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take me part 379


"Yes, love."

"Is it done?"

"More or less, sweets but tell Ama we need to tal None of were hurt. We on the way to the island so wish me luck because she set a test for me I thin" We shouldn't be much longer and Kana, being the wily creature she is, found two cases of fancy champagne for your bon voyage party." Sara put the phone down so she could clap she so excited."

"Hurry home because we miss you bunches." Kana and Airi patted me as we got close to the island. Pytor's boat there as I landed by the building and the girls unloaded things. I shifted and we handed him the bag of .

"Ama wanted you to have this." He nodded as he said thank you. I spoke with him in Russian, which stunned him, and made him happy. He asked he if could have some brandy. I nodded and handed him a bottle. I would have given him two but I wasn't sure what Ama intended for them. He smiled and shook my hand as Kana me the key...

Only Daniel can lock, and unlock, the door. Pytor was at me as I handed him the key and walked to the door. I checked the knob and it locked. Figured I check because I doubted anyone else would find this island, or survive if they did. Kana and Airi were watching me, intently. Kana handed Pytor a bottle of champagne. He smiled, nodded and walked to his boat while I pondered. "Danael?" I looked at her.

"Ama is testing me and I didn't trust the key." I put my hand on the door and it disappeared. Pytor walked up, smiling.

"The Key would have killed most people, probably not a dragon but it would have hurt. You have been recognized by this island and all three of you are welcomed from now one. Lets take the art and manuscripts inside so you can go home. The caverns were extensive and housed what one would expect to find in a museum. It seemed endless. Pytor showed us where to place the new items. I wanted to stay and look but I missed my family, and they were leaving soon...too soon.

"We have been safe guarding as much as we can for millennia. It's a shame it's locked away, but it remained safe from Marnine. Perhaps you and your family will change that Danael." We climbed back out and the door closed after I walked out. I place my hand it and could feel lock again. "Ama won't be surprised, but she will be pleased. Thank you for brandy, and thank you ladies for the Champagne. I would to fight either you, even when I . They smiled and kissed his cheek before he walked to his boat. I shifted and they put the harness and bags on me and we flew home.


'Yes, Air"

"We did you give those men anything when they wanted to take everything? You gave them the boat, too. " Kana<b> curious </font></b>as well, even though she suspected why.

"We all do stupid things, some more so than others, but desperation drives us to despair. I think they were desperate but didn't know why. I needed to talk with Ama and I didn't any of them to die. It enough that the original crew died. There plenty of and while they would have gotten more had they not done what they did, what they did get not a amount."

'Why didn't we take any for our families?" Kana grabbed her hand, as they leaned forward, and patted it on the saddle bags which contained the gold coins.

"Our dragon is smart, love." Kana and Airi made a nice couple, and they both were excellent riders. Other dragons would be jealous. Vries going to be angry. I just hoped he didn't try contacting the captain before the other ship docked. I wanted him to be there but knew he wouldn't. We flew in from the north and I landed by the house as people came out to help unload things, and scratch my chin. I shifted once the harness off. Kana and Airi kissed me even though I smelled. I said hi to everyone and went to shower. I changed and walked into the bedroom. The girls were giddy as they packed. They all hugged and kissed me as went to get mil

I walked into the kitchen and Ama smiled. "I assume I passed your test." She nodded and handed me a glass of milk, and a pitcher.

"Tell me about Sven, dragon." I told her everything even though I suspected she already knew. Sara, Annie, and Taiiko sat in on the conversation even though there more packing to do. I glad I male. "I hoped I wrong but I also wanted to see how you handle it." Annie stared at her.

"By risking their lives, Ama?" She beyond angry.

", your Danael is a dragon, and a bear, and who knows what else. They were in no danger, I assure you of that. He in more danger with the key I gave him. Sven is a good man but it's been a hard decade for many people, especially his people. You did well dragon. You showed strength, but also compassion and wisdom, and you earned their respect. You will be welcomed as family when the dragon visits them so drink your fill. You leave soon because dawn is coming quickly". I nodded. "And you, rider, thank you for the champagne. I haven't had such a vintage for a very long time. We will make excellent use of it in Norway."

I drank my fill as hugged everyone and walked outside, followed by Kana and Air "You can stay here, loves, it's late and you must be tired."

"Shift dragon. We go when you go." I shifted as they put the bags around my neck put a bottle of brandy and champagne if it and I flew. Ama told me where I going and I shifted there, for practice. We hadn't done enough of it when Kana and Airi we on my bac They didn't like it but were getting used to it. I flew along the coast and dipped my claws in the cold water before landing. I roared our arrival as I flew over the village. Some of the men were working on the ship already. I glad they kept it. I also glad I destroyed the drugs. I had no ill feelings toward any of them and the ship would have been more than payment enough. I suspected the gold that Ama sent to help with that so they could the for their community.

We landed. Kana and Airi stood next to me as I shifted. They were still angry even if I wasn't. Sven walked up with his pregnant wife, which softened the 's hearts. "Dragon. Thank you for coming so quickly, we need to talk but first I you to meet my wife...all of you. This is my heart, who carries my heart, Linnea." She hugged me eve though I smelled.

"Sven told me what they intended to do when they got bac" She looked at Kana and Airi, and then at me. "He can be a complete moron, at times, like most men, but he is a good man, as are most in our village. Thank you for not killing him even though he deserved it." I smiled.

"It's good to know that Sven and I share a common trait." He laughed as he hugged me. "Come dragon, let me show you the boat and find us some mead." Kana and Airi grabbed the bags and went with Linnea. Their anger, melted.

"We have family that can make the ownership papers, and registration, necessary for this to pass inspection anywhere. Thank you for letting us keep it. We have the captain and remaining crew here until you are finished. They didn't see where went. This ship is truly a gift for us, as is the you allowed us to take. I am sorry, brother. we are all sorry. I nodded and slapped is back as he poured us mead. We are naming her The Drakbåt.... The Dragon Boat. I smiled as the girls walked and hugged me as Linnea hugged Sven. They brought us gifts, and gold.

"Ama's blessing." He nodded.

"And we have gifts as well, dragon. Linnea is quite a cook and baker, just look at Sven's belly." We all laughed and I glad Kana and Airi weren't mad at them any longer. We had enough people to be mad at. Linnea hugged me again, and the girls.

"You are all kinfolk and welcomed here, always. Please come back, soon Danael, the need to know about dragons. I nodded as we said goodbye and shifted as the girls load the bags, waved, and climbed on. We flew before I shifted, and we landed back at Ama's so I could take yet another shower.

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