take me part 383  

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11/10/2021 3:15 pm
take me part 383

I grunted as I stood since I was still in significant<b> pain. </font></b>Dragon scales are an excellent armor, especially attached to a dragon, but they didn't stop<b> pain. </font></b>I limped into the bedroom to find my suitcases packed, and waiting. I looked at Kana and Airi. "They figured it would be helpful. Everything you'll need is packed, love." I nodded as I limped into the bathroom. "We'll make breakfast, and you will eat it, Dragon." They walked up and hugged me. "You made a mess in several places but you blended enough that no one but the women could tell, and none of them are saying anything. Ama contacted the people on Gotland and they will be staying there once Interpol questions them, until they can rest and deal with their ordeal. Ama, and your new family, has some sway. We'll send the papers and disks, to your hacker friend....'Bob.....' when we land in Oslo. Sara is dealing with Deat but you did make quite the mess, love. We have set aside the cash we took from Zurich, and Bob can probably access the rest of it, but we've all decided, except you, that those women and will get the bulk of it what they endured, and what they will need overcome." I nodded as I walked into the bathroom and ran the shower as hot as could bear. I could sense anger brewing from others I didn't know. It would be unwise, and costly, if they came back the EU... our lands.

I packed my remaining things, dressed, and carried my suitcases into the living room. I checked the fireplace, and stove, closed them up and walked out back. grabbed the ax and hatchet on the table, placed them inside, and checked the root cellar. Ama had sealed it, and the shed, with magic beyond my ability to understand... was it Sara?" I locked the doors, closed the curtains, and sat eat, so I didn't get hit. I didn't need more<b> pain </font></b>because the real fight hadn't even begun. Joseph walked in, smiling, sat and started eating my bacon as I smiled. I drank milk because I wasn't hungry and I could eat on the plane.

"Taking a jet, I see...slacker." I almost spit my milk on him. "Are you going eat that?" I pushed the plate him and told the girls I'd eat on the plane. They didn't like it, but they nodded. 'You, my dragon friend, certainly know how to wreak havoc. They're still scratching their head's about you melting half of ship. Apparently, the only ones who actually saw you, not blended, aren't speaking and the rest are saying..... demon, werewolves, vampires...one actually said Sasquatch, which made me laugh out loud. Our people are on the ground, listening, and paying attention. The estate in Germany is kind of a problem but no one knows any more there and there aren't many bodies, mostly pile of ash." I poured more milk.

The Dragon and I figuring each other out. I was angry and the dragon reigned that down upon them me. It'll save the taxpayer's the cost of protracted trial." He laughed, and nodded. 'So dragon, I unhinge the spell the Siren ensnared you with, and you her back you just days later." I smiled.

"The North Sea can be...intense...and she gladly stopped. I do owe her a gift, and she doesn't mind the way smell, unlock everyone." Kana and Airi huffed and finished the dishes. "Any ideas on a suitable gift? She said it had to be interesting." He smiled and nodded and could tell where to go but that I would have to retrieve it or it would hold no meaning. I nodded as he finished my breakfast and took the plate to the sink. Kana took it and kissed me.

"Go sit Danael and drink more milk. Tina is on her way." I nodded and thank both of them caring me. Airi said, "stop being a silly dragon. Kana and I take care of our dragon. You kept us from being shot.

"I have other things to attend to but I shall see you in Norway in a day, or two. Thank you breakfast, ladies, it was wonderful, and you need sleep and let Yoshi's doctor give you herbs. The danger still exists, Danael... heed that warning." Joseph walked out front as Tina and Steph were pulling up. He waved and walked into mist that followed him as he disappeared. They cam up and hugged me.

"You ready, love?" I nodded. "Good because your family misses. I know Annie is meeting us in Oslo, but I'm not sure who else. Everyone descending on the estate confused everyone and pushed off center. Miriam and Roan are at Ama's under Haagerstadt's protection and not even you would want to be on his bad side." We have days until people start to figure out what to do but you'll be there, which will confuse them even more. Ingrid is livid, which has brought all of us an exceeding amount of joy." I chuckled and grabbed my suitcases and checked the house once last time. Ama's neighbor, the one she was buying livestock from was going to check on the house, with Rufus, the . Shame I wouldn't there. I was still tired, and getting hungry, as we drove the airport head home Norway.

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11/10/2021 5:18 pm

Norway, Norway. I have some thoughts as to what Daniel will do with Ingrid, but, I will hold on to them for a while. ( Do not want to influence Daniel on his writing , Ha! Ha! )
Continue on your journey, Be Safe, Be Proud, Be Protective of Family and Be Successful in your Endeavors.

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