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11/5/2021 8:46 pm
take me part 369

Jake, Em, and I walked into the kitchen as Ama made them breakfast and told them her wonderful grandchildren could climb over her couch, and what a dumb dumb I was. I shook my head, but smiled, so much for parental boundaries. I walked out back and there was another load of wood, and the axe was stuck in the chopping block. Yoshi was smiling at . Jesus Christ. I walked back inside, grumbling, and grabbed my hat and gloves and headed out back.

Sara walked into the kitchen, wrapped in my cloak. I wasn't sure why but I knew it was significant. Something wrong, sweets?" I turned and she blew me a kiss. I loved all of them but man they chafed my hide sometimes. I walked outside to a chorus of laughter only to find Yoshi chuckling.

"Seriously? You too?"

"No one said your path would be easy, or enjoyable, but you're doing OK and it's early. You'll be finished in plenty of time for Kana and Airi to lace you into your harness. He howled and walked away. Mindful, Daniel, that is the key to everything and it's what you most need right now. Chop wood, and then stack it.... mindfully." I put my hat and gloves on, grabbed the ax, and started chopping wood. It started to snow and didn't take long for me to be thanking Yoshi because it was so quiet, and that is when EVERYONE came outside to talk with me. FUCK!

OK... not an easy path. I talked with the people I loved, and adored, and then focused when I chopped. It would take me sixteen weeks to finish, but that was OK. It actually wasn't that bad, and most of the girls weren't keen on the cold and snow, so the crowd thinned out pretty quickly but kept focusing on chopping wood. Jake and Emily were the last to stay outside.

"Da'?" I stopped chopping, grabbed my towel, and wiped the sweat from my head.

"Yeah, Jake," as I drank some of the milk Ama left me.

"Are you still mad at us?" I bowed my head and hugged them.

"I wasn't mad at you in that way . You don't climb on other people's furniture, and I hadn't slept. It's not an excuse, but I wasn't mad. I was trying to be a good Da', like mine." I went back to chopping wood thinking that I had four more of these....beings... coming into my life and I so wasn't ready. Thank Gaia for the girls. They were quiet, looking at each other.

"We have something to say, Da'." Alrighty then, no rest for the weary. I put the ax in the block, gave Jake an arm load of wood, they were going to earn this, and walked inside to the fire. The girls were sitting there, as usual. I stared at them and they parted like the red sea as I sat down, sweating like a pig. Jake and Em put the wood down.... I thought about how well they worked as a team as the girls all grabbed my hands, thinking the same thing. Bethany and Christine were squished in the mix as well, and I could feel everyone one else walk wup behind us. They looked at me. Shit.

"Are you pregnant?" Stunned silence, numerous punches, and more than a few bites. They looked me, confused. Emily said,

"No Da', I'm not pregnant. Jake and I want stay here instead of going back to Denver, or Japan. Well, we want to go visit when you go, to see people, but we want to stay here with Ama and Sara. " Jake said, 'and Haagerstadt.'" I stared at them like I was losing my mind, and I knew there was no way for me to get out of this unscathed so I threw all of them under the bus because I needed to finish the wood, and this wasn't exactly helping the whole mindfulness vibe.

'You're NOT pregnant?" They both shook their head's no. I was so going to get it. "And you want to go home when we all go?" They both nodded. 'What about school?"

"We can go online for the first two years, Da', but we'll need a vehicle because we can't use Ama's all the time."

"Jake's right, Da'. We can keep up with our studies and Reykjavik has a medical school. We've thought a lot about this Da', and our minds are made up." I had to keep myself from laughing but the thing I was thinking about was they had countless moms seated there, and they wanted my blessing. I looked at Jake.

"You brought us here...all of you. We are happy about that but you put us in two different worlds. We fit in two totally different realms. We didn't cause that, but we are here and Em and I chose to stay here." You could here a pin a drop. I think the 'not breathing' became contagious.

"Is that so?" Silence. We all saw Emily take Jake's hand, and squeeze.

"Yes, Da', it is." I let the silence play out a bit, but not too long.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. You both can learn a lot here but I only have one vote." I stood up. "I need to chop wood." I walked away to everyone but Ama, Emily, and Jake growling at me. I was going to tie the door shut but it would only delay the inevitable, and they were right. We did bring them into this world. Yoshi was looking wiser by the minute as I grabbed the ax. I figured I had an hour. I was wrong. Chloe, Bethany, and Christine came flying out the back door like bats of hell.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" Chloe and Bethany both punched me, but Christine wanted to.

"Go ahead, you will sooner or later." Christine hit me harder than any of them. I picked up the ax and put a log on the stump and thought mindful.

"First of all, they aren't pregnant. Have you all forgotten that part?" Silence. "Uh huh. Second, how old are they?" Silence, until Chloe said that Jake was still seventeen. "When's his birthday?" Silence. "We brought them into this and they LOVE it here, AND, this isn't a bad place to be, and to learn, and to grow. Think about it, and don't hit me again. I have wood to chop." They all stared at me because they didn't know what to say. It wasn't a bad idea and I knew Bethany and Christine were going to move here, anyway. Change is never easy, especially not for me, apparently, because none of these women hit like girls. I went back to chopping wood.

I waited until they left until I fell to my knees. Shit. Annie felt it and walked out. "Can you stand?" I nodded. "What was that, Daniel?" I felt what you did, only not as much. Are you OK?" I breathed deeply and chopped the log clean through the center and put another on the stump. She stared at me in disbelief.

"What, love?" There are more than a few things going on, and I seem to be at the center of them, wouldn't you say?" She smiled, coyly, and nodded before kissing me deeply.

"Yes, I would agree, love."

'I think your mother is either being poisoned, or drugged, by Ingrid and Roan.... or she's doing it to herself." Annie looked at me stunned as Ama walked outside.

"When did you know?"

"I don't know, but I suspect. It made sense to me as I was chopping wood." Ama whispered Yoshi. "I saw your Ma' lying half on, and half off, her bed last night. I thought she had too much to drink. I have been there more than once in my life, but I started to wonder about it given how old your Clan is." Ama looked at me, and then Annie.

"I have people I trust there, still. We'll figure this out, and fix it. I'll go there myself if need be. It wouldn't be unusual this close to the ceremony. Would you your parents back to join , Danael?" I stared at her not having a clue. Annie spoke.

"They came because you called them to you love. They don't have enough power to be here on their own." I stared at her as Sara walked out in my wool cloak. "They're right, love. We love your parents....we ALL love them.... but they wouldn't be unless you, I, Joseph, or Ama, helped them... none of us did. You brought them here, unconsciously. They would be helpful for Ama, especially your mum. Your Da' can start figuring out you intend to put metal through a dragon scale. Bring them here, consciously, we could use the help." I stared at her.

"Why are you always wearing the cloak Ama gave me?" Silence.

'I only wear it outside now, love. Ama's house is safe. I wear it to shield our . Even though most wouldn't know I am pregnant, there are those who would. This wool shields her until we are prepared." I stared at all of them and screamed as I chopped a log in symmetrical halves. My parents walked through the gate, smiling. I was fairly certain I was losing my mind. I put the ax into the stump, looked at Sara, concerned, smiled at my parents, and collapsed in the snow.

I woke in whatever time Mailnka lived, and it whatever place. I walked as I did before but I couldn't find her. I breathed, focused, and pushed myself to her as I did when i was asleep, and as the dragon. I was in a small house...wood, thatch, wool. They were eating a stew, with the dark rye bread I loved. I smiled as Malinka glared at me. I looked at her Ma', who was shocked, but hid it well. Malinka excused herself, walked past me, mumbling something i didn't need to understand, and went out to the barn. I followed her.

"WHAT are you doing here? IN MY HOME? MY MA' SAW YOU. Are you insane? Danael, you can't where those clothes here. They don't treat witches kindly here, during these times. They did, but not now. You must leave, even though I don't want you to."

"I am not a witch, Malinka. I am a dragon that is learning how to be a dragon in a world with few dragons. She stared at me. "No one can see me but you, and now your Ma'." She stared at me.

"No one else can see you?" No. "Thank the Gods."

"Your Ma' can see me. She looked at me the same way you did."

"Our power passes from Mother to oldest , so she would be able to see you as well." I knew that because she stomping toward the barn. I pointed at the door as I took four steps back. She glared at me.

"Malinka, what have you done?"

"Ma'am, I am Daniel. Malinka did nothing wrong. I travel in my sleep, sometimes, and I ended up here. Your saw me, and tried to protect me even though no one, other than a witch...I guess... can see me." She sill glared at me, which was comforting given the abominations I was dealing with at home.

'Why are you here?" I told her I wasn't sure, that I ended up where I went when the headaches happened.

"Headaches? Tell me of these." I told her, and Malinka, about what happened. I didn't tell them most of it, but enough so I could, hopefully, glean, some information from them. Malinka walked up and touched the side of my head. I collapsed, again, but Sara was smiling at me. I woke in a stall, with clean hay, a blanket, bread, cheese, and milk. Maybe I was real, here. I fell asleep, but I didn't shift back to Ama's even though I wanted to. I heard an owl above me in the barn, and woke to find Malinka sitting, looking at me, like Sara did. Holy Crap.

"You didn't eat, or drink, Danael."

"I'm not real, Malinka. I came here in a dream, or something like it." She leaned into me, kissed me, and told me eat, and drink. Fuck!? I ate, and drank, and we talked. There was no telling who was more curious when her Ma' walked in and sat down, staring at me and looked at her .

"I spent the night Scrying, and you aren't lying. Who is Sara, and why does she wear such wool?"

"Sara is my wife."

"You have many wives."


"And they each bear your ?'"

"Yes." Silence. Malinka stared at me.

"Is this normal in your time?"

"No." Malinka stared at her Ma'.

"Will you indulge me, Irina?" Gasps, as Malinka came at me with a .

", stop. He means us no harm. He is learning about us, as we are learning about him. Put it away, Malinka, it wouldn't harm him anyway. come inside, Danael. My husband, and sons, are hunting. They will be gone for days, probably longer." Malinka stared at me in disgust. Shit. I stood and gathered the gifts they left me, a stranger, but Malinka tried to stop me.

"That is my job, Danael. I will bring them inside for you." I looked at her, and her mom, and pushed her hands away.

"No, Malinka, you won't. I thank you but your family gave me these, they are mine. I shall carry them inside, but I would like it very much if you would walk with me." She looked at her Ma', who nodded. Malinka smiled like Sara, and clapped, as she took my arm. I was definitely going insane. I could hear them calling me but I was staying until I understood, at least partially.

Irina walked inside and looked at the fire, and growled. "Where is the wood, Irina?" She stared at me.

"The back of the house, but there isn't much, and they will gone for weeks...hunting. Our times, are not your times, dragon." I stared at her. 'Yes, we know Danael. Dragons, are dragons. They aren't easily hidden to our kind. Everyone who can understand, knows you are here...."

"Will that endanger you?"

"No, we are a small coven, close knit, but you may have to give rides. Malinka clapped. I smiled and asked where the ax was.

"Daniel.... Daniel!!!! Chloe and Annie were very upset. Sara tired to stop them, as did Taiiko. My mom walked up and told them it was fine, that I was in a different place and would be fine.

I walked into the barn and there was hay, but the animals were hungry. I feed them as Malinka walked in.. "WHAT have you done?"

"They were starving, Malinka."

"We're all starving, Danael." I grabbed the ax, sharpened it, and split the remaining wood behind the house. It wasn't a small amount of wood, just not split. I split it. I put the ax up, grabbed a hatchet, and gave the , and mule, the last of the grain along with with hens, as Malinka screamed at me, again.

"YOU have no idea what what you have done...."

"Are women entitled to the land they are on if their husbands cheat on them?" Silence, as Irina walked up. You would know this better than her?" She nodded. "Find them, prove it, and trust me." She smiled and told Malinka to help her with the mule and cart. "May I use your bow?" They both nodded as they rode off, and I opened my eyes.



"WHAT?" I wasn't sure which of them spoke because it was a chorus of anger, but I needed milk."

"Stop, all of you. Go inside....NOW!" They all did but Sara. Ama gave me milk as I drank and looked at Sara, confused because she looked like Malinka. I looked at Ama. 'Go, dragon, finish what you started and may Gaia help us." I was back at Irina's house as they left, waving...smiling. Happy. I supposed that I would be welcomed anywhere in time, not because I was a dragon, but because I was loving, and worked. I shook my head in disgust as I split the chopped wood for the stove and brought in more for the fire. I could feel myself being pulled to them, and stopped it, unsure what was happening. I took the bow, and quiver of arrows, and went hunting. I still didn't believe I was here, and real.

The snow fell, hard. I pushed. Irina and Malinka were coming home after shaming them in a brothel, in front of the town. It was what they needed, but it wasn't over for them. I walked through the forest. I pushed to Sara, and Kana, for them to stop, and they did. I hated it, but I needed to do this. i could have taken the stag easily as the bear. I wanted to but I didn't wanted to draw undo attention on Irina and Malinka. I felt Malinka walking up as I shot, and the reindeer dropped.

Malinka pounced on me, and kissed me. I pushed her away because she was young, and didn't understand. I gave her the bow, and put blood on on her as I gutted the stag, and bit into it's heart. I gave it to Malinka, who looked at me like I was insane, and said<b> bite. </font></b>She did, that would prove to be the thing that would fate the men in her life....in Irina's life too. Malinka knew how to hunt. It was cold as she skinned it, took the meat and put it on the hide, and pulled it back home. We got there hours before Irina's husband came storming home. It didn't matter because women had some rights back then, and what they did, all of them, gave Irina, and Malinka, the land, the house, and the animals. It seemed that it was OK for men to fuck around, as long as they didn't get caught. They were angry but it didn't matter because Irina got what was due her, and then some.

Malinka was exhausted as she pulled the hide, and meat, to the house. Most of the town was there, smiling, because she was Malinka and had taken a stag. Irina and Malinka would share what they could. I had gone before her and met Irina in the woods to tell her. She touched me, and I knew what she wanted but time was too confusing. I gave her the silver coins I always carried, just in case. She stared at me.

" Melt them into your form and use them to buy feed, hay, and seed for the spring. Malinka is a huntress. Have her embrace that. It will provide you the bounty you need to trade, and prosper. Remember to share." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me gently. She wanted me to stay and had I not been in love with the girls, I easily could have. It was remarkable how similar they were to Chloe and Sara.

"Do you know someone named Ama, or Joseph?" She shook her head. "Amaris, and Yosef?" She stared at me as the town was approaching the house with Malinka. Amaris was Malinka's great, great, grandmother...I think. I am not her blood. I'm guardian and teacher but she is my all the same. Yosef is a friend that watches over us, much like you, dragon. You must leave. Thank you for this. We can melt it down.... my last thought was they'd be surprised because it was pure silver, and I opened my eyes. Everyone but Ama, Sara...and Joseph, who was standing to the side, were scared. I stood up and got punched multiple times. Ama and Joseph walked up.

"We need to talk, but I went back to chopping wood.

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