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11/5/2021 10:41 pm
take me part 370


I stared all of them...they were scared, and unsure what was going one, but they anyway. Sara smiled, but she was still covered in my cloak. I still needed to chop wood....and I still needed to practice flying. OK.... but my Ma' and Da' were standing there, looking . Silence.

"Did I bring you here?"


'Yes, you wanted us to be here, and we came. It's not because we didn't want to sooner, , we couldn't Danny. We aren't strong enough yet." Sara walked up to and punched .

"What the fuck is wrong with you? With all the screwed up shit that you....WE... are dealing with, that is where you focus was?" I shook my head because I hated these dreams, and that was when Chloe walked up and looked at with derision. She spat at my feet and kicked . You impregnate us...you impregnate her... and this is who you are, for us. Why are you any different from any of them, Daniel? Two silver coins in the past, and what?" She kicked again. Shit. Not that I would, but having an affair was certainly of the question. They were going to pissed because I had to go back to Irina and Malinka for some reason I didn't understand, but better I kept that myself for as long as I could. They kicked harder than they punched.

"Danny, you are trying to figure things no one was ever destined to understand.... but it got you to bring us to your family." I was so tired, and had no clue what was real until I saw the ax. I growled as I grabbed it, and chopped.

Annie walked up.... "My Ma'?" GODDAMMIT! I wasn't sure how to fix this since we weren't there, yet. Taiiko looked at me, smiled. Fucking Christ, they couldn't even wait until we got there until they started fucking with us. I was SO goddamn tired of these pricks. FUCK!!!!!! I pulled from the depths of Gaia. She tried to stop me but I refused as I pulled on her power. I was sick of this shit.

I knew where all the houses where..... "STOP!!!!!!!!! Daniel....." PLEASE, it's not time. You HAVE to stop, Daniel. It's not time." I could feel the power welling inside of me. I was going to end this. I saw Irina, and Malinka, wave. I was going to end this...now. They were all yelling at me to stop, even Ama.

Taiiko walked into my room, followed by Kana. "Where, sister?" Kana pointed under the mattress. Taiiko took the sword Yoshi gave me and walked back outside as I was bringing more up power than I should to destroy the people that meant us harm. She said something in Japanese, but I wasn't paying attention. She said that she was sorry, and she cut me across the chest....deep.... and I dropped.

Ama knew a good Vet, given where she lived. Taiiko knew the blade, and the blade knew me. They made their point. I woke, hurting, but I healed quickly. I looked at her. She had tears in her eyes. "You need to focus, Danael. The things you want to do, you can't control yet." I fell asleep.

"He's too powerful. We need to stop him, now, before he does damage." I heard that voice, and growled because I knew it, and .....

"I say that we let him be who he is. He is elemental. It's our nature...."

"It was our nature, but we are more civilize...."

I woke, and screeched, because most of what I heard was bullshit. I stared at them, in disgust. "This is what we had become, after millennia? After all of this time, we are this? not even part of this Clan, yet. FUCK!!!!!!" The power I brought into was more than anyone could bear, even Sara, She begged to stop what I wanted to do. I stared at her, unseeing.

Chloe walked up to smacked across the . I looked her, intrigued. i knew her from before, but I wasn't sure. She smiled, and motioned to follow her. I did. Chloe/Irina walked away from the bulk of people I was around, which was my family, and kept motioning to follow her, which I did because she was Chloe.... but she also....Irina, and I was following her into the hills as my anger built.

I looked around, and it seemed the same to me because I was in my elemental self, lost and angry. Irina tried but we were too old, and my power was growing, and that is when Malinka walked ...Sara?.... I stopped, and looked, confused. They smiled and it was Malinka. Irina was not pleased.

"Dragon! Why are you angry with us? Why are you angry with ?" I was confused and I could hear the girls screaming to stop.



Dragon, you came here...to us. You helped us survive. Why are you angry with us?


Daniel.... you HAVE to stop. NOW!

Why are you angry, dragon?

Silence.... Daniel, you have to stop before it's too late.

Why are you angry, dragon?

DANAEL....STOP! I fell to the ground as mom, dad, Ama, and Sara, stopped . The last thing I remember was.... Malinka saying....

"Why are you angry, dragon?" Shit, I didn't need this. I hoped Kana could deal with the harness. I couldn't get those five words of my mind. FUCK!!!!! I woke just after lunch, figures, to the same words.

Why are you angry, dragon? FUCK.

Everyone stared . Chloe and Sara stared , and they were scared. Annie looked , ambivalently, because of her mom. I pushed there and Ingrid was putting something in food, and liquid. I growled and they all stepped back. Shit!


"Yes, love."

"Ingrid is poisoning your Ma', and maybe your sister. Stop her access to them before we arrive." Silence. I looked Ama, and Joseph. I was uncertain who I could trust. Fuck.

"Why are you angry, Dragon, and why do you pull away from when we are far from finished?" I did the thing I could think of. I called on Gaia for help, and she answered.... except I was the bridge going to Marnine's GODDAMMIT!!!!!!

', love. I made shortbread for our tea. You've certainly been a busy bee, but you really do think too much." I wanted to do was her, why, but all I heard was Sara saying...you can't them, daniel.

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