take me part 374  

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11/7/2021 4:15 pm
take me part 374

I hated this because they were pregnant, so were hormones, and we had people trying , insistently us, so that as well...and now Sirens. Jesus H. Christ, when could we get a brea Annie walked up.

"I go with Ama, and your parents, help my Ma'. Haagerstadt will be , and Chloe said she'd come with me..."

"Did she?" It the first time, and probably the last time, that I'd be able say this, but...... "ARE YOU OUT OF FUCKING MIND?" She smiled because the irony wasn't lost on her, and said.

"I'm going, Daniel. She's my mom, and I love her even with all of the shit, Roan too." She stared at me, defiant. FUC...GODDAMN... SHIT. HOLY FUC SHIT.... FUCKER.

"O" I looked at Tina and Steph. "When can we get planes here, Tina?" She stared at me. "As soon as possible, love, because seem that we are ALL going Norway, now." She stared at me, and then at Annie. "Don't at her, Tina, at me." I did the fingers back and forth between the eyes, thing, as Annie growled. "Annie needs be with her Ma', which makes sense, but if she goes, we all go. Period. Can you give me a ballpark time?"

"Tomorrow, mid-morning to early afternoon. We are still bringing people in from other clans. Daniel, are a lot of people wanting be here. We are almost capacity with flights, and if we shift...."

"Do you one plane that we can use?" She looked at Annie. "Sweets, look at me and talk with me."

"Yes, the one that will take Ama, and your<b> parents. </font></b>We could fill it, and then come back here for the rest. Everyone would be in Norway by late Saturday, early Sunday." I nodded. Annie livid.

"Would it disrupt the flow of guests?"

"No, not too much because the ceremony isn't until next Friday." I looked at Annie.

"Would that work, Love?" She growled at me, nodded, and started to walk away. "Annie." She turned, scowling. "You and I are the last to leave here. Your Ma' will be well taken care of, but we leave last." She stared at me, nodded, and walked away.

"Tina, please make sure people you trust are on that plane, and attending , that plane." She nodded. I looked at my cousin, Stephanie. "I assume you will be going along, and helping?" She smiled, and nodded. "Come with me, as they followed. Ama opened her safe and took out the necklaces, gems, and rings and gave them to to Steph.

" is a safe in the old house. We can keep them . They are yours, so you should bring them the ceremony." Tina smiled because a huge honor. Ama looked at me, fix the rift before you leave dragon. I don't say you weren't right, but fix the rift. I walked the bedroom. The door closed so I knocked, three time.


"May I come in?" Silence. I waited.....

"If you must, Daniel." Chloe, Sara, Janey, and Taiiko were all with her, and staring at me. Shit!

I walked in and sat on the end of the bed, and looked at them. "Do you know that I adore all of you? They looked at each other, and then me, and nodded. I looked at Annie, and lowered my eyes. I knew her pull. We all knew it but having Annie alone unacceptable, meaning...

Annie walked over, sat on my lap, and kissed...as Sara clapped. She looked at me, intently. I watch you go off keep us safe, WE, endure that, love. How many times you almost died... and now a Siren is interested in you?" I silent. "We are all strong women, Danael, and we always will be, and we will our daughters be the . I understand your hesitation, but she is my Ma', and even though Roan is trying ...she is my sister, and I love them both. I can't help ." I nodded because I did understand. I would be doing the thing.

"I will go home with my sisters. I'm sure even you know we can take care of ourselves?" I nodded, smiling...as did she. "We will stay in the old house, with Ama, under Haagerstadt's protection...and Ama's... and we will help my mom, and hopefully my sister. Daniel, I loyal friends , as do my mom, and Ama. We should take advantage of their knowledge and insight. We trust you come home us, you need us do the . She smiled because she knew she won. They all did.

"Everyone goes with you?"

"My sisters..... the others projects."

"You take Taiiko, and her people that Yoshi brought over."

"Deal," and she kissed me. I so got played, but where were we safe. I looked at Tina and she nodded. two-thirty. Time bending help me by slowing. I walked back out the kitchen and Kana said they needed truss me up, and then laughed. Mead. Holy crap, what could possibly go wrong with this. I walked out back, and another of wood, and an axe.

I exhaled, and went find my gloves. Em walked up. She coming into her power but she had never had a Da' before, like Jake, and she didn't really know how to be, but she needed be herself and I could do so much in that process. I sharpening the ax.


'Yeah, love." I started sharpening the hatchet for later.

"We're all going Norway, even Jake and ... your uncle, and Yoshi are going as well. Is that OK? I confused.

"Why wouldn't be OK, sweets?"

"You'll be here without us. We'll be alone...separate." Em and Jake were my greatest gifts because they helping me with what come.

"Sweetie, I'll be fine...but thank you. Go with your Ma's, and Da's..and Jake. It's a day or two, and we'll confuse them." She smiled, and nodded. I've never been Norway, but I use live . I use live in many place. Norway is a our home. Go explore. 's O Annie will be fine, as will all of you. You are a force that I wouldn't deal with... as bear, or dragon." She kissed me.

"Thanks, Da'." Holy Crap. I chopped wood, and split wood...and I dropped the ground. I woke up with Irina at me.

"Malinka is hunting. You lite a fire in her help her community...her family. "She" killed that stag and gave most of the meat away. We kept the offal, bones, and worst pieces on her say, but we still ate well, better than when I married. Come, and at the wood we . The silver you left pure. shocked us but we coins so went far, Danael. helped a lot of families." I smiled.

"Is your husband bothering you?"

"No, Malinka is too powerful, but is wiley like you, the dragon. People suspect that something is odd, but she will never let them prove . We miss your visits, Daneal. I miss you visits." I knew they did, especially Irina but I couldn't help with that.

"I know, but life isn't kind, Irina." She nodded. I gave her a felt bag of silver coins. "These aren't like the other two I gave you. The coins are ninety percent silver. Turn them into your coins before you share them." She looked at me.

"Why are you doing this for us when you bed either of us?" Crap... women followed me through centuries.

"I'm not sure, but I think you are family in some way, and I end up here and if I silver on me, when I do, then I figure be yours, dear lady." Irina smiled. Had I not been in love, and pregnant, I would stayed with them. Time so much more than I understood, or could grasp, but I enjoyed seeing Irina and Malinka.

Irina felt the bag, and smiled. "No one knows you, except Malinka and I, but you will fill many bellies, even people see you dead." I looked the East.

"Excuse me, Irina," and I gone. growling.

"!!!!" NO! BACK!!!!! You will not get this, period." I plowed through the pack of wolves, as the bear, and killed the ones trying hurt Malinka. I chased the others wanted a free meal, away, and shifted. Malinka smiled.

"You are back, dragon... or bear... and just in time. Help me, and tell me of your journey's." I loaded the meat as Malinka skinned two of the wolves. The pelts would be prized in her community. We loaded the sled and pulled it back home.

"Are you staying for dinner?" I looked up and tried figure, asked Gaia, and said yes. She smiled, and kissed me. ", Danael, I able get these the last time you were here. Obsidian blades. I able get many and am learning how tie them. I am a huntress, and I am able keep my family, and community, fed." I smiled, and wondered what these two would with the quarters, and dimes, I gave them. We dragged the kills back home.

Irina walked out, and smiled. "Wolves?"

"It wasn't me, Ma'. but I tried. They I too Danael came in time to help me. He isn't just a dragon." Irina looked at me. "He's a bear, too, Ma'.... funny, right?" I helped Malinka deal with the hides as Irina I looked at them, smiled, and said I'd be bac It three pm.

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