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11/8/2021 3:41 pm
take me part 376

I stepped back as Irina came up and greeted them. "Welcome, ladies, dinner is almost ready. Please make yourselves at home and meet our guest." They stared at me, suspiciously, which was understandable. One of them spoke, which must been the head of the coven.

"So you are this dragon we been sensing, and that Irina and Malinka told us about." I already didn't like her.

"Anika, be nice. He's guest, and our friend." Malinka came out holding the sapphire that Sara sent her, and she wasn't pleased.

"Yes Anika, be nice to Danael. He saved me a pack of wolves earlier, along with the stag I killed, meat that help get us through the winter. Come get warm by the fire. Danael, please bring in more wood." I nodded, and smiled because Malinka and Sara were very similar. It seemed I couldn't get away from wood no matter how far back in time I went. They put the silver to good us for themselves, even if they gave the best meat away. I would do the . The animals were well fed, and they had goats, and seed for the spring, and plenty of firewood but the split wood for the stove was dwindling so I walked to the barn to get the hatchet and axe and dropped to my knees.

"HI Love, just checking on our time walker. How are things? You aren't falling in love with them, are you?" She laughed because she already knew I was.

"The four of you is plenty Sara, but you and Malinka could be twins."

"It's quarter after four so you time visit. Did she like the sapphire?" I told I'm sure she did because she ran to her room but a coven a witches showed up so she hasn't said, but she's holding it."

"A coven?"

"...-, I didn't count.I'm chopping wood. Well,I was going ." She laughed and said she'd tell Yoshi.

"Enjoy your visit, sweets because you'll be busy for the next few days, as will we. We are packing. It was wise not put up a fight with Anryd about her mom. We'll be fine love. We are a powerful bunch in our own right, and they won't expect this." She had a point. "We love you, and give our love Irina and Malinka for us, perhaps I'll be able walk through time one day soon. You get the all the fun and all I do is learn about Yggdrasil. Enjoy, and eat as much as you can." I grabbed the ax and hatchet.

I split a significant amount of wood for the stove, and split some into kindling when Malinka walked around the corner. She hugged and kissed me. She wasn't hiding her affection but I didn't need another pregnant wife in a different time that might be related to Sara,, that would be too weird even for me.

"We wondered what happened to you." I loaded my arm with wood as Malinka filled her cloak with kindling and we walked to the barn to put back the ax and hatchet. "Anika can be...prickly.... be she is a good witch and watches over the coven. She is just concerned for me and Ma. She meant no harm." I nodded. "Besides, silly, it's not everyday you meet a time walking dragon is also a bear. Are you able stay for dinner?" I nodded. Malinka smiled and kissed me. "Please tell Sara thank you for the Sapphire. I will make good use of as I am learning my spells and growing my power. You spoil us dragon yet we do nothing for you." I could see the longing in her eyes just as I could with Irina. Life was strange, at least mine was.

We walked back the house. The women were where everyone seemed gather, regardless of century, the kitchen. They were laughing and drinking mead as we walked in. " you are Danael. We thought that we had scared you back your time. You can stay for supper?" I nodded.

"He was splitting wood for the stove, and making kindling. Irina touched my face and smiled." How soon before dinner?" We need to attend to the other wolves and take the carcasses away." Irina nodded as Malinka and I walked back to the barn.

'Thank You." She smiled They are a lot for me too, but Irina enjoys the company and it is uncommon for a man to help a woman in these times." I lowered the remaining wolves that needed to be skinned. Malinka moved so quickly that I missed half of what she did. She laughed and told me I'd visit more often, and wiped blood on my face as she kissed me. I hitched the mule the wagon and loaded the carcasses saying was a shame they didn't hogs.

"Yet, dragon. We shall come spring, and more goats for milk and cheese. At the end of our road, on the left, they are friends of ours....Hammish and his wife Ilsa. They know you, and your generosity. They hogs, and the dogs will feast well tonight." I nodded. I'll clean these a bit and set them aside for tomorrow. Hurry back, love. We miss you already."

I was definitely losing my mind. I pulled the cart into the yard as a bear of a man walked out of what had to be a blacksmith shed. "Are you Hammish?" He said yes and it dawned on me that I was speaking with them, in their language. I hadn't realized because it was<b> natural </font></b>with Malinka and Irina. Holy Crap. "I'm Daniel." I pointed back toward the girls and he nodded.

"Ilsa... ILSA!!!! Come woman, we a special guest." He hugged me and I was glad I had kept my dad's forge and tools. I wouldn't want to fight this man as the bear, not if he had a hammer. I figured people like Hammish where why Thor settled in Scandinavia. Isla walked out smiling. "This is Danael, Malinka and Irina's friend." I smiled and shook her hand. What do you ?"

I told him about the wolves and that we left two for Gaia and her creatures, and as a warning, but that we had two others. "Malinka said you had pigs, and dogs. They looked into the cart and smiled.

"The wolves are bad this year. 's a shame you couldn't killed more. If they leave us alone then we don't mind but 's hard for everyone this winter. They will be helpful and the dogs will be happy. The cats too. What can we trade you for such a gift?"

"Please watch after Irina and Malinka. I don't come here as often as I'd like. They nodded. Hammish hugged me again and dragged both wolves into the barn. Ilsa smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Tell them to come by on the morrow. We bacon, lard, and ham in return. We will happy pigs tonight." I nodded and returned home...to my home here, apparently. I went back to Malinka and told her what Ilsa had said. She smiled. "Hammish didn't break you, which is good." I put the mule up, and the tack, and moved the cart to 's place.

"You none these things in your time?"

"We all of these, just not most of us anymore."

"Yet you know your way around a homestead." I nodded and said that we had animals when I was , and were pretty self reliant. She smiled as she took my hand and walked me inside. "I'm sure those dogs and cats are going to be thanking you tonight. Their hogs are well taken care of because they the best pork around. They are good neighbors, and better friends." We walked inside the scene as we left, except with more mead. Malinka and I washed our hands.

"Ilsa and Hammish happy animals. We four pelts for me clean and stretch tomorrow, and Ilsa has gifts for us....that'll teach those dumb wolves. She smiled like Sara, proud of herself."

"Danael, how is that came here?" Malinka poured me some mead.

"I'm not sure. I go places sometimes. I didn't control of where but I am getting better at that. I showed up in town one day and Malinka could see me. She helped me. We seem linked in some way I don't understand yet."

"You gave them the silver that they shared?" I nodded. "Is silver plentiful in your time?" I told them was if you can afford , and that was more refined. "And you help Irina and Malinka for what reason, if you are not from this time, and gain...nothing from either of them." The rest of the women laughed.

"They are friends, and I care about them. They seem like family." She stared at me and then Irina and Malinka.

"And you are a dragon?" I nodded.

"And a bear Anika, as I said."

"May we see since it's twilight?" I nodded, went outside the back followed by a coven of witches. Holy crap, I couldn't make this stuff up. They were all looking me. Malinka was in front smiling and could barely contain herself. I shifted and Malinka screamed, clapped, and jumped on me.

"Fly dragon, and I flew.

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11/8/2021 5:27 pm

Great transition to Daniels past, here, he is Dan"I"el, there, with Malinka, he is Dan"A"el. Interesting. noticed this a few chapters back, just could not figure out why.

Great, entertaining, and intriguing. Keep up the good work.

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