dragon." I turned, flew, and called to Ama.

"Yes, dragon?"

"Can we land on Gotland? We've seen what we needed to see." Silence. Kana knew what I asked as she waited too.

"Hold on, let me see if Kristina is awake." "There is a park along the eastern end of the strait. She'll meet you there and she'll have things for you bring back with you, and sheep's milk for all of you. She is very excited to meet a dragon." It's wise to meet them before tomorrow, Danael. It a sound decision. Enjoy the milk, dragon." It didn't take long to get to Gotland, but she wasn't alone. Kana and Airi were nervous because there were a lot of people milling around. I wasn't because these people were family and meant us no harm, and Ama had spoken with Kristina and told her what we were doing. Most people were disgusted by Vries, and people like him, they would have helped us for free, as they should. I landed and Kana and Airi got off and walked over to introduce themselves as the came running over, followed by their nervous parents trying to stop them. I lied down and snorted as I was swarmed by climbing . Kristina walked up followed, cautiously, by the rest of the adults.

"Do you speak Swedish, dragon?" I shook my head no. "Yet you understand it." I nodded. "Ama told me that you like mil" I snorted and nodded. She motioned and four men brought a , half barrel of fresh sheep's milk and placed it in front of me. I snorted and dran It didn't take long, and it wonderful. I stretched out my head and lifted my chin. Kana said that I liked my chin scratched, which set off a long line of curious humans waiting their turn while Kana and Airi tied Ama's things to the harness. Everyone milling around after climbing on me, petting my scales, and scratching my chin. A mother and were last in line. I bent my head to the ground because the , and looked at her. She smiled and hugged me. I told Kana to put her on my neck, with her mother. The mother nervous, the not. Kana talked with Kristina and told her that we needed to leave, but that we'd be back for other rides. Kristina nodded. She in up here. Kana said to hold on but I levitated gently and flew out over the ocean, gaining speed as we skimmed the surface of the ocean and then flew straight at the moon. I wondered. I dove as Elisabeth screamed and laughed all at once. I flew over the expanding crowd and blew fire into the night sky as I landed back on the grass. Elisabeth squeezed my neck in thanks. She mute. I told Kana to cut a scale from me and given it Kristina to hold for Elisabeth. I needed to speak with Ama.

Kana and Airi thanked them for their gifts, which increased the longer we stayed. Who needed to fly around the Midwest in a by-plane offering rides when you were a dragon. "THANK YOU, dragon, for reminding us of our origins. We will be ready tomorrow." I snorted as we flew home.

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