take me part 372  

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11/6/2021 7:45 pm
take me part 372

Emily kissed my my forehead.... " Da'." I smiled because I loved to hear the lilt in her voice when she called Da'. I wondered if my parents were as happy. I hoped they were still here.

"We have a dog?" Sara and Chloe sat down and hugged Em.

"No silly, not yet, but your is working us hard, as is Jake. It belongs to Ama's neighbor that has sheep and goats. They brought us more milk, cheese, and meat. We traded. Rufus, here, took a liking to you and wouldn't leave your side. He might be gay." They all laughed as I told Sara that Marnine said . She smiled and nodded. I wasn't sure I'd ever get use to that connection but I did trust Sara.

"What time is it?" Chloe spoke.

"A after one, you haven't been gone long. It seems that time does odd things around you, love. sorry I was so angry and kicked you as I did. It was terrible of ..." I took her hand and kissed it.

"Hormones, sweets." She smiled and kissed .

"I, for one, am not all sorry. I quite like hitting you, and you very often deserve it." I laughed as Sara smiled. "You met Malinka and Irina." I looked her, stunned. "Ama told us, not that powerful, yet, nor is Chloe."

"How long have you known?"

"Since we arrived in Iceland. It's easier for because I work more closely with Ama, Marnine, and Gaia. It's harder for the rest of you, especially you, dragon. Our powers, and abilities, come more slowly. We think it has something to do with the ceremony. Yours seem to come like a never ending waterfall. You don't you are doing well but it's amazing to watch, Daniel. Why did you seek Malinka?" I stared all three of them.

"Is there any lunch left?" Em said yes as she went to the kitchen and I sat up and petted Rufus, and told him thanks. He barked, licked , and ran to the kitchen following Emily. "I didn't. I was just there, trying to figure why, and she saw . She thought I was a witch and tried to warn ...protect ...but there was something about her that reminded me of you. It was the same with Irina and Chloe. It was odd but there was a connection and I knew I needed to go back. I still do. I think so she can unlock the magic in the dragon."

'You mean in you, Daniel," Chloe said as Sara nodded. I stared at them but I was too hungry to have that conversation. "Why did you help them? Why did you give them your silver?" Em walked up with a plate and milk. I drank the milk without stopping. She walked back to the kitchen.

"I didn't know what date it was, but it was a hard life and they seemed familiar.... like family. I didn't do all that much. I chopped wood, because getting pretty good it," They laughed. "I got them some meat. They needed help, so I helped them. The silver I gave them would help far more people there then it would sitting in my pocket." Sara reached forward and stroked my .

"You truly don't know, do you, Love?" I looked them, perplexed as I drank another glass of milk and ate my lunch. "That was important, and they made good use of it. Those two ounces was a fortune then, but you gave them the land, and the livestock, and their freedom, by giving them the courage to confront Irina's husband, and sons, in public, and shame them. It changed their lives and gave them a haven to become who they were." I swallowed and told them I just bumbled my there and did what needed to be done.

"How's Annie?" Sara stuck her tongue and grabbed Chloe's hand, so I knew she was upset and needed Chloe.

"Very worried. Her family is.... challenging, to say the least, but she loves them, even Roan. Ama, and your parents, are leaving tomorrow morning, after you get back. Ama has already made calls to have Miriam moved to the old house and looked after by people she trusts. Haagerstadt is already on his way. Jake is upset because he wanted to go. Billy and Yoshi are working with him. They are trying to figure how to secure a chain to a dragon scale. You don't pick easy tasks, Daniel. Taiiko is with Annie, but Annie misses you. We all miss you." I bowed my head and nodded.

"We understand, Daniel. These are our challenges just like you have yours. We have each other for comfort and solace. You walk mostly alone. Chloe mentioned it because we are looking forward to fucking your brains when this is over, sorry Emily, but it's true." Jesus Christ. I kissed all of them and said deal as I went into the kitchen. There were so many people that I wanted to with but didn't have time to. Ama looked as she was saying goodbye to her neighbor. Rufus sat in front of and barked once. I knelt and scratched his ears before he ran outside. We were getting . I sat between Annie, and Taiiko, as I kissed them both. They lifted my shirt and kissed the scar that was already forming. I figured my morning it would mostly healed.

"Sometimes all a dragon responds to is<b> pain. </font></b>sorry I took your sword and hurt you with it, Love." I kissed Taiiko, and then Annie, and held them both. This wasn't easy for any of us. Ama walked up, smiling. Marnine was right, you have been busy. I spoke with Sven and they are on their to Finland to shadow the Penge Maru when it leaves port. They are going to get supplies, and see if they can follow some of the crew, a distance, Danael,, they aren't inexperienced. They'll when they are leaving so you, Kana, and Airi, can sleep as long as possible. You can communicate the easiest with Sara so we'll relay messages that way." I nodded as Emily put another glass of milk in front of me. It was like blood to a vampire, and everyone laughed, even Ama chuckled.

"Did you make a good trade?" Ama looked confused. "Sara said you traded with your neighbor." She smiled and nodded.

"Yes, Danael, it was a good trade. It's better for him in the short term, and good for us in the long term. I gave him a lot of from what you got from the men trying to us. We are going to raise livestock here since we have all of this land, and a growing family. He has the best stock on the island. I am also bringing in animals from Gotland in exchange for the you will leave them. You are changing things quickly, dragon. I am trying to keep pace. It was a fair trade." I nodded as Kana and Airi walked into the kitchen, smiling. I ignored what was obvious.

"We need practice with the harness, and fly, dragon." I nodded, even though I wanted to stay here, with my family....and go back to Malinka and Irina.... and go to work in the shop with Sam, Javier, and the crew I hadn't met. I wanted to fly with Lieve and Heather.... and be the tickle monster for all of the . FUCK! Instead I got up, walked outside into the snow, and shifted into the dragon, and waited.

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