take me part 368  

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11/5/2021 3:34 pm
take me part 368

I flew us home Ama's thinking about Elisabeth, and wondering. I felt odd, these last few days, like I both expanding, and contracting, at the same time. I supposed if you could blow both ice and fire at the same time then that was a hazard be dealt with. I just wished I knew how. I flew with my claws in the water because I enjoyed it. It scared Airi, at first, but she got use it. I was surprised that Kana was allowing Airi spend so much time with me, us. I knew they were lovers because I could smell it, but it wasn't that hard "grok." It was still odd, though, even if it made a certain sense. Becoming a dragon rider, much like becoming a dragon, took time so having more than one seemed sound. I didn't want to go further down that path fear I would know the reason, so I shifted my thoughts back Ama and Joseph, Amaris and Yosef. I hid my thoughts from Kana, which annoyed her.

I wondered if Joseph would say anything me, it wasn't like he was 'chatty Kathy' begin with. I didn't expect Ama say anything either. I supposed that if you had spent millennia being betrayed, and fighting your existence, you'd be pretty tight lipped as well. I decided let it lie and see what came of it. I was<b> curious </font></b>about the key, and the test, though.

"Kana." Silence, and not a blissful silence. "Kana?" Silence. "Oh come on, don't be like that."

"Oh, now you want speak with me, smelly dragon." She was obviously perturbed. Jesus Christ. 'What?" Silence, because I was going ask about meeting with Aisha but thought twice about it.

"Can you help me with the scale you cut from me?" Silence...and serious anger melting."

"Why, dragon?"


"She goes by Lisbeth on the island..."

"I know. I am not of that island and I like Elisabeth. She is mute, but not deaf. It's odd. Do you know someone who can make a chain worthy of a dragon scale. My Da' and I, and my Uncle, can create something it can attach ...."

"On a dragon scale?"

"I'm the one it came off of Kana, I think we can work that part out but none of us are good with the delicate work...... strong, but delicate."

"Kinda like women?"


"I know someone, so do you.... your father-in-law." I felt stupid. "You overthink sometimes Danael, now tell me about Aisha, Yosef, Amaris..... and this Malinka." There can be no secrets between dragon and rider, only acceptance and our bond." These women kept growing in number, but they were impressive. I needed speak with Yoshi, as well. Crap, someone who enjoyed silence, I sure had a lot of talking do.

Dawn was starting break so I flew faster and came Ama's from the north end of the island. I wanted explore Greenland but I never seemed find the time and there was always something. We landed as Ama, Uncle Billy, and Deat came out help unload the things from Gotland. They were the early risers. I was thankful because they all made good coffee. Ama walked up and hugged me as she stared in my eye.

"You are odd, dragon." I snorted and nudged her. "How did you know that it was important meet the Gotlander's before tonight?" Sara walked out wrapped in the wool cloak Ama had given me.

"Simple, Ama, he's a wizard. He's a royal pain in our ass with all the dying, but he's a wizard." She looked at me, intently. "After this weekend, you have to take me to meet Elisabeth. It's important, and you will even if you don't like it. I'll be fine." Kana stepped forward to object and Sara froze her in place, like she did Aisha. "She'll be fine...annoyed, but fine...like Aisha. This isn't up for discussion, Daniel. Once Yoshi makes the chain, we'll go. You have to deal with scale there. It's important. I'm going back to bed. She kissed me, said I smelled, and walked back inside.

"I hate it when she does that shit..." Kana was pissed. They finished taking the things inside and Kana and Airi took off the harness as I shifted. I headed for the shower because I wanted coffee. I looked in on my girls and they were all sleeping peacefully, in a mash of arms and legs, and I smiled as I went into the bathroom. They were still sound asleep so I figured they had stayed up late worrying about me. I went in for coffee as Ama smiled at me.

"Who knew that dragon's were diplomats as well?" I looked at her, confused. "You have quite the following in North Gotsland, dragon. There is also one happy , and many jealous who, now, want be her friend.... such is the friendship a dragon brings a life during challenging times. Isn't that right, Danael?"

"Is that porridge?" Everyone laughed as grabbed the wooden bowl and spoon I had been using since we arrived. Ama sat next me as I drank milk and ate.

"My Da' made that bowl and spoon me. He made one each of us . It's the one thing that I will never leave behind." She was quiet, thinking, deciding whether speak. I wasn't sure how I knew that, but I did. I waited, and ate. "I need tell you as much you need tell me, Danael. I...."

"I know about the key, Amaris. Do what you must, my friend, but I don't want know. If I am not who you think I am, then you should know. You all should know as hard as it may be." She was stunned. Know one else knew what we were talking about, exactly, but they understood the importance. I smiled, kissed her head, got more coffee and porridge, and sat in front of the fire. I didn't have long to enjoy it alone. Jake and Emily climbed over the back of the back of the couch and fell into me, laughing.

"Were you raised in barns? This isn't our house. Go tell Ama you're sorry? Now." They were shocked and didn't know what to make of it, but they did. They didn't mean anything by it but it wasn't theirs. Chloe, Annie, and Taiiko walked up. Chloe said....

"Maybe a tad harsh this early? They're just happy to see you, breathing." ! Annie didn't say anything, just watched. Taiiko, spoke.

"She's right, Danael. Your intention was sound, but the timing was.... misguided a bit. I know, from Yoshi...Kana and Airi even more so." I nodded as Jake and Emily came walking around the couch and fell into me.

They both smiled as Emily said, "Better Da'?" I kissed them both, said I was sorry, and yes because you only climb over your own furniture. I was losing time with the people I adored the most in order to do things I wasn't even sure I could do. Chloe plopped on my lap and kissed me.

"That hurt."

"Good mister, you need to stop scaring us...and you are thinking to much again. She put her hand on my heart. Trust this, Danny." She smiled, kissed me, and grabbed my cup. Be with your because they are annoying the crap out of us." Taiiko and Annie laughed, and nodded.

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